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Nadogradnja i održavanje PC računara, prevod 15. izdanja (+ CD)

Nadogradnja i održavanje PC računara, prevod 15. izdanja (+ CD)

Cloud Computing: Business Trends and Technologies

Cloud Computing: Business Trends and Technologies

Today on Hackster, The Tetris and new projects and 1 new post for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, and more

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Dual Axis Solar Tracker Panel with Auto and Manual Mode by Giannis Arvanitakis

A solar panel that can rotate in two axis either automatically using four light sensors, either manually with the aid of two potentiometers.

Arduino Quadcopter by robocircuits

It's not only a quadcopter... it's an open source machine!

DIY Photogrammetry Turntable by alfiosky4

A low cost turntable for photogrammetry acquisitions. Used by Department of Biology at University of Pisa to acquire 3D models of bones.

Cthulhinho: A MIDI Controller by primvla

Live performance oriented sequencer / arpeggiator for multiple synths control.

Cellular IoT with Blynk & Hologram by Moheeb Zara

Use a $9 GSM module & the Hologram network to remotely control any Arduino with Blynk App.

Rover Controlled Using Myo Armband and Raspberry Pi 3 by Team Brink.IO

A rover that runs on wheels using Raspberry Pi 3 is controlled remotely through our hand gestures alone!!! (With the use of Myoband.).

An Urban Garden Monitor by James Yu

An innovative solution for remote monitoring of data and trends in an urban garden environment.

How to Make a Customizable Punchable Keyboard Button by Amal Mathew

Angry at the office? Use this customizable keyboard button that you can punch.

The Tetris by Archiev Kumar

Relive your childhood memories with the new and better Tetris!


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