Today on Hackster, Easy Email Notifications with SendGrid API



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Pregleda (30 dana / ukupno): 5 / 311

Volumio Mini Music Player by thisoldgeek

This tiny imp does it all: on-the-go player or WiFi/AirPlay streamer, battery bank or wall power, headphones or speakers.

Old Air Conditioner Automation - Using BOLT by CJA3D

Summer is here! Automate your old Air Conditioner using the BOLT to trigger your air conditioner at home, just before leaving work.

Easy Email Notifications with SendGrid API by Martin Smaha

Use a free SendGrid account and this example project code to get emails direct from your project.

Trading Card Scanner/Organizer by Michael Portera

Create a digital inventory of your trading/collectible cards using Lego and a Raspberry Pi.

Lazy Ferrari by AARYA BRAHMANE

Want to pass on a thing to friend without getting up, Lazy Ferrari is there to help u!!

RobleyVision: Route Following From Video by SiliconSloth

A robot that can retrace a route by watching a prerecorded video of it.

BBC Micro Online by 8bitkick

BBC Micro connects to WiFi, accesses games over the Internet.

PHPoC - Scratch programming to control robot by Homer

Let's "scratch" with PHPoC. Have fun programming a spider robot controller just by dropping some blocks!

Solar Water Tank Regulator by asafa52

I use an electric valve, temperature sensors with WiFi connectivity to control and monitor optimal usage of solar energy.


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