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Photoshop CS6 i CC za digitalne fotografe - Scott Kelby

Photoshop CS6 i CC za digitalne fotografe - Scott Kelby

Digitalna fotografija - prevod drugog izdanja

Digitalna fotografija - prevod drugog izdanja

Digital photography - Light Stalking - 1 - 15.9.2015

Pregleda (30 dana / ukupno): 9 / 1454

Light Stalking informator

Light Stalking informator - septembera 2015

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Weekend Photography Challenge
Every week on Light Stalking, there's a challenge waiting for you. Photographing on a particular theme, you get to put your thinking hats on and produce photographs to share with others. It's a great place to get inspired and grow as a photographer. Get those cameras out and join us with this week's challenge - "Remembering". 
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Don't forget that if you are part of the community and would like to get your work in front of a huge audience that includes some industry heavy hitters, then you should considerapplying for our contributor program.

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Interview – Jeff Clow Confessions of a Validation Junkie

How does a neophyte photographer with less than 10 years of experience gather an online crowd of almost 100,000 individuals- worldwide- that follow him religiously?

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Image of the Week by Simon Parks

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Jason D. Little is a photographer and a part time writer. Check out his photo collection on Flickr!
Ritesh Saini has been photographing for more than four years now and his photographic interests have varied from nature and landscapes to street photography. Catch him on Flickr.

Sheen Watkins is a bird, nature and wildlife photographer. A long time birder and nature enthusiast, you can follow her photography on Facebook and her website. She also has a travel and photography blog.

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