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Konfigurisanje naprednih servisa Windows Servera 2012 - udžbenik za pripremu ispita 70-412

Konfigurisanje naprednih servisa Windows Servera 2012 - udžbenik za pripremu ispita 70-412

Windows 95 sa Microsoft PLUS!

Windows 95 sa Microsoft PLUS!

50 najboljih blogova o Microsoftu

Pregleda (30 dana / ukupno): 9 / 4865

Top Five

  1. Microsoft Jobs Blog: Microsoft as a company is often heralded as a marvel of the software industry. But relatively little was known about the actual day-to-day feel of being employed by the major organization, at least until this important blog page came along. Visitors to this site are able to benefit from prime access into honest accounts of Microsoft employees. The page also understands how coveted a job there would be. In that light, you can also pick up tips on applying to work at Microsoft as well.
    • Why We Love It: Delve into the actual nature of employment at the world's flagship tech company.
    • Favorite Post: One bus ride at a time
  2. Why Microsoft: Everyone can be counted on to at least know Microsoft's brand name, in addition to a few facts about its historical importance. But many people wonder how, or even if, the company and its products are still relevant and useful to contemporary computer users. This blog makes a healthy bid to answer those queries with a resounding "yes." A team of writers, all experts in Microsoft know-how, focus on posts that demonstrate the exceptional abilities that the company still wields.
  3. Within Windows: Blogger Rafael, who grew up as a military brat, has always had a quirky and special relationship with Microsoft and its signature software, Windows. In fact, he claims to have been born on the same day that the software was founded. That starry story seems to have led to the impetus of his blog page, which tracks the ups, downs, and in-betweens of Windows and Microsoft on a frequent basis. Serious techies will get a special thrill from his comprehensive posts.
    • Why We Love It: A long-time Microsoft lover and fanatic keeps close track of the company here.
    • Favorite Post: Windows 8 Secrets
  4. Andy Malone: As a self-proclaimed "technology evangelist," it's no surprise that blogger Andy would seek to proselytize the good-news gospel of all things Microsoft. He is particularly excited by Windows, Exchange, and Office platforms carried by the software. His evangelism is even more understandable when you learn that he spreads the word in Europe, a continent not as well-versed with the product as America. Microsoft fans around the world will appreciate Andy's charming take on the software.
    • Why We Love It: A passionate Microsoft fan preaches the virtues of the software in Europe and online.
    • Favorite Post: Windows Phone
  5. Marc Liron: Blogger Marc claims to be a Windows Client expert, as well as a Microsoft MVP. Those high-level honorifics lead visitors to anticipate some rare mastery when it comes to Windows and other software from the company. Fortunately, that anticipation is met and rewarded here. His focus is not limited to Microsoft solely, but he instead charmingly spreads out his gift for software throughout a variety of Windows platforms, and even Google.
    • Why We Love It: Take advantage of this blogger's longstanding guru status in the world of Windows.
    • Favorite Post: Windows Live Essentials

The Rest of the Best

  • Ars Technica: This blog concentrates on what they call "The Microsoft Ecosystem." You can expect a thoroughly entertaining experience in the world of software here.
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: This blog covers some aspects of Microsoft products, and even more of the Gates Foundations' latest drives. The site shows how refreshing it is how computers can do worldwide good.
  • Bits: The New York Times covers Microsoft and the whole of tech industry with flair here. Regular readers are always kept abreast of new and salient software releases.
  • Business Exchange: Microsoft: Keep track of the world's largest software company here. Blogger Peter pits the brand against Apple, tracks its deals with Yahoo and Google, and much more.
  • Cloud Power: This blog concentrates on Microsoft's increasing push into cloud computing. No umbrella necessary -- this site's posts all have a sunny feel.
  • Contagious Curiosity: An extreme lover of Microsoft compiles her thoughts here on the software. She's recently discussed cloud computing and Twitter, all improved by the company's work.
  • Digital Inspiration: This blog compiles a great assortment of resources and research into Microsoft. Learn, for example, how Google Docs and Microsoft coordinate easily here.
  • Engadget: A frequently heralded tech blog writes consummately on Microsoft here. Stay current with the page's news on upcoming software, as well.
  • Forbes: Take a look at Microsoft's impressive financial portfolio here. You can learn about the monetary presence of the software throughout the world as well.
  • Guardian Technology: Microsoft: One of Britain's most prestigious papers now has a page entirely consecrated to Microsoft. Fans throughout the world can enjoy their coverage of the software.
  • How-To Geek: This lovable, nerdy page has a soft spot for Microsoft. Take advantage of the dorky, delicious coverage here.
  • Inside Microsoft: Dig into the marrow of Microsoft with this specialty page. Piracy, installation questions, and much more are written about well here.
  • Inside Windows Live: Hotmail, Messenger, and Windows Live have generated a major following in recent years. Get the latest updates on the program here.
  • Joel on Software: Blogger Joel is obviously obsessed with everything software related. We take that to mean he's a huge fan of Microsoft and writes beautifully on the company.
  • Microsoft Advertising: Learn more here on the nuances of the company's marketing to the world. Advertising aficionados will giggle with pleasure after just one read.
  • Microsoft Dynamics: This blog combines a reverence for Microsoft with a focus on business. Those who want enjoy both worlds will really appreciate this page.
  • Microsoft Exchange: Delve into the heart of the company's new Exchange branch here. The writers all understand not to get too techy in their prose.
  • Microsoft Hardware: Delve into the nooks and crannies of Microsoft products here. Keyboard shortcuts, webcams, and more pop up on this page all the time.
  • Microsoft Hohm: Microsoft's forays into green technology are covered here. Learn more, post by post, of Hohm and additional environmental specialties.
  • Microsoft SharePoint: SharePoint, a relatively new software, helps to bring together multiple users. Understand more on this exciting new tech movement here.
  • Microsoft Tag: Get a closer look at a new off-shoot of software here. Mobile tagging and computing are discussed with expertise throughout the site.
  • Microsoft Techies: Hardcore Microsoft fans and those who work in the tech industry will gravitate to Anjani's well-composed page. Fortunately, the blog isn't afraid to gossip cheekily now and then.
  • Microsoft UK Government: Microsoft's presence in Great Britain is chronicled here. Learn how the British are just as big of fans of the software as their neighbors across the pond.
  • Microsoft Watch: This blog monitors the latest happenings with Microsoft, often up to the minute. Office 365 and Google comparisons are new topic points.
  • MSBLOG: Let Windows experts here help you stay informed on Microsoft. You can also expect them to easily introduce you to the newest technologies.
  • MSI Geek: Come here to find sterling advice on the famous software and how to use it. Windows 7 is also covered expertly.
  • Office 365: Microsoft Office is so useful that even Mac users take advantage of it. Office fans can show their appreciation by reading this page often.
  • Online Services: Microsoft has earned increasing praise for their stellar customer service. Get a glimpse at support behind the scenes here.
  • Read Write Web: Microsoft: The famous international tech webpage gives special attention to Microsoft here. Learn about killer apps, photosynths, and more.
  • Switched: Microsoft: AOL's outstanding tech blog has a special column reserved just for Microsoft. Gain insight into upcoming features and releases here.
  • Tech Crunch: Get up close and personal with new software and Microsoft research here. After a few visits, your friends will see you as the company's figurehead.
  • TechEBlog: Get late-breaking news on gadgets, Microsoft, and more here. Recent topic points have been Windows blue screens and Kinect.
  • Telegraph: Technology: A great British paper gives a lot of attention to the ongoing dominance of Microsoft here. The writing is always as clear as it is informative.
  • The Gates Notes: This official blog for Microsoft founder Bill Gates focuses not just on the software. You'll also find news here on his latest philanthropic efforts.
  • The Master Blog: Master experts of Microsoft contribute to this page. Expect expert opinions and sharp analyses of new developments.
  • The Microsoft Blog: This Microsoft site, patroned by a Seattle newspaper, stands out for its comprehensiveness. The latest goings-on with the company are always fully dissected.
  • The Microsoft Office Blog: Learn here about one of the company's most popular features. Every facet of the Office software is discussed with glee on this page.
  • The Official Microsoft Blog: Being the official page for the company apparently has major perks. Expect news on upcoming software here before you read it anywhere else.
  • The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: On this blog, enjoy a satirical account of "Steve Jobs'" epistolary writing. Microsoft, Apple, and more are covered with hilarity here.
  • The Tech News Blog: Ensure that you know about what's new with Microsoft before anyone else here. The demise of Internet Explorer has made for several great reads.
  • Tony's Microsoft Access Blog: Tony is truly a whiz kid at Microsoft Access. Anyone struggling with it should avail themselves of his expertise here.
  • Unidev: This blog regularly posts on what's new with Microsoft. You can also come here for info on other noteworthy software brands.
  • Windows and Microsoft: This blog concentrates on Microsoft Server 2008 and Microsoft virtualization. Those uncommon pieces of software are clarified in the well-written posts.
  • Wired: Microsoft: See Microsoft's most interesting forays into the gadget world here. A new post focuses on the brand new Windows Phone 7.
  • Word Processing: This blog, themed on word processing, obviously dedicates much of its coverage to Microsoft. Find tutorials, help advice, and more here.



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