Instagram i Instacube kao jedinstveni okvir za fotografije



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Pregleda (30 dana / ukupno): 10 / 1468

Instacube za Instagram fotografije

Ovo je digitalni okvir za fotografije sa Instagrama.

Fotografije sa vašeg tableta ili pametnog telefona, sada se bežično prenose na Instacube.

Ovo je digitalni okvir pod Androidom.

Više korisnika mogu da ubacuju fotografije na jedan Instacube.


"Instacube is a hip, Android-based digital photo frame for your Instagram feeds"- Engadget

"Multiple users can all push photos to a single Instacube, making it a social animal." -CNET

"We’ve uncovered a number of creative ways to display Instagram photos, but none is perhaps as ideal as Instacube"- Mashable

“This is the next big thing for photo viewing. Photos deserve to be big and beautiful and are meant to be shared around something larger than a smartphone. This is a great device.”
- Dave Smith, International Business Times

"Here's your next runaway Kickstarter hardware hit."
- Stacy Cowley, CNNMoney

"Instacube is a classy nod to the makers and community of Instagram."- Bam Suppipat, Head of Design, Nomiku

"Much like every social conference should include a tweet wall, every party should have an Instacube... The party just became interactive."
- Andy Morales, Matters of Grey

"The Instacube rocks - we will be snapping up several Instacubes, as we have been waiting excitedly for this latest launch from our friends at D2M. Nice work delivering another cool design!"
-Craig Ciesla, CEO, Tactus Technology

"We kijken zeker uit naar de Instacube, je eigen digitale canvas voor Instagram." Wich translates to: "We're looking forward to the Instacube, your own digital canvas for Instagram"- Nick Kiran, (One of the largest Apple review sites in the Netherlands)


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