Today on Hackster: 9 new projects for Robotics, Arduino, IFTTT, and more



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Polar Drawing Machine by ArduinoFT

Polar drawing machine built with fischertechnik and Arduino. Thanks to a G-code interpreter, it can draw any bitmap or vector graphics.

Ingegno Retro Games Console by bmcage

Convert an Arduino Nano into a retro games console.

New TEA5676 sketches to make anFM radio with Arduino by diamond2016

These are sketch to control, by Arduino, the TEA5767 FM radio module, and using I2C LCD display. One version make use of a keypad.

Spotlight with DMX Remote Control by Manfredi Soldano

A spotlight, for stage lighting, with a remote control. The input will be a DMX512.

Tik Tok - MEGR 3171 Spring 2018 by Vrajesh Patel and Terrell Britton

Two photons were used to set up a timer which can be activated upon a press of a button.

Alexa / Walabot Controlled Smart 3D Printer by Attila Tőkés

An Alexa and Walabot controlled smart 3D printer.

Floodlight Security System by RuslanUNC and Jeremiah Smith

The Floodlight Security System uses the particle photon platform to turn on a lamp when motion is detected.

Astronomical and Flight Navigation Computer by fpfaffendorf

Arduino operative system for launching Python scripts for astronomical and flight calculations.

Wally Flow - Mindfulness with Walabot and Alexa by Megan Rose Bryant

Wally Flow replaces bulky and uncomfortable wearable mindfulness trackers by seamlessly integrating mindfulness into the workspace.


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