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Illustrator CS5 brzo i lako

Illustrator CS5 brzo i lako

Expression Web na dlanu

Expression Web na dlanu

Besplatne desktop pozadine za februar 2013 godine Smashing magazina

Pregleda (30 dana / ukupno): 8 / 2542

Besplane pozadine za februar

Elemental Micah: Just Exhale

“I would draw one A5 image perday for five days and post it off and this was one of them. It’s strange to think that after those humble beginnings, it would end up being the cover of my graphic novel. This is something I’m very proud to show you and everytime it pops on your desktop, I hope it’ll remind you of the love that might have been…” — Designed by Michael Georgiou from the United Kingdom.

Love Affairs

“Love is in the air this February! The last month of winter is always very romantic and inspires us to open our hearts and express our feelings to ones we love very much. This February calendar illustrates an unusual story of a young couple, who met each other by an accident.” — Designed by Brianna Davis from USA.

Lost Without You…

“February, the month of love. This wallpaper is dedicated to all those people out there who have found that one person in life. They would understand this feeling of being lost, if that person is not around to share your joy, sorrow, success, failure. Happy Valentine’s Day!!” — Designed by Charuta Puranik from India.



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