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Osnove AutoCAD-a

Osnove AutoCAD-a

AutoCAD 2008 i AutoCad LT 2008

AutoCAD 2008 i AutoCad LT 2008

Objavljen AutoCAD 2012 kao 26. verzija AutoCAD-a

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AutoCAD 2012


10 najbitnijih novosti u AutoCAD-u 2012

#1 Performance

This release of AutoCAD is speedy and was noticed by pre-release beta testers as launching and running faster.

#2 Associative Array

With AutoCAD 2012 you can now array in 2D and 3D based on polar, rectangular, and path and associate the arrayed objects. There is a preview of the array in-process so you can refine what you want before committing to the settings.AutoCAD 2012 2D Associative Array
Since the array objects are associated to the path I created, when I edit the path the arrayed objects follow.
AutoCAD 2012 2D Associative Array - Changing the associated Path

#3 Autodesk Inventor Fusion

Autodesk Fusion is an optional installation. Autodesk Inventor Fusion is an application for easily editing 3D models with direct modeling for easy creation and editing of models. The option to edit model from AutoCAD in Fusion is available in the ribbon on the Plug-ins tab, the EDITINFUSION command or by launching it as a standalone session from the Windows Start>Autodesk>Autodesk Inventor Fusion. Autodesk Inventor Fusion is a recent graduate of Autodesk Labs where it was on the honor roll.

#4 Model Documentation

With AutoCAD 2012 you can now import several file 3D formats for documenting models such as CATIA®, NX®, Parasolid, Pro/Engineer®, Rhinoceros®, NX, and SolidWorks®. You can place base views and projected views in various display styles such as hidden wireframe, shaded, etc. You can also update the views when the parent file changes.

Importing ProE .PRT files into AutoCAD 2012

#5 Nudge

You can now move selected objects orthogonally a few pixels at a time by using CTRL and the arrow keys.

#6 Multifunctional Grips

Selected Dimension with Multifunction grip options.There is now more objects that provide more options when you hover over the grip of a selected object. Some of the new supported objects are lines, arc, elliptical arcs, dimensions, 3D faces and more. Access to options for an object simply by hovering over a grip speeds up design and documentation.

#7 In-Canvas Viewport Control

AutoCAD 2012 In-Canvas Viewport ControlJust like in AutoCAD for Mac and 3ds max, you can now change views and visual styles in the viewport using the small menu in the upper left corner of the drawing window..


#8 Content Explorer

AutoCAD 2012 Content ExplorerThis feature was previously known as Project Snap and is another Autodesk Labs graduate included in AutoCAD 2012. Think of Content Explorer like a more powerful Design Center. You can search or browse for content in the drawing or other files on your machine or network.

#9 AutoComplete Command Entry

AutoCAD 2012 - AutoComplete Command EntryThis is a sweet feature but I am still awaiting a “Thought AutoComplete” feature. when you start typing a command either at the command line or the dynamic input you will get some options for the possible command or system variable you are entering saving you time.

#10 AutoCAD WS
AutoCAD WS in a browser

AutoCAD WS is now included in the product with commands and menus for uploading, downloading, and sharing your files on the free AutoCAD WS web service. With AutoCAD WS you have nothing to install as it is available in the web browser. There is also the free AutoCAD WS Mobile which is currently available in the Apple app store for iOS devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone, and the iPad devices. You can view, markup, and edit the drawing files placed on AutoCAD WS and in the AutoCAD WS Mobile you can synch your files offline for carrying all your design files on your mobile device to the job site.

There is much more under the hood and I invite you to take a test drive and kick the tires.


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