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Vesti – Raspberry PI

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Raspberry PI Issue 204 - Energy




Raspberry PI weekly 204 - Energy Hi everyone!This week, we're delighted for Femi Owolade-Coombes, the eleven-year-old organiser of the inclusive South London Raspberry Jam, who has won a Diana Award for his work sharing his passion for computing with other young people. Femi is fundraising for his next project, to run robotics and physical computing workshops for 100 young people in Bangladesh. Reuben Paul, also eleven, demonstrated the dangers of insecure IoT devices by using Bluetooth phones belonging to experts at a cybersecurity conference to hack a teddy bear. Adults did good stuff with Raspberry Pi too, but it didn't make the news in quite the same way. Nonetheless, our guest blog post from OpenEnergyMonitor prompted lots of quietly satisfied comments on our social channels from contented users of their open source energy monitoring tools. It's well worth a look. Their hardware, like many excellent things (cough), is made in Wales. Till next time,Helen News     Award winner's 'adventure into unknown' (news. sky. com) Eleven-year-old Raspberry Jam organiser Femi Owolade-Coombes has won a Diana award for teaching coding and robotics to other children         We're hiring! Apply to join our team (raspberrypi. workable. com) We are looking for an experienced web developer to work in Cambridge or remotely in the UK         Weaponising a teddy bear (raspberrypi. org) An eleven-year-old schooled security experts at a conference when he hacked Bob, his IoT bear Projects     For My First Raspberry Pi Project, I Decorated My Graduation Cap with a Touchscreen Monitor (reddit. com) Because why wouldn't you?         3D Printed, Raspberry Pi Powered, Doctor Who Tardis (makerhacks. com) By popular demand, Chris Garrett's guide to making a TARDIS         Live stream to YouTube with your Raspberry Pi and Docker (blog. alexellis. io) Weekend project from Alex Ellis         Build a Kit-Cat clock with a Raspberry Pi and Google Voice (hackster. io) Fun build using the Google AIY Projects kit that came free with The MagPi 57         Turn a Monitor Into a Family-Shared Live Slideshow Album (hackster. io) Make a live-streamed photo album shared instantly with your family         Game Changer: Xbox 360 Into 3D Printer! (hackster. io) Up for a challenge?         Control your Raspberry Pi by using a wireless Xbox 360 controller (tutorials-raspberrypi. com) BOM, instructions, code and video for a useful application         Heartbeat monitor: fitness device built with Raspberry Pi (raspberrypi. org) Open source software to record and plot your heartbeat         Easily build a Magic Mirror with a Raspberry Pi and standard 50x50 cm IKEA frame (whatimade. today) Straightforward version of this build using a cheap IKEA RIBBA frame Articles       Open source energy monitoring using Raspberry Pi (raspberrypi. org)Tools for understanding the way you use energy, made in Wales       BackMap helps people who are visually impaired navigate cities and indoor areas  (techcrunch. com)This backpack vibrates to let you know when to turn       List of mods for Google AIY Projects kit for Raspberry Pi (ktinkerer. co. uk)A list of documented mods to help people get the most out of the kit; submit yours!       Crash Course Computer Science with Carrie Anne Philbin (raspberrypi. org)Raspberry Pi's Director of Education hosts this excellent ongoing video series       Robert, a synth for the outdoors  (youtube. com)30kg of steel, with capacitive sensing to detect touch on its nine metal plates       Pioneers challenge: make it outdoors  (youtube. com)We want to celebrate UK teenagers' own outdoors-related tech projects       American Canyon students assess Napa Valley's contribution to global warming  (napavalleyregister. com)Using Raspberry Pi and sensors to measure air quality       #CharityTuesday: Code Club for libraries  (raspberrypi. org)We visited Tile Hill Library to find out how Code Clubs work outside of schools       Antenna @ Vorspiel  (vimeo. com)An art installation that captures, analyses, and reproduces speech       PiMiniMint: A fully functioning computer and display crammed into a mints tin  (raspberrypi. org)Pi Zero, display, and battery, all in an Altoids tin       Product or project?  (raspberrypi. org)Be a maker as well as a consumer, and make the thing you wish to see in the world

Raspberry PI Issue 207 - Looper




Raspberry PI - Looper Hey there!It's been a wonderful week for interesting Raspberry Pi builds! From the brightly coloured, multi-functional Looper-Synth-Drum Thing (his name, not mine. . . though entirely fitting) made by Toby Hendricks to The Modern Inventor's Storm Glass, we've enjoyed watching our community explore new ways to utilise the Pi. With our latest Code Club International video now live on YouTube, and CAS TV releasing their wonderful interview with our Director of Education Carrie Anne Philbin, there's a lot for you to watch and by which to be inspired. And since we're on the topic of education: we're calling all Raspberry Pi Certified Educators to fill in the 2017 RCE Survey. Not an RCE? No worries! Head over to our free online training courses at FutureLearn to get a sense of what our awesome educators offer at the Picademy events across the UK and USA. Have a great week, make wonderful things, and we'll see you next Friday. Peace,Alex News     Carrie Anne Philbin on CAS TV (youtube. com) Miles Berry talks with Carrie Anne Philbin         Code Club International Meetup (youtube. com) Our latest video discusses the magic of Code Club Projects     Raspberry Pi Looper-Synth-Drum. . . thing (raspberrypi. org) Pi's got rhythm, Pi's got music!         Encased in amber (raspberrypi. org) Resin. io-running Pi in epoxy resin         Storm Glass (raspberrypi. org) Simulate the weather at your desk         All-in-one Jukebox Speaker (youtube. com) A beautiful build from YetAnotherTechChannel         Apache web server (raspberrypi. org) Build a local HTML server         Attach USB storage to your Raspberry Pi (blog. alexellis. io) Alex Ellis's quick guide to more Pi storage           A Pi Camera Module mounted on a telescope (helloraspberrypi. blogspot. co. uk) Hello Raspberry Pi shoots for the moon     Articles       Volunteer for CoderDojo Coolest Projects  (coderdojo. com)Can you help on 17th June?       Raspberry Pi Certified Educators - 2017 Survey  (docs. google. com)Help us to help others       "Only a year? It's felt like forever"  (raspberrypi. org)Alex's 100th blog post and one-year retrospective of working for Raspberry Pi       Tweetponic lavender  (raspberrypi. org)Nourishing nature with the Twitter API       FutureLearn  (futurelearn. com)Hold Picademy at home with our free online training       Raspberry Pi Fidget Spinner  (youtube. com)Fidget fun with a broken Pi Zero       Drone Glove  (youtube. com)TeCoEd's unique drone controller

Raspberry PI Issue 208 - Mira




Raspberry PI Issue 208 - Mira Happy Friday, one and all!This week introduced us to Mira, the most adorable robot we've ever seen. So while I try to recover my senses again after this overload of cuteness, you can go check out Estefannie's brilliant GPS-Controlled GoPro, this wonderful interview with our bearded wonder Matt Richardson, and then, if you have time, head to CoderDojo Coolest Projects 2017 on Saturday for some incredible builds from the community. Have a great week, and we'll see you next Friday!Peace,Alex News     CoderDojo Coolest Projects 2017 (tickets. coolestprojects. org) Join us at Coolest Projects this weekend         Motivation is more important than knowledge for achieving success (cnbc. com) Raspberry Pi gets a shout-out from Wozniak         Sonic Pi 3 world premiere (hackuh. halic. be) Join the celebration in Belgium Projects     DIY Smart Assistant Speaker/Lamp (hackster. io) In the mood for some lighting         GPS-controlled GoPro photo taker (raspberrypi. org) Improve your selfie game with Estefannie         Mira, the tiny robot of joyful delight (raspberrypi. org) So, so, so, so cute         Waves (raspberrypi. org) Turn speech into sound wave images         Autonomous Writing Machine (vimeo. com) Bill Hart's endless mechanical stream of consciousness         PiCorder (hackster. io) The barest of barebone cameras         Cat Door (hackster. io) Facial recognition for your furry feline friend         Bond-esque power button (imgur. com) There are buttons, and then there's this button Articles       BackMap, the haptic navigation system  (raspberrypi. org)Making navigation accessible to all       A rather dancy Pi-assisted Draisine  (raspberrypi. org)Replace pedal power with Pi power       Interview: Matt Richardson  (mwb. com)Matt Richardson: Executive Director for North America of the Raspberry Pi Foundation       Bringing kids up geek  (linkedin. com)A practical home STEM guide       NEC at InfoComm 2017  (youtube. com)NEC Display presents Raspberry Pi and Mosaic       Longview Independent School District camp  (news-journal. com)Teaching basics of computer science using Raspberry Pi       EW BrightSparks 2017 profile: Roger Thornton (electronicsweekly. com)Electronics Weekly team up with RS Components to highlight the brightest and most talented young electronic engineers in the UK today

Raspberry PI Issue 213 - Outdoor




Issue #213 - Outdoors Hello there,This week's Raspberry Pi Weekly is jam-packed! I almost couldn't fit it all in! From the announcement of the Pioneers winners to jars of hearts and - wait, did someone say there's a new doctor?In case you happen to visit the Raspberry Pi forums on Tuesday 25th of July, be warned that the site will be in read-only mode for 24 hours while we polish its buttons, upgrade its threads, and give the whole place a fresh lick of paint. Have a great week, and I'll check in with you next Friday. Peace,Alex News     Pioneers winners (raspberrypi. org) The results are in for Make it outdoors         The doctor is in! (twitter. com) Co-founder Pete Lomas has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree         Work with Raspberry Pi and Code Club (raspberrypi. workable. com) Positions are open throughout the Foundation Projects     The Heart of Maker Faire (raspberrypi. org) "Collecting your jar of hearts"         3D-printed TARDIS case (thingiverse. com) A good enough reason to buy a 3D printer         A Compact Home-Made Raspberry Pi Tablet (stefanv. com) Super slim, super swish, super 'we want one'         Raspberry Pi FM Touch Synth (youtube. com) Toby Hendricks is back with another gorgeous audio build         Pool Temperature Monitoring and Pump Control (raspberrypi-spy. co. uk) Grab your Zero W - it's time for a pool party!         Raspberry Pi Wiimote Paint (suppertime. co. uk) 'Wii' really like this project         High School Musical Stage Camera (home. uktechreviews. com) They're soaring, flying. . .         Thingking’s Doorbell (vimeo. com) Designer-maker consultancy Thingking save themselves the trouble of getting up to open their gate         Google Pi Intercom (raspberrypi. org) Google's AIY Projects kit, now with added wall

Raspberry PI Issue 243 - qrocodile




Issue 243 Hello there,It's been a week for cool builds, as highlighted on the Raspberry Pi blog. And they're a great distraction from the heartbreak at Pi Towers, as we watch Dave Honess, leader of the Astro Pi programme here at Pi Towers, pack up his desk and head off to his new job at the European Space Agency. We're not jealous at all. Honestly. So enjoy some semi-factual #SpaceDaveFacts alongside the rest of this week's Raspberry Pi Weekly. And keep in mind that we're currently looking for people to join us, including a Chief Learning Officer, an Evaluation Analyst, a Production Manager, and a Node Web Developer. Could you be the newest Pi Towers team member?Catch you next week!Peace,Alex News     The MagPi 67 (raspberrypi. org) Ready player one. . .         Mission Space Lab flight status announced! (raspberrypi. org) Ready to be deployed         Join our team (raspberrypi. workable. com) Come work with us         Register your project for Coolest Projects UK (coolestprojects. org) On 28 April at Here East, London Projects     OTON GLASS (raspberrypi. org) Turn text to speech in the blink of an eye         qrocodile: the kid-friendly Sonos system (raspberrypi. org) Hey Mister DJ, put a record on. . .         Make your own remote control (hackster. io) For Google Home and Chromecasts         Run a K40 laser cutter from your Pi (raspi. tv) With help from RasPi. TV         Raspberry Pi Minecraft server (instructables. com) With LED player indicator         Personal health dashboard (hackster. io) A giant display to motivate yourself         Door bell (instructables. com) A simple doorbell for your home         Intelligent tea maker (hackster. io) The most British of builds Articles       Community profile: Estefannie Explains It All  (raspberrypi. org)#MakerRevolution       DBA Design Effectiveness Awards  (effectivedesign. org. uk)The official Raspberry Pi case takes home gold       Picademy North America  (raspberrypi. org)Sign up for our free two-day training       Picademy UK  (raspberrypi. org)In locations across the UK       Win a Google AIY Projects Vision kit  (raspberrypi. org)Ten to be won from The MagPi  

Raspberry Pi koriste i umetnici




Digitalni leptiri

Raspberry Pi kućište odštampano na 3D štampaču




Kućište za Raspberry Pi odštampano na 3D štampačuVIŠE O KUĆIŠTU. The design is 3D printed in polyamide. Take a look at the design guide to make something yourself! - See more at: http://i. materialise. com/blog/entry/take-a-look-at-this-beautiful-3d-printed-raspberry-pi-case-design-from-cody-reisdorf#sthash. Es97aHJ3. dpufThe design is 3D printed in polyamide. Take a look at the design guide to make something yourself! - See more at: http://i. materialise. com/blog/entry/take-a-look-at-this-beautiful-3d-printed-raspberry-pi-case-design-from-cody-reisdorf#sthash. Es97aHJ3. dpufThe design is 3D printed in polyamide. Take a look at the design guide to make something yourself! - See more at: http://i. materialise. com/blog/entry/take-a-look-at-this-beautiful-3d-printed-raspberry-pi-case-design-from-cody-reisdorf#sthash. Es97aHJ3. dpuf

Raspberry PI linkovi za danas, 1. jul 2014. godine




Sistem za dijagnostikuKako napraviti kućni alarm?BIICODE. PiFox - Bare metal 3D rail shooter

Raspberry PI linkovi za danas,12. maj 2014. godine




BBC radio na Raspberry PI-uUputstvo se može primeniti i na bilo koju drugu radio stanicu. BBC ON RPIŠta je Raspberry PILINKInternet Connectivity Monitor za RPILINK

Raspberry PI svuda oko nas do evolucije sajta




Od danas u prodaji Raspberry Pi model BViše o modelu i korpa za naručivanje. Inspirativno pakovanje@Raspberry_Pi15 komandi koje svaki korisnik treba da znaRaspberry PI. Da to je Linux. VIŠE O KOMANDAMA. Evolucija sajta

Raspberry PI weekly 1




News Bringing computing to rural Cameroon A great post about how Raspberry Pi is being used to give a Cameroon school a computer lab.   Raspberry Pi-powers DIY autonomous underwater vehicle Built by a team of engineering undergraduates from Singapore, the robotic vessel dubbed Coconut Pi uses both the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.   8 great Raspberry Pi projects created by kids What do you get when you combine the Raspberry Pi with some inspirational young inventors? Terrific Raspberry Pi project designs, that's what. The young programmers presented their inventions to a hand-picked judging panel after being given three months to work on their designs, a £25 Raspberry Pi and up to £50 of additional hardware and software. So check out some of the projects put together by the teams.   Articles, Tutorials and Talks Raspberry Pi Remote Connections - Without A Network! There are often times when a HDMI monitor is not available to use with your Raspberry Pi.  In those circumstances it can be very useful to remote connect using a nearby network and a laptop However, sometimes there isn't a network available either! So how can we make use of a laptop screen and keyboard when there is no network?   Raspberry GSM Gateway This post shows you how to build your own GSM gateway using Raspberry Pi. It will save you lot of money, especially when you are traveling overseas.     How to Turn a Raspberry Pi into an Always-On Usenet Machine If you use Usenet to grab your favorite TV shows, for example, an always on Raspberry Pi download box will snap them up the second they're available. Read on as we show you how to turn your Pi into a lean, mean, and dead silent Usenet downloading machine.   How to connect a Raspberry Pi to Carriots and build an Alert System This easy tutorial helps you to build an Alert System for your home or office. To do this, we use a Raspberry Pi able to detect light and Carriots Engine to send alerts by SMS.   AirPlaying music and video from iPad to Raspberry Pi Raspbmc is a minimal Linux distribution based on Debian that brings XBMC to your Raspberry Pi. This device has an excellent form factor and enough power to handle media playback, making it an ideal component in a low HTPC setup, yet delivering the same XBMC experience that can be enjoyed on much more costly platforms. This post shows how to stream music from your iPad to that TV using Apple's AirPlay protocol and Raspbmc.   Etch-a-Pi Computer controlled Etch-a-Sketches are not rare things. This post describes how to build it using Raspberry Pi.   RaspiWatt: discover power consumption using a Kill-A-Watt & Pi Say you want to know how much electricity an appliance like an air purifier is consuming? Find out how to do it using Kill-A-Watt power meter  and Raspberry Pi.   Moway Robot and Raspberry PI The Moway Robot Development team has been working on a release of Moway+Scratch software for the Raspberry PI. In this blog entry we are going to provide an step by step guide for setting up the connection and some possibilities of this tool.   Using a HMC5883L magnetometer/compass with the RaspberryPi This post describes getting an HMC5883L magnetic compass sensor to work with a Raspberry Pi.   Scan to email using a Raspberry PI A video showing how to use a Raspberry Pi and an old scanner to scan to email.   Raspberry PI to PBX This video shows how to turn a Raspberry PI into a FreePBX phone server! It worked and was relatively easy for tech head with little Linux experience.     Raspberry Pi Palm Top Raspberry Pi battery powered portable palmtop computer. Using an XBox Chatpad for input and a 3. 5" LCD display on a hinge for output.   Raspberry Pi on iPad via Wifi This video shows how to make your Raspberry Pi portable and connect to iPad.   Remote Controlling a Car over the Web. Ingredients: Smartphone, WebSocket, and Raspberry Pi   Raspberry Pi Powered Cat Feeder   Books Raspberry Pi For Dummies With the invention of the unique credit-card sized single-board computer, the Raspberry Pi, comes a new wave of hardware geeks, hackers, and hobbyists who are excited about the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi, and this is the perfect guide to get you started in this exhilarating new arena. With this fun and friendly book, you'll quickly discover why the supply for the Pi cannot keep up with the demand! Veteran tech authors Sean McManus and Mike Cook show you how to download and install the operating system, use the installed applications, and much more. Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries piJS piJS is a cloud-platform to write embedded applications for your Raspberrry Pi, in JavaScript.   BrickPi This project combines the brains of a Raspberry Pi with the brawn of a LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. The board firmware is made in Arduino in order to make it super-hackable.  The firmware is written in Arduino 1. 0 and can be uploaded via an ISP programmer.   Raspbmc Raspbmc is a minimal Linux distribution based on Debian that brings XBMC to your Raspberry Pi. This device has an excellent form factor and enough power to handle media playback, making it an ideal component in a low HTPC setup, yet delivering the same XBMC experience that can be enjoyed on much more costly platforms.     rpix86 The rpix86 is a DOS emulator for the Raspberry Pi. It is a virtual machine inside the operating environment that runs DOS within it.   Pi MusicBox Operate Spotify from your couch using a browser with this ready to eat software for the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry PI weekly 179 - Bacteria




Issue #179 - Bacteria Hello there! Welcome to this week’s edition of Raspberry Pi Weekly. It’s packed with interesting news such as the recent Pi integration with the Particle Cloud, fun projects including a gesture-controlled music player and Raspberry Pi astrophotography, and fascinating articles including an installation that uses a Pi to generate music from bacterial activityas well as lots from our daily blog! And if that’s not enough, our good friend ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet is currently on his way to our Astro Pi units aboard the International Space Station. You can watch his spacecraft dock around 10pm GMT on Saturday. We’re also using the hashtag #MakeYourIdeas across social media in order to highlight wonderful tech projects from young makers across the globe. If you know of awesome projects worthy of worldwide attention, join in! Have a great week and we’ll see you next Friday. Peace. Alex News Raspberry Pi Security Camera (docs. particle. io)Raspberry Pi integration with the Particle Cloud Micro-ritmos: Bacteria Beethoven (cdm. link)Making music with bacteria Cotswold Jam Christmas Buyers' Guide (cotswoldjam. org)What to buy for the Pi WD PiDrive Foundation Edition (wdc. com)Western Digital release new PiDrive SwitchThat Free beta for Pi (switch-that. com)Free download for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts through their website (scroll to the bottom) Projects Raspberry Pi Astrophotography (raspberrypi. org)Super supermoon photography Speech & Gesture Controlled Music System (instructables. com)New ways to play get_iplayer on Raspberry Pi (raspi. tv)Updated process from RasPi. TV Pi-Light (jamespoole. me)The Raspberry Pi-powered smart light   Articles Making Life Changes  (raspberrypi. org)Going from hobbyist to career maker Physical Therapy with a Pressure-Sensing Football  (raspberrypi. org)Amelia Day helps rebuild neural networks The Raspberry Pi-powered Loom  (raspberrypi. org)An assisted loom powered by Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi in Medicine  (raspberrypi. org)Revolutionising medicine and health with Pi-powered products This newsletter is curated by Ben Nuttall and the Fo

Raspberry PI, u prodaji, kako napraviti FTP server na solarni pogon




Raspberry PI Kupite već danas. Uputstvo - Kako da napravite FTP server na solarni pogonDavid Hayward (CNET) je objasnio kako da napravite FTP server na solarni pogon Raspberry Pi solar-powered FTP server.

TiddlyBot je jednostavni, veseli Raspberry Pi Robot




TiddlyBot Raspberry Pi Robot Roboto crta, prati linije i pomaže u poznavanju tehnologije. Na raspolaganju:KICKSTARTER

Today on Hackster, Project Rising Water, Arduino Horizontal POV Display




Polyphonic Music - Avengers by marcelomaximiano If there were "The Avengers" game for Atari 2600, the soundtrack would sound like this. . . Automatic Fan with PIR Sensor and LM35 Sensor by Jamaluddin This project uses a PIR sensor to turn a fan ON/oFF and an LM35 sensor to control the speed of the fan with PWM. Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb LINK KA KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE   Arduino Horizontal POV Display by Mirko Pavleski Simplest POV display with 5 LEDs and an Arduino Nano How to Interface PS2 Wireless Controller w/ Arduino by ElectroPeak In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect and use a PS2 game console controller with Arduino. Prototype Automatic Clothesline Based on Arduino Uno by Susi_Susanti and Binti_mufarida There are two sensors as detectors in this project, namely rain sensor and LDR. Rain sensor functions to detect the occurrence of rain/not. Displaying Key Pressed on Serial Monitor by ejshea Take input from a 16-key keypad and send it to the IDE's built-in Serial Monitor. External HDMI Touchscreen for Windows & Raspberry Pi by Akarsh Agarwal A 7-inch external touch screen for your windows laptop/pc, this screen can be also used with the Raspberry Pi. Digital TV Antenna Direction Mount and Pointer by calettso The project will allow you to remotely turn your digital TV antenna to maximize your TV channel reception and channel strength. Project Rising Water by Team AHS Advanced Physics Make water defy gravity, all while creating fantastic lighting effects! OpenWeatherMap to SQL-Database Demo by JohnV Demo to show online OpenWeatherMaps. org and send data to your SQL server.

Today on Hackster: 11 new projects for Security, Raspberry Pi, Internet of Things, and more




Wi-Fi Jammer from an ESP8266 | WiFi Jammer/ Deauther by Akarsh Agarwal Scan for WiFi devices, block selected connections, create dozens of networks and confuse WiFi scanners! SUBZero - A Simple Network-Attached Storage Device by Nick Engmann and Josiah An easy to use Raspberry Pi Zero USB file-level computer data storage server (frequently called Network-Attached Storage or NAS). ESP32 CoinCell by Mike Rankin A tiny ESP32 board powered by a coin cell. Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb LINK KA KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE   Measuring Power Consumption with the Digilent OpenLogger by Sam Kristoff and Arthur Brown How much power does an everyday appliance use? How can we look at and interpret this data? The Magic Hat by remnis What's more IoT than a blinking hat!? Wait - what? Reflexes Game by obniz developer team This game tests your reflexes. Which player can push the button faster? When it displays "PUSH!!!", push the button! Don't push before. Mirror Ball with Clapping by obniz developer team This mirror ball rotates when someone claps. It was created with obniz in one hour.

Today on Hackster: 12 new projects for Arduino, Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, and more.




Check a Stepper Motor From the DVD-ROM by Ingo Lohs The older members among you can still remember DVD-ROM drives well: let's take another look at the inner values of a past technology. The ONE TUBE™ Easiest Arduino Nano Nixie Clock project ever.  by WannaDuino Cheapest and easiest Nixie clock in the world, the ONE TUBE™ . OPEN SOURCE. is the way. Build a Simple to an Advanced Voltmeter by abufaisal2 A step by step in building a simple voltmeter. For simplicity, the project will be broken down into three parts. Playing NFS By Hand Gesture Control by najad Hand gesture control using Arduino Leonardo and IR sensors. Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb LINK KA KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE   Arduino Controlled LED Multi-Player Game on Arduino "Shield" by 22warehamD A custom made PCB fits onto an Arduino Uno. This is a game that can be played by two players. Homeless Robot by White Label AR This product uses a Pi with camera mic and speaker to simulate clever conversation with Google AIY intelligence. Educate pedestrians safely.

Today on Hackster: 15 new projects for Arduino, Samsung, Internet of Things




Shaking Arduino Dice by Thomas Angielsky One year ago I built a simple Arduino dice with my son. We have learned a lot in the meantime and it's time for an update. . . Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb LINK KA KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE   Solar Tracker V2. 0 by Brown Dog Gadgets Track the sun in X and Y with this simple Arduino project. Arduino Analog Panel Meter Clock by Mirko Pavleski Nice looking wooden analog style clock with Arduino Nano and 1mA  Arduino GrowBox Controller by Michele Valentini This GrowBox Controller handles temperature, humidity, fan and lights, and configuration is made via web server. CSV logs and remote cloud! How to Use Temperature and Humidity (DHT) Sensors by MisterBotBreak This project will show you how to use temperature and hmidity (DHT11 and DHT22) sensors with an Arduino card. Cancellino by Arduino_Genuino and FabLab_CastelfrancoVeneto Control your gate (or whatever you want) for free using a simple phone call.

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GPS Tracking System with Arduino Uno and Digilent PmodGPS by Ian Etheridge This project is a GPS tracking system with LCD display using an Arduino Uno and a Digilent PmodGPS. Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb LINK KA KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE   Biometric Car Entry - True Keyless Car by Rajeev Velikkal Why are even the modern day cars are not equipped with biometric entry system? Here is an attempt on a Toyota C-HR. Arduino Half-Step Stepper Motor Driver L298N by JohnV Using an Arduino MKR and L298N H-bridge to drive a NEMA 17 stepper. NeoPixel Animation with Gestures by danionescu In this tutorial we're going to play with a gesture sensor and a NeoPixel ring to learn how to combine them both using an Arduino. Ceilometer by KFMAKR Clouds meter <> establish the height of clouds through an IR measurement temperature of saturation. CoolMOS Power Battery Charger by George Kartsonas Electric vehicles are new enough to wonder, how long will they last? This is not a simple question, because it depends on a lot of things. Smart Doorbell by Liz Myers Using the arcade button, ring "the doorbell" and take a photo, which is uploaded to Google Cloud for review.

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Using DHT11 by Arca_Ege This tutorial will show you how to use DHT11 with Arduino. Delta-Kinematics-Library by tinkersprojects Forward and Inverse Kinematics Library for Delta robot. Mini Acoustic Levitation by millerman4487 This project uses an ultrasonic distance sensor to create a pocket of wave interference where a small object can be levitated. Automated Lake Environment Data Collection Probe by SHUAI ZHANG An automated probe that collect CO2 flux data on lake Mendota, WI. Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb LINK KA KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE Arduino UNO and Vibration Sensor with Relay by MichDragstar When the vibration module detects vibration, the lamp will go on for 2 seconds and this for 3 times. ElBanquos Christmas Light by ElBanquo An Ardiuno project using NeoPixels to create slowly changing christmas light pictures in my window. ArduTester V1. 13: The Arduino UNO Transistor Tester by plouc68000 Sketch of transistor tester project from Karl-Heinz Kübbeler, so it's much simpler to study, modify, verify and upload to an Arduino.
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