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Node-RED: The fundamental, easy to…

Because the Internet of Things is really all about the data, to design and develop IoT apps, you need a tool that helps deal with the flow of that data.  Node-RED is an open-source, browser-based tool for wiring together all the things within IoT. all about the data Node-RED Node-RED is a visual, easy-to-use, flow-based programming environment that helps IoT developers integrate with APIs, service ... READ MORE

Raspberry Pi Internet Of Things Garden Monitoring System - Geeky Gadgets

Geeky GadgetsOver on the Element 14 blog, Les Pounder has published details on how to create your very own Raspberry Pi powered Internet of Things garden monitoring system. Using the Raspberry Pi mini PC notifications can be…
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Active Voice - The Internet of Things Timeline -

Active VoiceThe next wave of IIoT-related business improvements 13 minutes ago Guest blog post by Greg Conary. This blog was originally published here. It;s become quite clear that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is…
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5 essentials for building the perfect Internet of Things beast

ZDNetIdentifying and building the best-suited Internet of Things (IoT) platform is probably the most important endeavors an technology leader can undertake this year, but one can be forgiven for being perplexed by all…
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Who's Responsible For IoT Security? - Slashdot

it.slashdot.orgThe Internet of Hackable Things security culture is nearly non-existent in our society submitted this story
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The Intel® Edison Module | IoT Analytics from Intel have been discontinued. Use these alternative solutions and connect your Intel® Edison module to Amazon Web Services (AWS)*, Microsoft Azure* IoT Hub, or IBM Bluemix* IoT wi ...
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