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ASP 3.0

Balkanizacija Interneta i smrt novinara

Balkanizacija Interneta i smrt novinara

Internet od Things 20+ IoT trends for 2017

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Internet of Things evolutions: 20+ IoT trends for 2017

In March 2017, market research firm Ovum released a list of essential Internet of Things trends for 2017, in collaboration with Internet of Things World. That seemed like a good opportunity to cover some major key IoT trends and predictions too. We tackle the 5 essential Internet of Things (IoT) trends worth watching in the overall Internet of Things market according to the the organizers of Inter ... READ MORE

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IBM Cloud and AT&T partner on IoT analytics


10 Predictions for Insurtech in 2017 - Insurance Thought Leadership

IoT security: smart business requires smarter Internet of Things security

i-SCOOP — The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just generating a tsunami of data for which new connectivity and data analysis approaches are developed, such as fog computing and others. The IoT is also generating a tsunami of risks and concerns in the areas of Internet of Things security, regulatory compliancy and data privacy.… 



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