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Pregleda (30 dana / ukupno): 8 / 347

Program Your Arduino From Your Raspberry Pi by Zachary Haslam

What? Program an Arduino from your Raspberry Pi? It's possible, and super easy! .

Arduino - Remotely Open Door via Web with Pattern Password by phpoc_man

Remotely control door via web with pattern password protected. Your door is securely controlled from anywhere through Internet.

Bluetooth Controlled Bot (Using Adafruit L293D Motor Driver) by Chandran N

A robot which is controlled by an HC-05 module and receives commands using a Bluetooth terminal app.

Existential Crisis - Arduino Role-Playing Game Simulator by Cory Potter

Maze simulation for role-playing adventure using basic elements from Dungeons & Dragons.

Ultrasonic Glasses for the Blind by Team GardnerTech

Sunglasses that serve an even more useful purpose than protecting the eyes of the blind. They can help them detect objects in front of them.

2-Axis Stepper Motor Controller by dj-lukas

A joystick with ramps and speed limit for controlling two stepper motors for tests.

Universal Remote Using Wemos D1 and IR Sensor by Dhrumil Makadia

Here we are using Tsop 1738, IR transmitter and Wemos D1. You can use another microcontroller but make sure that it has a built-in ESP8266.

Greenhouse Monitoring with Discovery Kit IoT and Android by Matteo Rizzaalfin jojiShend Osmanaj, and Shilpajoy 93

How to build a greenhouse monitoring system that measures environment parameters like temperature and humidity.

Motorized Video Slider by Bugstickeranimation

Arduino UNO-based, two-axis linear slider with centering function and Bluetooth remote control from an Android app.

Turning Lock Puzzle by Krishna Lalith

Unlock a 4-digit dial with known password 0000.



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