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Dzone weekly


The Sky Is Falling: Oracle (Might) Want Your Money for Java SE in 2017

Are you worried that Oracle is going to come after your Java SE usage in 2017? Zone Leader John Vester gives his perspective on what needs to be licensed with Oracle. Read »

Top 5 REST API Security Guidelines

Here is an annotated list of security guidelines for your REST APIs when you are developing and testing them, including proper authorization, input validation, and output encoding. Read »

The Power of Open/Closed Principle

Continuing our journey through SOLID principles, we're now headed to unleash the power of Open/Closed Principle (and generate an infinite number of reports)! Read »

Top Articles This Week

What Are the Most Popular Programming Languages? (Look for Yourself) - by Jonathan Danylko

JDK 9: An Introduction to StackWalker - by Hemambara Vamsi Kotari

What Is Node.js for Java Developers? - by Ratha KM


Any Given Day [Comic] - by Daniel Stori

Death Star Data Breach by ROGUE ONE - by Tom McLaughlin

What the Galactic Empire Could Learn From OWASP - by Nate Barbettini


The Depressed Developer 3 [Comic] - by Daniel Stori

Considerations for Building Reliable Systems - by Tyler Treat

The Great Effect of Small Details - by Ali Kemal TASCI


Infrastructure vs. Config as Code - by Paul Hammant

A Checklist for Building a DevOps Organization: Part III - by Thomas Kurian Theakanath

How Christmas Kills PCI Compliance - by Jeannie Warner


The Growth in Wearable Technology in Farming - by Adi Gaskell

How to Build Your Own Amazon Echo Skill: Overview and Planning (Part 1) - by Joshua Porter

Internet of Things Examples: Home Security - by Omer Keser


Geo Clustering: What, How, and Why? - by Greg Eckert

Lorna's Bluemix Cheatsheet - by Lorna Mitchell

Monitoring OpenStack With the ELK Stack - by Asaf Yigal


Things Programmers Say - by Henrik Warne

The Problem of Lost Productivity - by Adam Fowler

Jira: A Necessary Evil? - by Barry Overeem

Big Data/Analytics

Foundations for Machine Learning and Data Science for Developers - by Ajit Jaokar

Setting up Multi-Node Hadoop Cluster Just Got Easy - by Rao Swati

Lambda Architecture With Spark - by Narayan Kumar


SQL for Data Science - by Sibanjan Das

Migrate From Any Relational Engine to Couchbase Using N1QL and SQSL - by Marco Greco

DynamoDB Pitfall: Limited Throughput Due to Hot Partitions - by Andreas Wittig


The Fundamental Android App Localization Guide: Part I - by Tim Leers

11 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017 - by Arnab Sarkar

This Year in Mobile: 10 Unmissable Libraries for iOS Developers - by James Sugrue


Using Docker for Microservices - by Pavan Belagatti

JSON in SQL 2016 - by Prashanth Jayaram

Why Isn't Microservices for Everyone? - by Pavan Belagatti

Web Dev

Forget Angular 3; Google Is Set to Launch Angular 4 - by Prateek Tiwari

A Front End Development Review of 2016 - by Freyja Spaven

Totally Modular, Dude! - by Bill Sourour





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