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Today: React reconciliation; Node's native module future; error message errors; location data leaked; and Schezuan sauce for years!

Weekend reads is a big one this time: including an AI oral history, gene-editing, Facebook stalking, and Ajit Pai. All the hits.

On Point


First up, distinguishing between ES6 and React can help when learning the latter [zendev].

How React’s reconciliation works [css-tricks].

How to manage SVG interaction with the pointer property [smashingmagazine].

How to upgrade AngularJS sorting filters to Angular, part of a series on moving from AngularJS to Angular [scotch].

Going Native

Mobile/back-end /programming

A guide to command line scripting with ClojureScript [itnext].

A project to reverse-engineer WhatsApp’s Web API [github/sigalor].

The future of native modules in Node [nearform].

How to use Microsoft’s Visual Studio App Center’s Continuous Monitoring and Learning features to learn how your users use your app to make informed development decisions [sitepoint].

A collection of “build your own…” tutorials [github/danistefanovic].

A video showing off how to build Node APIs via serverless [youtubemicrosoftdeveloper].

How serverless is eating the stack [read.acloud].

In October Chrome will start marking all HTTP pages as “not secure”, with a grey background that changes to red if the site asks for user input [blog.chromium]. Previously the browser marked HTTPS sites as secure, but they’re the norm now.

Novel Novels


How not to write an error message [webflow].

How designers are trying to redesign fiction for smartphones [fastcodesign].

Notes on research and design: it’s both a craft and a science [medium/@mralancooper].

Weed Out


Tracking firm LocationSmart wasn’t: it leaked location data for customers of all major US carriers, without consent, in real-time via a buggy component on its website [krebsonsecurity].

Another flaw in Signal’s desktop app allows remote hackers access to your chats in plaintext [thehackernews].

The entire ecosystem of Nest smart devices went offline [theverge]. They were still usable, but only using physical controls.

How the botnet business model works [technologyreview]. Well!

How YouTube’s “Super Chat” paid commenting system has basically monetized white nationalism, hate speech, and extreme behavior [buzzfeed]. It’s almost like the company didn’t think through the possible downsides of a feature at all. Weird.

An algorithm is clearing old marijuana convictions in San Francisco [fastcompany].

The Verge found an internal video from X (Google X) [theverge] that offers an ambitious/terrifying vision of how total data collection (by Google, natch) could be used to nudge the behavior of entire populations into doing things like solving poverty and improving the environment. Google says it’s a speculative concept designed to provoke debate. I’m sure it will!

AI can predict personality from eye movements [thenewstack]. So stop winking all the time, I guess.

NASA’s gonna have an atomic fridge in the International Space Station, and it’ll be the coldest known place in the universe [motherboard.vice]. And if you’re wondering, yes, Atomic Fridge is now the name of my new Grateful Dead cover band. We were Sonic Death Monkey, then we were on the verge of becoming Kathleen Turner Overdrive, but this new name is more in line with our psychedelic influences.

How tech companies motivate devs to join and stay at their company [codingsans].

Level Up

Everything else (apps, fun tools, gaming, culture, funny stuff)

A Twitter thread highlighting UIs that end up accidentally preserve memories [twitter]. I love this so much - alarms, Amazon addresses… I switched back to Gmail from Inbox for the first time since the latter launched recently, all my two-year-old starred emails brought a lot of memories back.

There will be 70 more episodes of Rick and Morty [digg]. That’s a lot of Schezuan sauce!

Curated by Adam


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