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Naučite Angular 2

Naučite Angular 2

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Dreamweaver CS3 na dlanu

Dreamweaver CS3 na dlanu

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CSS weekly No 177

Why You Need to Refactor Your CSS

Nathan Rambeck on why you should regularly refactor your CSS.

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CSS Modules

Glen Maddern explains what CSS Modules is, and why it’s the future.

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Xcode for Designers: Create iOS Apps in 5 Days

Through 25 video lessons, you will learn how to master Xcode and start creating native iOS apps. You’ll learn the ins and outs of Xcode 6’s interface, as well as everything from variables to strings to functions.

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Articles & Tutorials

From Russia With Love: Behind The Responsive Redesign Of

Insights behind the responsive redesign of, the challenges and constraints, creative front-end solutions, unusual budgets and stakeholders.

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The @font-face Dilemma

Chris Manning goes over @font-face and how it can be problematic, different ways to improve font loading performance and the prospects for better font loading in the near future.

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Making Charts with CSS

Robin Rendle looks at plain CSS methods for styling data.

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The State of Responsive Images in 2015

Paddi MacDonnell looks at the current state of responsive images, explains what works, where the problems and pitfalls still lie, and how you can use responsive images today.

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Getting Responsive Tables to Behave

Joshua Hibbert shares another useful solution for responsive tables.

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How-To: 8-Bit Hovers

Tiffany Stoik explains how to create interesting 8-bit inspired, playful hover effects.

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LazyLoad is a fast, lightweight and flexible script for loading images only when they’re about to enter the viewport of a scrollable area.

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Simple Notifications

A very lightweight, customizable notifications utility with zero external dependencies.

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Pure CSS Bars

Rafael González created beautiful CSS Bars you can actually use in your projects.

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