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Najpoznatiji čitači Weba

Najpoznatiji čitači Weba

Balkanizacija Interneta i smrt novinara

Balkanizacija Interneta i smrt novinara

Internet of Things Projects

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IoT Security: Tips to Protect your Device from Bad Hackers


Dr. Charif Mahmoudi 

Making stuffs is cool, making secured stuffs is better! We discuss how to secure your Raspberry Pis using Firewall, IDS, and SSL/TLS

IoT Water Flow Meter

David Gatti 
Measure the water consumption in your house with a Particle and water flow sensors.

IoT: Windows Remote Arduino and Universal Apps

David Jones 
A detailed tutorial on doing Windows Remote Arduino. It does "Blinky", an external pushbutton (polled & with an event) as & an analog input

IoT Chat - Messaging for Devices

Miguel Cintron 
IoT Chat is a centralized messaging platform for IoT devices. It allows devices to discover and securely communicate with each other.

IoT Garage Door Monitor/Opener with Finger Print Scanner 
Monitor and control your garage door from the web.

IoT arduino ESP Garage Door opener (UD)

David Smerkous 
Use your android smartphone to open and close your garage door reliably (Under Development)

IoT Notes Printer: Your Smartphone Notes on Paper

Luigi Francesco CerfedaDaniele Mazzei 
The "Zerynth IoT Notes Printer" tries to create a handable medium for everyday communication.

IoT: Connecting the RPi, Arduino and the world!

In this project, we will program a RPi and an Arduino, to work together to capture data from sensors, sending them to the Web.

IoT Made Simple: Home Weather Station With NodeMCU and OLED

Weather station displaying indoor temp/hum, as well as climate conditions and present day/3-day forecast.

IoT Motion Detector With NodeMCU and BLYNK

Every time a movement is detected by the sensor, a message is sent to a smartphone anywhere in the world!

IoT Pet Feeder team 
Use to build a smart food dispenser for your pet controlled directly from your phone.

IoT Gauge with Arduino, Yaler & IFTTT

Thomas Amberg 
How to build an Arduino-based IoT Gauge with a REST API, and connect it to the IFTTT Maker Channel, via the relay.


IoT - Controlling a Raspberry Pi Robot over internet with...
Controlling a RPi robot (or anything), using low level commands written with shell scripts commanded straight from a HTML page.


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