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GO od početnika do profesionalca

GO od početnika do profesionalca

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CSS 3 - Profesionalne tehnike za dizajn savremenih web stranica - II izdanje

CSS 3 - Profesionalne tehnike za dizajn savremenih web stranica - II izdanje

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CSS Weekly No 187

Background Image Shapes

Joe Markevicius looks at the different ways of creating background image shapes and shares his findings. Read more

Applying Flexbox to the Video Player

Laura Kalbag shows how can flexbox help you make a (video) component more flexible than using percentage sizes and media queries. Read more

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Articles & Tutorials

Multi-Level Sliding Accordion Only with CSS

Alex Devero explains how to create sliding multi-level accordion without the need to rely on JavaScript. Read more

Introducing Shadow DOM API

Basic support for the new slot-based shadow DOM API is available in the nightly builds of WebKit. Read more

Do We Actually Need Specificity In CSS?

Philip Walton imagines a world in which specificity doesn’t exist in CSS. In that world, the cascade would be determined by source order and importance alone. Read more

Things To Avoid When Writing CSS (Part 2)

Heydon Pickering shares more things he thinks you should avoid doing in CSS. Read more

How To Manipulate SVG Text

Steven Bradley explains how easy is to manipulate SVG text through a handful of attributes. Read more


UX Designer (HTML/CSS) at

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SVG Path Builder

Anthony Dugois created a simple tool that will help you create SVG paths. Check it out

The State of Web Type

Up-to-date data on support for type and typographic features on the web. Check it out


Standards: Work to Live

It’s not a bad thing to work hard. But like most things in life, everything is better in moderation. Work hard, yes, but also play hard and rest hard. Get inspired


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