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An Introduction to Face Detection on Android (


A nice intro to the vision library that has been introduced with Play Services 8.1. It shows you how to do face detection and it also shows you to detect even more (like facial gestures).

Android Reverse Engineering 101 – Part 3 (

This part of the reverse engineering series focuses on the dex2jar tool.

Android Build Speed Up (

Nice insights in different build times for different build tools.

Scissors: an image cropping library for Android (


In this post you'll learn how to use Lyfts image cropping library named Scissors. If you're displaying profile pictures in any way then you should read this post and check out the library.

Top resources to learn Android (

Pretty comprehensive list of Android learning resources.

Testing a sorted list with Espresso (

In this post you'll learn how to setup Espresso in your Android project, and will write a simple acceptance test, that checks that a list of Premier League teams is sorted alphabetically.

Why I Don't Use Realm Anymore (

Usually we only hear good things from people who use Realm. This guy has an interesting experience to share that shows the opposite.

I Like Big Apps and I Cannot Lie (

In this article you'll learn how to use ProGuard to avoid the Dalvik method limit


Colorpicker (

An android colorpicker with changeable color drawable.

ScreenshotsNanny (

Android library helps take screenshots for publishing on Google Play Store. What a time saver!

Loading Balls (

A highly configurable library to do loading progress with animated balls.

SublimePicker (

A material-styled android view that provisions picking of a date, time & recurrence option, all from a single user-interface.

Android image cropping library (

An image cropping library by the Lyft team. Please also see the introductionary blog post.

Android Classyshark (

ClassyShark is a handy browser for Android executables. It has clients for both Android (apk) and Desktop (jar). With ClassyShark you can open APK/Zip/Class/Jar files and analyze their contents.

RetractableToolbar (

A library to use comfortably the toolbar retractable Android.

Gradle Config Plugin (

This plugin helps you to easily handle variant specific settings with yaml format.


















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