Medium JavaScript Top 10 Articles September 2017.



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JavaScript Top 10 Articles 


For the past month, we’ve ranked nearly 1,600 JavaScript articles to pick the Top 10 stories that can help advance your career. (0.6% chance to be picked in the list)

  • Topics in this list: Async/Await, Interview, Machine Learning, V8 Engine, Concurrent, Spreadsheet, Progressive Web App
  • Open source of the month is included at the end.
  • Top 10 for React, Node, Machine Learning are posted separately in the publication

Mybridge AI ranks articles based on the quality of content measured by our machine and a variety of human factors including engagement and popularity. This is a competitive list and you’ll find the experience and techniques shared by the experienced JS Developers particularly useful.

Rank 1

What the Fu*k JavaScript: A list of funny and tricky JavaScript examples [9,146 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Denys Dovhan

Rank 2

How we built our first full-stack JavaScript web app in three weeks. Courtesy of Sophia Ciocca

Rank 3

How JavaScript works [Part I]: inside the V8 engine + 5 tips on how to write optimized code. Courtesy of Alexander Zlatkov

…….. [ Part II ]

Rank 4

How to create a Neural Network in JavaScript in only 30 lines of code. Courtesy of Per Harald Borgen and freeCodeCamp

Rank 5

10 JavaScript concepts you need to know for interviews. Courtesy of Arnav Aggarwal

Rank 6

Concurrent JavaScript: It can work! Courtesy of Filip Jerzy Pizło

Rank 7

How I rediscovered my love for JavaScript after throwing 90% of it in the trash. Courtesy of Joel Thoms and Hackernoon

Rank 8

Async/Await Will Make Your Code Simpler. Courtesy of Patrick Triest

Rank 9

Understanding V8’s Bytecode. Courtesy of Franziska Hinkelmann, Ph.D Software Engineer at Google

Rank 10

Async / await in JavaScript — What, Why and How — Fun Fun Function. Courtesy of Mattias Petter Johansson


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