Today on Hackster, The Coffee Pot of Tomorrow



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Pregleda (30 dana / ukupno): 9 / 401

Light News by Servet Eroglu and Aaron Buckley

The screen displays a news headline and whether the light is on or off.

Smart Cooler by Will Blalock and hunter carignan

The Smart Cooler is your typical cooler, but it communicates with you and has automatic lights.

The Coffee Pot of Tomorrow by Nicholas Hoidas and Daniel Saraphis

Control your coffee pot remotely. Receive a signal when complete.

Home Security System by Team The Smarticle Particles

This product utilizes the Particle Photon platform to send an alert to the IFTTT app when the door connected to the system has been opened.

The Blind Spotter by Jeremy Brake and Samuel Faries

When you are practicing for your next long range competition use the blind spotter and you will never miss the impact again.

Bionic Bartender by Aedan McHugh and Alex Sumida

The perfect cocktail at the push of a button!

Clap On/Off Lights by Kirsten Ramsey and Kenneth Hitt

Don't you just hate getting into bed, getting comfortable, and then realizing you forgot to turn off the lights?!? Well this is for you!

Alexa Controlled Fan by Rishi Patel and Jason Wilkie

Alexa Controlled Fan is perfect for anyone that simply doesn't want to leave bed or whatever they're doing to turn the fan on.

SouthainTemp: MEGR 3171 IOT Project by Team SouthainTemp

Ever wanted a temperature sensor that can read the food's temperature? Look no further, this amazing new product is tailored just for you.

Shower Temperature Sensor by Kyle Tucker and Dylan Duplessis

Using this setup, we will successfully measure shower temperature and alert the user that the shower is ready.


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