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LinkedIn2003. 2013. Gugl1998. 2013. YouTube2005. 2013. Twitter2006. 2013. Fejsbuk2004. 2013. BUSINESS INSIDER.

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NiiceNa primer, ukoliko tražite “black and white script lettering,”  dobićete ovakav rezultat. Ukoliko tražite “orange elephant” Sajt je krairala ARMSTRONG & CO NIICE.

Node informator 133




A Look at the Node. js Foundation's Survey Results Lots of observations, including that 45% of Node developers also use container technology, and Express is used by 83% of Node developers. µWebSockets: Highly Efficient WebSocket Server Library Features a fully async object-oriented interface and scales to millions of connections in a memory-efficient manner. Scripty: Easily Organize npm Scripts into Separate Files Provides a way to structure your own npm scripts on the file system. “Because no one should be shell-scripting inside a JSON file. ” Node v4. 4. 3 (LTS) Released A few minor changes. Using the Facebook Messenger Platform from Node Facebook has opened up their Messenger platform so you can write bots that use it. This project shows it in action via an Express app. Node. js 4. 3. 2 Runtime Now Available on Lambda Functions written for Node 0. 10 will continue to be supported, but creating 0. 10 functions will end in October. In brief Twilio presents SIGNAL: The Developer Conference for Communications NEWS Over 2,000 developers come together at SIGNAL conference to change communications together.  TWILIO   SPONSORED AWS Lambda Now Supports Node. js 4. 3 NEWS AMAZON WEB SERVICES NodeConf Argentina: November 18-19 in Buenos Aires NEWS NODECONF ARGENTINA NodeSource Announces $10 Million Series A Funding NEWS It’s always good to see funding in our ecosystem and NodeSource appears to be on the up and up.  NODESOURCE Run npm Enterprise On AWS with Just A Few Clicks NEWS TOOLS npm’s enterprise-level repository manager.  THE NPM BLOG Deploy a REST API in 30 Mins Using mLabs and Heroku TUTORIAL Chris Chang demonstrates how to use the MEAN stack to rapidly create a RESTful API server and rich web application, which he then deploys to Heroku.  CHRIS CHANG Adding Social Sharing in a Node. js Single-Page Application TUTORIAL KYLE DAVIS How to Validate User Input in A NoSQL Web Application TUTORIAL Practical approaches on how to validate user input for a schema-less database.  RYAN PAUL Web Crawling with Node, PhantomJS and Horseman TUTORIAL ANDREW FORTH Stranger Danger: Addressing the Security Risk in NPM Dependencies VIDEO GUY PODJARNY AND DANNY GRANDER Tips for Writing Better Quality Node Apps OPINION DANNY BROWN Find and Fix Production Errors Faster (and have fun doing it) TOOLS Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all application errors.  ROLLBAR   SPONSORED Minty. js: See Your App's Variables' State Line-by-Line TOOLS LUMPY TURNIPS What is Bot Builder for Node. js? TOOLS A framework for constructing bots that can handle both freeform and structured interactions.  MICROSOFT js-mind: A Deep Learning Library Written in ES2015 CODE YUJIOSAKA Shaven: DOM Building Utility and Template Engine Based Upon JsonML CODE Represent XML/HTML with JSON, so templates are simply JS arrays.  ADRIAN SIEBER node-fb-messenger: Facebook Messenger Platform API Wrapper for Node CODE DIEGO RODRÍGUEZ BAQUERO

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strman: A String Manipulation Library Without Dependencies Places 53 handy functions at your disposal for things like padding, trimming, appending, slugifying, prepending, case conversions, etc. Autochecker: Test Your Modules in All Node Versions Test your modules simultaneously in 32 different versions of Node. Why? If you’re releasing a library, knowing it’s widely compatible across versions is key. Automated CI Setup for No Downtime App Deployment A walkthrough of configuring an automated continuous integration and deployment setup for a Node app using GitHub, PM2 & SemaphoreCI. New Relic, but built for Node. js Pinpoint performance issues and build faster Node. js apps. See how your app spends its time (database, cache, external http requests), where it needs optimizing, and who wrote the slow code. Deploying Resilient Node. js Apps with Forever and Nginx A quick guide to deploying a Node app in production, specifically aimed at Ubuntu 14. 04 LTS. How Node. js Created A Model Open Source Community A high level look at the work that has taken place to make the Node. js community a notably collaborative one. Massive 2. 0: Postgres-based Data Access Tool for Node Loads your tables, Postgres functions, and query files up as functions; supports full text search; has full JSONB document support; has a REPL; and more. We mentioned this a year ago but it continues to be improved.   In brief NodeConf Adventure 2016: Marin County, CA - June 9-12 NEWS  NodeUp Node. js Podcast Reaches 100th Episode NEWS NODEUP What Would You Like to See at Node. js Interactive 2016? NEWS NODE. JS FOUNDATION [Whitepaper] 9 Common Node. js Patterns TUTORIAL Dive deep into commonly used node. js patterns and how to use them effectively.  Download now APPNETA APM   SPONSORED Visualizing Real-Time Arduino Sensors With Johnny-Five and EON. js TUTORIAL TOMOMI IMURA Speeding Up npm in Virtual Environments with npmserve TUTORIAL PLAID How to Create a Blog with Hexo on Ubuntu TUTORIAL Hexo is a static blogging framework built on Node.  C J SCARLETT Angular 2 Authentication with Auth0 and Node TUTORIAL TODD MOTTO Defeating The npm 'Worm' TUTORIAL A look at an approach to keep lifecycle scripts safe to use.  DAVID BRUANT Creating Your First Node. js HTTP Server TUTORIAL Continuation of a series aimed at total beginners to Node.  GERGELY NEMETH Tracy Hinds on Bringing Node. js to the People OPINION An interview.  THE NEW STACK Auto SNI: Free, Automated HTTPS for Node Made Easy CODE Uses Lets Encrypt, naturally.  DYLAN PIERCEY EclairJS: A JavaScript Client for Apache Spark CODE  Need to Node Webinar: Blacklisting Node. js Core Modules NEWS Need to Node Webinar: Blacklisting Node. js Core Modules 4/28 10am PT with Thorsten Lorenz. Learn how you can protect yourself from known vulnerabilities by blacklisting dangerous modules.  NODESOURCE   SPONSORED

NOVA KNJIGA - Smashing UX Design: Foundations for Designing Online User Experiences




Smashing UX Design: Foundations for Designing Online User ExperiencesThe ultimate guide to UX from the world’s most popular resource for web designers and developers Smashing Magazine is the world′s most popular resource for web designers and developers and with this book the authors provide the ideal resource for mastering User Experience Design (UX).   The authors provide an overview of UX and User Centred Design and examine in detail sixteen of the most common UX design and research tools and techniques for your web projects.   The authors share their top tips from their collective 30 years of working in UX including: Guides to when and how to use the most appropriate UX research and design techniques such as usability testing, prototyping, wire framing, sketching, information architecture & running workshopsHow to plan UX projects to suit different budgets, time constraints and business objectivesCase studies from real UX projects that explain how particular techniques were used to achieve the client's goalsChecklists to help you choose the right UX tools and techniques for the job in handTypical user and business requirements to consider when designing business critical pages such as homepages, forms, product pages and mobile interfaces as well as explanations of key things to consider when designing for mobile, internationalization and behavioural change. Smashing UX Design is the complete UX reference manual. Treat it as the UX expert on your bookshelf that you can read from cover-to-cover, or to dip into as the need arises, regardless of whether you have 'UX' in your job title or not. Table of ContentsPART I: UX PROCESSES AND PROJECTS 1 Chapter 1: Understanding the User-Centered Design Process 3 Chapter 2: Planning UX Projects 23 PART II: UX RESEARCH AND EVALUATION TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES 47 Chapter 3: Planning and Conducting Effective Stakeholder Interviews 49 Chapter 4: Organizing and Running a Successful Requirements Workshop 59 Chapter 5: Planning, Conducting, and Analyzing a Usability Test 73 Chapter 6: Gaining Useful Insights from Competitor Benchmarking 97 Chapter 7: Conducting Effective Contextual Research 105 Chapter 8: Using Analytics to Uncover Interesting User Behavior 113 Chapter 9: Designing, Launching, and Analyzing a Successful Survey 129 Chapter 10: Conducting a Useful Expert Review 143 PART III: UX DESIGN TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES 155 Chapter 11: Planning and Running Successful Ideation Workshops 157 Chapter 12: Creating Task Models and User Journeys That Convey Real User Behavior 173 Chapter 13: Creating Customer Experience Maps to Help Visualize the User Experience 189 Chapter 14: Creating Useful Persona Profiles 199 Chapter 15: Designing Usable Information Architectures 211 Chapter 16: Using Sketching to Generate and Communicate Ideas 237 Chapter 17: Designing Great Wireframes 247 Chapter 18: Using Prototypes to Bring Your Ideas to Life 263 PART IV: UX COMPONENTS DECONSTRUCTED 275 Chapter 19: Navigation UX Deconstructed 277 Chapter 20: Homepage UX Deconstructed 287 Chapter 21: Category Page UX Deconstructed 297 Chapter 22: Search UX Deconstructed 303 Chapter 23: Product Page UX Deconstructed 313 Chapter 24: Shopping Cart and Checkout UX Deconstructed 323 Chapter 25: Article and Content Page UX Deconstructed 335 Chapter 26: Photo UX Deconstructed 341 Chapter 27: Help and FAQ UX Deconstructed 349 Chapter 28: Forms UX Deconstructed 355 Chapter 29: Tables, Charts, and Data UX Deconstructed 365 Chapter 30: Great Client UX Deconstructed 371 Chapter 31: Designing for Behavioral Change 377 Chapter 32: Designing for Internationalization 385 Chapter 33: Designing for Mobile 395 Index 407UX DESIGNPoseban odeljak na Smashing Magazine je UX Design. Category: UX Design This extended category features quality articles on usability, user experience (UX) design and information architecture. The section contains practical articles and case studies written by professionals and experts in the field. Curated by Francisco Inchauste. Subscribe to the RSS-Feed. Popular tags in this category: Usability, Design, User Experience, UI, Psychology, Process, E-Commerce, Content. SMASHING MAGAZINE.

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Idealna knjiga za sve one koji hoće da optimizuju dizajn svoje postojeće Web lokacije, i za početnike koji žele da savladaju CSS. Saznajte kako da:• rasporedite elemente Web strane u dva ili tri stupca, sa zaglavljem i podnožjem• dobijete elegantne padajuće menije samo pomoću CSS-a• napravite profesionalni navigacioni sistem s karticama• zamenite navigaciju zasnovanu na slikama mnogo efikasnijim CSS listama• dizajnirate pametnije i pristupačnije Web obrasce • napravite okvire zaobljenih uglova bez povećavanja količine HTML koda• omogućite posetiocima za odaberu izgled Web lokacije kakav im odgovara• upotrebite W3C Validator za proveru ispravnosti koda• olakšate održavanje i ažuriranje lokacije. . . i obavite još 92 uobičajena zadatka Web dizajnera.

npm weekly 155: Beta test 2FA for individual packages today, npm is at ScotlandJS, and join the conversation at!




npm weekly #155: Beta test 2FA for individual packages today, npm is at ScotlandJS, and join the conversation at npm. community! 2FA protection for packages Two-factor authentication protection for individual packages is here. You can beta test this feature immediately. In fact, if you are the maintainer of a popular package, we encourage you to do it as soon as possible. For details on how the beta works, see the full announcement on our blog. We’re in Edinburgh for ScotlandJS Are you? If so, don’t miss Katie Fenn, C J Silverio, and Jeff Lembeck’s presentations. Katie is closing out today with her talk, Securing your site like it’s 1999, and Jeff and C J are both scheduled to speak on Friday afternoon. If you can find them, you might just score yourself a cool Scotland-themed sticker, so say hello! We want to share your story How do you use npm? If you or your team is building something cool with npm, we want to help promote it far and wide. Let’s partner up to show off what you’ve built.  Let’s chat! npm. community Corner Have you been to npm. community yet? We’ve officially moved our issue trackers and formal community discussions there, so you’ll want to make an account. Currently, there’s a discussion happening on what it looks like to be a collaborator on npm. Have some thoughts? Let us know! What we’re reading: CSS: A New Kind Of JavaScript We enjoyed this thoughtful approach to giving more consideration to the robustness and resilience of CSS from Heydon Pickering. It’s a quick read, but one worth your while. Check out CSS: A New Kind Of JavaScript. The latest: v6. 2. 0 Late last week, v6. 2. 0 landed as latest. This version includes a couple of new features, a fix to SET, a handful of dependency bumps, and a few updates to documentation. For all of the specifics on v6. 2. 0 see the release notes on our blog. To stay up to date on v6. 2. 0 head over to npm. community and join in the discussion. Apply to be our Sales Engineer Do you have a knack for teaching customers the ins and outs of a technical product and helping to customize solutions for them? If so, we’d definitely like to hear from you. Applications for our Sales Engineer role close on July 29, so don’t wait to apply. For more details, visit npmjs. com/jobs.

Ogromni crteži na pesku




Pronađite veliko isušeno jezero i u njegovom koritu nacrtajte najveći crtež u pesku na Zemlji. Možda će to vanzemaljci videti pa će nas posetiti. Džim Denevan napravio je najveći crtež na svetu crtajući nekoliko nedelja na pesku korita isušenog jezera u Nevadi. Koliki je crtež – tri milje (4. 8 km) je dugačak a ukupna šara je dugačka 100 milja (160. 9 km), koje trebalo preći da se nacrta ovaj crtež. „Ovo je zaista veliki, veliki crtež. Moj prvi pokušaje na ovako velikom prostoru. Mislim da je bi bilo potrebno 7 ili 8 dana pešačenja da se pređe ceo put crteža” rekao je Džim. Fotografija sa visine o 4 kilometara. Džim je mali komadić u centru. I kamion se izgubio u ovom pejsažu. Pogledajte celu galeriju spektakularnih radova Džima Denevana:http://www. jimdenevan. com/images. htm Izvor: http://www. darkroastedblend. com/2008/06/largest-human-made-art-on-earth. html Pripremio: Milenko Kusurović

Onjaln generatori za web dizajnere, od biranja fonta, boja, pozadina




Onlajn generatori TypetesterOmogućava vam da uporedite tri različita tipa fontoca na ekranu čime je proces dizajna mnogo olakšan. KulerGenerator koji vam pomaže da lakše izaberete boje za svoj sajt. KOMPLETAN SPISAK OD 25 ONLAJN GENERATORA.

Online kreatori web sajtova - MOONFRUIT




MoonfruitOsnovno o alatu:Moonfruit offers a free website and online shop builder that allows you to ‘publish once, be everywhere’ and have total design control of your pages.  Moonfruit makes it easy for you to set up your business, project or passion online and share it with like-minded people. MOONFRUITŠta se dobija?Jednom kreiran, postoje dostupan na svim platformama. Potpuna kontrola dizajna sajta. Lako kreiranje prodavnice. Kreiranje bloga. Kako da dobijete posetioce sajta. Ovim alatom je kreirano preko 5. 000. 000 sajtova. RegistrovanjeRegistrujte se. Dofajte sajtIzaberiteIzabrali smo Urban Life. Izaberite ime i nayiv sajta. Besplatno korišćenje traje 15 dana. Ako ste zadovoljni servisom, možete i da se pretplatite.

Petak je dan kada predlažemo da pratite one koji tvituju o knjizi - VIII deo




Vetar Valentina ‏@gaglipaf 2h vetar me ne moze oduvati jer imam 20 knjigaB(l)udna Frida Kahlo ‏@frida_kahlo13 5h Knjiga svakog uspavljuje, samo mene drži bludnomPojeo pas M ‏@MDCDG 6h Knjiga može biti kod Vida. Samo se bojim da mu nisu kere pojele knjigu kao što su mu pojele mobilni. Glopo Slovna Greška ‏@Slovna__Greska 11h I filmovi i muzika i knjige sve je glupo kada ti nisi tu. Recka u knjizi Miodrag Radičević ‏@DejoGenije 12h danas mi promoteri SNSa "od vrata do vrata" udarili recku u knjige, kad sam ih samo rukom oterao. Jel zna neko hoće li to uticati na biznis?Poznati Nikola ‏@nemestan 39m Poznati uđu u knjige a selebriti na tv. 2 godine Neven Marinovic ‏@neven_marinovic 49m Djindjic je bio premijer nepune 2 godine i dan danas izdaju knjige sa njegovim izjavama, one su slogani u kampanji. . . A BT s druge strane. . .

Petak je dan kada predlažemo za praćenje one koji tvituju o knjizi - VIII




Napisala neku glupost od knjige pa odma' spisateljica. Ja tri knjige napisao pa se ne kurčim. — Marko Kraljević (@PrinceMarko2) June 19, 2015 Možemo li se kao nacija složiti barem oko toga da tekst na rikni ne treba da bude naopačke kada je knjiga položena na leđa? Moj OCD divlja. — Dario Hajrić (@romulian) June 19, 2015 Najstarija odštampana #knjiga je Biblija, koju je u gradu Mainzu, oko 1455. godine, odštampao Johannes Gutenberg. pic. twitter. com/AbnNswLiL7 — Moja knjiga (@mojaknjiga) June 19, 2015 Pogledajte kako izgledaju radne sobe pisaca naučne fantastike http://t. co/xJbrcvtbze #knjiga — Happynovisad. com (@happynovisad) June 19, 2015 Za razliku od čovjeka,knjiga ti i dalje ostaje prijatelj i kad je pročitaš . — PINK LADY (@ChrissCroatia) June 19, 2015 E-knjiga “Blog za početnike” #blogzapočetnike - http://t. co/RnZS2lzXJ3 @cyberbosanka — JakaSifra (@jakasifra) June 19, 2015 Krenem začas po knjigu- setim se za zrnevlje. Vraćam se iz Zdrave hrane- zaboravim knjigu. Vraćam se po knjigu- sretnem komšinice Tri tačke — Milan Djordjevic (@MilanDjordje985) June 19, 2015 Neki decko izvadio knjigu u autobusu and I'm like: ZENI ME — Palčica (@sori_not_sori) June 19, 2015 Promocija knjige "A ko si ti?" Miki Manojlovic #NarodnoPozoriste #Legenda pic. twitter. com/FKI60Ih0I6 — MrNeny (@MrNeny) June 19, 2015

Pixie – kreira web prezentacije




Pixie je aplikacija koja kreira internet prezentacije, saglasna sa najnovijim web standardima, jednostavna za korišćenje kao i proširivanje i administraciju. Administraciona tabla prezentacije je vrlo pregledna, i omogućava manje stručnim osobama da rukovode sadržajem prezentacije bez mnogo truda (sadržaj je razdvojen od izgleda). Kada se ulogujete, pojaviće vam se glavna tabla. Odatle jednostavno možete da izvršavate razne poslove, kao proveru statistike saobraćaja i poslednjih aktivnosti na prezentaciji, dodavanje ili menjanje sadržaja i drugo. RSS izvori se mogu prikazivati veoma jednostavno, potrebno je dodati samo par linija koda. Pixie takođe sadrži jQuery biblioteku koja omogućava jednostavno dodavanje AJAX baziranih funkcionalnosti vašoj prezentaciji. Sav sadržaj je veoma jednostavno prevesti na bilo koji jezik, menjanjem datoteke en-gb. php (koja sadrži prevod na engleskom). Pixie ima i mnoge druge atraktivne mogućnosti kao na primer navigaciju uz pomoć prevlačenja, integrisani anti-spam sistem, itd. Izvor: Softpedia. com Pripremio: Marko Kusurović

Plum Design - Sajt koji možda niste posetili




Plum DesignPLUM DESIGNPHOTO PLUMPosetite i njihov sajt: PHOTOPLUMMoje srpsko iskustvo

Ponovljeno izdanje - CSS naučite za 24 časa




CSS NAUČITE ZA 24 ČASA Počnite sada! U samo 24 lekcije od jednog sata ili manje, dizajniraćete i kreiraćete Web strane CSS-om-Cascading Style Sheets. Korišćenjem korak-po-korak prilaza, svaka lekcija nadgrađuje prethodnu, omogućavajući vam da naučite osnovni CSS potpuno.   Posebna pogodnost za svakoga ko naruči ovu knjigu: Knjigu: Dreamweaver 8 peraktične vežbe Knjižarska cena: 1728. 00 dinara Cena sa popustom: 990. 00 dinara

Posetite nas na Sajmu knjiga u Beogradu od 20. do 27. oktobra 2019.




Posetite nas na Sajmu knjiga od 20. do 27. oktobra 2019 Nalazimo se na galeriji Hale I. Do nas možete da dođete pokretnim stepenicama. Najnoviji naslovi sa popustom 20 NAJNOVIJIH KNJIGA LINK ZA NARUČIVANJE Više od 40 knjiga po ceni od 1. 000 dinara. Za 2 i više knjiga odobravamo dodatni popust od 10%. Vidimo se na našem štandu. NAJTRAŽENIJI NASLOVI NA SAJMU (PRVI DAN): Osnove veštačke inteligencije i mašinskog učenja Laravel - Radni okvir za izradu modernih PHP aplikacija C# i . NET Core projektni obrasci Kali Linux - Testiranje neprobojnosti veba - treće izdanje WordPress 5 u celosti, VII izdanje Ukoliko ne dolazite na Sajam, već danas možete da naručite knjige po AKCIJSKIM cenama: Jedna knjiga 1. 000 dinara. Za 2 i više knjiga odobravamo 10% dodatnog popusta. Python razvoj mikroservisaJava 9Naučite Bootstrap 4, drugo izdanjeNaučite Linux Shell skriptovanje, drugo izdanjeArduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na vebObjektno-orijentisan JavaScript treće izdanjeNaučite TypeScript prevod drugog izdanjaNaučite Swift 3Visual Basic 2015 u 24 lekcijeAndroid Studio IDE kuvar za razvoj aplikacijaPHP 7 objektno-orijentisano modularno programiranje (HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, XML)ArchiCAD 19Autodesk Inventor 2013 osnoveAccess 2007 na dlanuJoomla! 3 prevod drugog izdanjaRaspberry Pi kuvar za Python programereSPSS 20 Analiza bez mukeCSS 3 - Profesionalne tehnike za dizajn savremenih web stranica - II izdanjeJavaScript 24-časovna obuka + DVDC# 6 i . NET Core 1. 0 moderno međuplatformsko programiranjeAndroid 4 razvoj aplikacijaSmashing WordPress više od bloga, prevod 3. izdanjaAutoCAD 2011 do krajaAutoCAD tajne koje svaki korisnik treba da znaPhotoshop CC knjiga za digitalne fotografeGoogle trikovijQuery i napredne web tehnologije

Preporuka za danas: Knjige za Web dizajn




Dreamweaver CS3 na dlanu - II izdanje Za one koji bi radije da im se pokaže kako nego da im se kaže kako Razumite u upotrebite najnovije Web tehnologije za kreiranje sajtova Izaberite odgovarajuću strukturu sajta i razmeštaj za sajtove Kreirajte i upotrebite šablone web stranica da biste brzo kreirali stranice Kreirajte i održavajte kaskadne liste stilova (CSS) Dodajte flash elemente web stranicama Upotrebite JavaScript ponašanja da biste implementirali funkcionalnosti web stranica Upotrebite alate za kodiranje da biste razvili postojani i upotrebljivi kod Upravljajte saradnjom sa više programera i sizajnera Upravljajte, lokalnim, udaljenim i test sajtovima Prenosite, sinhronizujte i validirajte sajtove Pretražujte, organizujte i obrađujte fajlove koristeći Adobe Bridge i Version Cue Testirajte sadržaj na razliitim ciljnim uređajima pomoću Adobe Device Central-a Uključuje ciljeve ACE kurseva! Link ka knjizi i korpi za naručivanje. Web dizajn Naučićete da pravite Web strane u skladu sa savremenom praksom i profesionalnim standardima za (X)HTML i CSS. Knjiga sadrži vežbe koje će vam pomoći da savladate brojne tehnike rada, a dati su i kratki kvizovi u kojima možete proveriti da li ste naučili najvažnije koncepte. Ako vas zanima Web dizajn, ova knjiga je idealna za vas. Link ka knjizi i korpi za naručivanje. CSS naučite za 24 časa - LImitiramo izdanje Počnite sada! U samo 24 lekcije od jednog sata ili manje, dizajniraćete i kreiraćete Web strane CSS-om-Cascading Style Sheets. Korišćenjem iskrenosti, korak-po-korak prilaza, svaka lekcija nadgrađuje prethodnu, omogućavajući vam da naučite osnovni CSS potpuno. Link ka knjizi i korpi za naručivanje.

Pretplatite se još danas na knjigu Smashing CSS profesionalne tehnike




Knjiga za vrhunski web dizajn Smashing Magazine je jedna od svetski najpopularnijih stranica posvećenih web dizajnu. LINK. U skladu sa njenom misijom, u Smashing Magazine ediciji su knjige koje ćemo objaviti u prevodu na srpski su knjige koje sadrže veoma korisne i inovativne informacije za web dizajnere i programere. Smashing Magazine je garant proverenih informacija. Najnovije tehnologije, CSS3 i HTML 5 u akciji. Naručite već danasJoš samo danas, 16. maja po 999 dinara. Od sutra će cena knjiga kod nas biti 1200 dinara. Knjiga će nakon izlaska iz štampe biti skuplja. LINK ZA NARUČIVANJE.    

Prikaz knjige Prilagodljivi veb dizajn izdavača A Book Aprt




Prilagodljiv veb dizajn Otkako su ljudi iz A Book Apart-a počeli objavljivati knjige, bilo je prilično sigurno da će materijal i proizvod biti dobri . To se i dogodilo. Sve knjige su bile dragocene. Ali ova knjiga mi je donela osećaj prosvetljenja kao kad mi je posao podrazumevao učenje nečeg potpuno novog svake nedelje. Nije da ja još uvek ne učim nove stvari, ali vrlo malo njih me natera da preispitam način na koji radim. Ethanova knjiga me je naterala. Ideje koje stoje iza responsive design-a su postojale već neko vreme, sve od prvih spontanih standarda. Mnogi ljudi koji su razumeli problem korišćenja table-ova kao alatki prikaza, takođe su verovali da je popravljanje širine Web stranice neprihvatljivo i kontraproduktivno za medijum. Mnogi drugi ljudi su se u principu složili (Zdravo! Ja sam bio jedan od njih!), ali su mislili da je rešenje predaleko. Imali smo dosta posla oko omogućavanja pouzdanog rada dobro dizaniranih sajtova preko pretraživača, bez potrebe da brinemo o tome kako će sajt izgledati na bilo kom starom nasumične rezolucije ili širine. Tako smo mi stisli naše zube i uradili posao najbolje što smo mogli. Srećom, bilo je ljudi koji nikad nisu odustali od tih ideala. I sada imamo alatke (HTML5, CSS 3, razne JavaScript biblioteke) za stvaranje ove savršenije mreže, kao i mnoštvo visoko usaglašenih web pretraživača (čak i jedan Microsoft-ov!) koji ih koriste. I postoje ljudi koji pronalaze način kako da slože sve ove alatke zajedno. Ono što je nedostajalo je jedan jasan, koncizan pregled za one od nas koji vide vrednost responsive design-a ali nisu imali vremena da slože sve kockice zajedno u praksi. To je ono što čini ova knjiga. Ethan izlaže svoju metodologiju sa velikom jasnoćom, počevši sa Photoshop comp-om i nekim poznatim HTML-om i CSS-om i prolazi kroz korake pretvaranja fiksirane širine pregleda u nešto što je pažljivo napravljeno da bi izgledalo dobro na svemu, od smart telefona do ogromnih monitora sa ravnim ekranom. Mehanika toga se zasniva na jednoj okosnici formule, koja je i mesto gde sam doživeo prosvetljenje. (ne želim da Vam pokvarim iznenađenje. Moraćete da pročitate knjigu. ). Kada pročitate knjigu, možda ćete drugačije razmišljati o Vašem pristupu projektu. Što ne znači da je Ethan-ova knjiga sve što treba da znate o responsive design-u. Ona je dovoljna za početak. Čim počnete da primenjujete njegovu metodologiju, videćete da imate još dosta posla da uradite. U Mule-u imamo dva projekta koji su stvarno dobri kandidati za responsive design. Oba su složenija od uzorka sajta koji Ethan pravi u svojoj knjizi, tako da učenje gde, kada i kako primeniti responsive principe na kompleksni, sajt širok prikaz se pokazala kao dobra vežba za ceo studio. To zahteva od vas da sveobuhvatno razmišljate u oba smera toka vašeg projekta: sve nazad do IA("Da li se ovaj tok menja ako radimo sa 1200 piksela širine ?"), pa sve do implementacije i korišćenja ( "Kako će ova navigacija raditi na smart telefonu?"). Do sada je ovo bila odlična vežba za nas. Kladim se da će biti dobra i za Vas. IZVOR

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Headline Thinking Responsively: A Framework for Future Learning Paul Robert Lloyd looks at how we can build upon the responsive foundations we now have as we move into the future.   Performance update #2: Electric Boogaloo Another performance update from Vox that shows some of the improvements they've been making over time to their sites. The graph looks very familiar. . . a lovely bit of grafana from sitespeed. io if I'm not mistaken.   Sponsor Introducing Responsive Design in Adobe Dreamweaver CC The 2015 release of Dreamweaver CC includes Bootstrap integration, to easily build responsive websites that can adapt to any sized browser. Visual media queries make it painless to define breakpoints, and the new Device Preview feature lets you preview and inspect your responsive websites on actual devices. Learn more and get your free trial now!   Sponsor RWD Weekly and reach more than 26,751 responsive champions   Articles How We Designed the New Salesforce At Scale This week I've included a link to the Lightning Experience Framework from Salesforce, but this article goes into the process of how they came up with the framework  Whatever works for you In a recent panel podcast from the shoptalk show podcast they talked about the death of CSS. . . . and how that's stupid (citation needed).   Responsive Web Design: Where Do We Go From Here? If you miss the responsive day out closing keynote then I've got some good news. Aaron Gustafson has written it out in shorter form in this article that provides you with some actionable next steps now that you're done with your responsive redesign.   Content blockers, bad ads, and what we're doing about it A great article looking at how to deal with ads and performance, but also looking at what the new adblocking iOS 9 means for mobile consumed sites.   Web performance: Cache efficiency exercise  Facebook dig up a study done by Yahoo 8 years ago to find how useful browser cache can be for a site that releases new code twice a day (that statement alone, twice a day code releases, is amazing to me)  Building the dConstruct 2015 site  I really like this years dConstruct website, and a little known fact is that it even renders nicely on a Lynx browser.   The state of responsive images in 2015 This is a great roundup on responsive images. It covers all the stuff that Jason does in his 10 part series just not in as much detail.   The future of layout with CSS: Grid Layouts A few weeks ago I invited you to comment on the CSS Grid Layout specification put forward. If you haven't read it, or find the specs difficult to read, then check out this article.   Responsive Upscaling: Large-Screen E-Commerce Design It's true, I think sometimes we have a lot of free space on larger viewports. This article looks at opportunities we have to ensure those spaces are being used. . . but in a way that will enhance the UX.   Tutorials & Resources   Responsive Images, Part 10: Conclusion Jason Grigsby wraps up this mammoth review of responsive images from the definitions to breakpoints. In the final edition Jason looks at compatibility, picturefill and automating your image processing.   Getting Responsive Tables to Behave A look at how to control your data tables in a multi-viewport world.   Lightning Design System With the Design System you can build custom applications with a look and feel that is consistent with Salesforce core features  Bootstrap Themes These themes are professionally designed and supported and come from the team that build and maintain the framework itself. I've not purchase any so I can't comment on their ease, but they look pretty sweet.   Podcasts ‘Extreme tool anxiety’ with Brad Frost and Stephen Hay Two of my favourite web folks, Brad and Stephen, join Andy Clarke and look at the plethora of tools that are on offer for web designers and developers. If you're not fussed on tea/coffee cups then fast forward to 33 minutes.   RWD Podcast Episode 41 : Peter-Paul Koch This week I'm joined by Peter-Paul Koch of quirksmode. org fame. We talk about a conference PPK is co-organising, the state of the mobile device browsers, and perhaps decide that the web needs to creep along rather than streak ahead of come to a standstill. I thoroughly enjoyed this chat and I'm sure you will too.
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