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Introduction to Google Eddystone (

Google Eddystone

This article shows in great detail how to write an Android app that communicates with Eddystone BLE beacons.

Effective OkHttp (

While its default configuration of OkHttp offers significant utility, this article shares some steps for increasing the resourcefulness and introspective power of the library.

A reactive MVP approach to the Plaid app (PART 1) (

Hannes Dorfmann looks into the open source Plaid app and suggests some refactoring to improve the implementation.

How to have debug, beta and prod builds installed at the same time(

Here are the simple steps to have side-by-side installs of your debug, beta & production builds.

User Identity – Part 2 (

With the arrival of hardware such as fingerprint scanners arriving on devices, there are some new much more user-friendly mechanisms that we can use for authentication. In this series Mark Allison explores how to implement these within our apps.

Android Development Culture. The Document. #qualitymatters (

A nice post that points out the best practices to improve quality in your Android projects.

Android Application Architecture (


A nice journey from standard Activities and AsyncTasks to a modern MVP-based architecture powered by RxJava.


Beware of Hidden Rules (

It is always a good idea to ensure that the hidden rules of the UI are sufficiently communicated to the user through feedforward or feedback, depending on the situation.


Let (

Let me explain you this annotation based simple API flavored with AOP to handle new Android runtime permission model.


Update your instrumentation plugins (

If you're doing bytecode instrumentation as part of your Android build, or if you are providing plugins that do instrumentation, and you want it to work with Instant Run, you need to switch to the Transform API.

Methods Count - Your solution for a perfectly fit APK (

Android libraries are great, but they come at a cost. Use this tool to avoid the dreaded 65K method limit of the DEX file format! Also includes an Android Studio plugin.

Custom code folding regions in IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 & Android Studio 2.0(

This long-awaited feature gives you the possibility to define your own code-folding regions with special line comments.


Android Dev Summit 2015 (

Videos of all the presentations from Google's annual Android Dev Summit.

Tabs and ViewPager (Android Development Patterns Ep 9) (

Showing multiple screens or pages of content is easy with the help of ViewPager and a PagerAdapter. Combining that with tabs make for an effective top level navigation strategy for your app or for moving between content at the same level of hierarchy within your app.

Design notes with Nick Butcher of Google (

Liam Spradlin chats with Nick Butcher, a Design/Developer Advocate at Google focused on Android.

Android Dialogs: Ian Lake (

Is it okay to answer your own question on Stack Overflow? What makes a good question? Google Developer Advocate Ian Lake tells all!

Where the Reactive Rubber Meets the Road (

This lightning talk by Ray Ryan was part of a "Square Presents" event from November.

The Developer Show Ep 004 (

Welcome to the Developer Show, where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developer news, straight from the experts.

Fragmented 023 – Android Dev Summit Recap (

Donn and Kaushik cover the happenings of Google’s very first Android Developer conference – “Android Dev Summit”.


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