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Learning RxJava

Learning RxJava

Modern JavaScript Web Development Cookbook

Modern JavaScript Web Development Cookbook

Dzone Weekly Integration: Microservices, APIs, and Platforms i many more

Dzone Weekly Digest

Reusable Components in Java

A guide to component based design and development of Java coding to follow SOLID patterns and practices for optimal Java development. Read »

The Truth About Google [Comic]

So, what's the truth about Google? No need to Google it, just read the comic. Read »

Comparison of JS Frameworks: Angular.js vs React.js vs Ember.js

Boost your ability to deliver ambitious and competitive web apps by choosing the right JavaScript framework to best suit your project’s needs. Read »

Integration: Microservices, APIs, and Platforms

In this Guide, we look into the pros and cons of a Microservices architecture, what’s needed in a Hybrid Integration Platform for success, constraints of RESTful APIs, and an analysis of various integration platforms. Download today for design patterns, solutions to common issues, and a look into the future of Integration. Download the Guide »

Top Articles This Week


Yet Another Article About Inheritance - by Enrique Molinari

A Type Safe Java Map Builder Using Alternating Interface Exposure - by Per-Åke Minborg

About Design Patterns - by Federico Peralta Schaffner


HTTP Benchmark and Pipelining - by Ayende Rahien

Front-end vs Back-end vs Network Performance - by Mehdi Daoudi

G1GC New Terms and Tuning Flags - by Krishnakumar Nallasamy


Sending Notifications in Pipeline - by Liam Newman

Inspirational and Motivational Videos for Developers - by Jonathan Danylko

Git for Data Is Here: Announcing FlockerHub and Fli - by Michael Ferranti


The Power of Collaboration and Open Source - by Paolo Patierno

Running a Hololens App on a Raspberry Pi 2 (and Controlling It With a Keyboard) - by Joost van Schaik

Helping Cities Get Started With Open Data - by Adi Gaskell


Azure vs. AWS for the Enterprise - by Sharone Zitzman

Docker For Developers - by Dursun Koç

Containers vs. VMware: Which Is the Best Fit for You? - by Sara Jeanes


Programming Myths About Coding - by Jonathan Danylko

5 Best Software Development Methodologies You Should Use - by Haris Saeed

Embrace Your Weirdness and Stop Worrying - by Cindy Potvin

Big Data/Analytics

Lambda Architecture with Apache Spark - by Taras Matyashovskyy

Blockchain Basics and Opportunities With Anna Derbakova - by Matt Werner

Industry Trends and Apache Spark's Evolving Role in the Big Data Landscape - by Syed Mahmood


Applying Queueing Theory to Dynamic Connection Pool Sizing With FlexyPool
by Lukas Eder

Why You Should (Sometimes) Avoid Expressions in SQL Predicates - by Lukas Eder

5 Top Database Development Solutions - by Yaniv Yehuda


This Week in Mobile: Dealing With Storyboards and the Play Store Playbookby James Sugrue

“I Have an Idea for an App, but My Budget Is Limited.” - by Valeriia Timokhina

iOS Day by Day: User Notifications - by Sam Burnstone


Transactions for the REST of Us - by Guy Pardon

Transactions for the REST of Us - by Cesare Pautasso

A Survey of Modern Application Integration Architectures - by Kai Wähner

Web Dev

List of 105 Software Testing Tools to Meet Your Testing Objectives - by Todd DeCapua

7 Tools For Extracting Text From HTML Documents - by Elaina Meiser

Create a Homepage Using Bootstrap Framework and jQuery: Part I - by Sergey Grybniak


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