Internet of Things ISSUE 117 21.3.2018.



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Welcome IoT Weekly News Readers!

We have an amazing group of articles selected this week! First off is an insightful post by David Vandekieft on What Should Be Driving IoT and some pitfalls to avoid. Additionally, we cover Blockchain and IoT using secure ledgers, the value of IoT in 2018, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and finally an interesting crowdfunded startup called Lampix: Intelligent, Interactive Tabletop AR Is Here.

I hope you enjoy this issue and remember the prices for IoT Fuse: Conference and Workshops go up this week. You'll want to register today!

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What Should Be Driving IoT?

The fact of the matter is, most of what people deem as IoT is nothing new. A cloud used to be called a remote server. A “thing” was just a device connected to the internet and enterprise application integration through the internet has been going on for decades. So, what is driving IoT? Right now, I think it’s a lot of consultants looking for their next buzz (word). Remember Y2K?

Telit Releases Two Modules Enabling European Market To Enjoy Advanced IoT Applications And Services

Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the release of two new modules, the WE866E4-P and the ME910C1-E2. Designed to meet European specifications requirements, the modules bring forth the ability to bring advanced IoT applications to market such as smart buildings, smart energy, industrial applications, medical devices and others.




Using Blockchain to Secure the "Internet of Things"

The world is full of connected devices–and more are coming. In 2017, there were an estimated 8.4 billion internet-enabled thermostats, cameras, streetlights and other electronics. By 2020 that number could exceed 20 billion, and by 2030 there could be 500 billion or more.





How to Start an Internet of Things Company

The rise of internet of things (IoT) technology has many names, including The Next Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 and, simply, The IoT Apocalypse. Regardless of your stance on the future of IoT, most can agree that IoT will be a disruptor in every sense of the word -- and not just in Silicon Valley and at MIT. The implications of IoT are far-reaching, touching nearly every industry that relies on industrial automation.


Motor Maker Revs Up for IoT

A startup designing a new kind of smart, networked motor provides a view into the state of the Internet of Things. So far, Software Motor Company (SMC) has found that lowering costs through integrated designs may be one key to success in an IoT market that has not yet lived up to its hype.

How The Gig Economy Will Help Deliver The True Value Of IoT

The field service management (FSM) market will be worth $4.45 billion by 2022. Increasing customer expectations, surging demand for enhanced productivity and the rise of service operation costs are considered primary drivers behind this projection.

Where IoT Can Deliver The Most Value In 2018

Capgemini interviewed senior executives from over 300 global organizations who are already implementing IoT initiatives. The research team also analyzed 300 cross-sector, real-life IoT uses cases used for internal operations spanning industrial manufacturing, retail, consumer products, energy & utilities, automotive and telecommunications, to identify which ones have the greatest impact.




Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ on sale now at $35

Here’s a long post. We think you’ll find it interesting. If you don’t have time to read it all, we recommend you watch this video, which will fill you in with everything you need, and then head straight to the product page to fill yer boots. (We recommend the video anyway, even if you do have time for a long read. ‘Cos it’s fab.)




Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding


Lampix: Intelligent, Interactive Tabletop AR Is Here

A truly interactive tabletop augmented reality system that uses machine learning to recognize, reveal and react to the visual world.


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