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Internet stvari broj 58




IBM Disrupts the Tour De France with IoT I did a podcast a few weeks ago on Quarks and the promise that it brings. I've been doing some fun stuff with it in my lab and find it to be extremely powerful. This is a neat article on how they are digging through and trying to understand massive datasets in a real-time system such as the Tour De France. readwrite. com   Intel confirms 12,000 job cuts and restructuring Orange Business Services partners with Konetik to drive forward the new wave of fleet management Intel to axe 12,000 jobs as PC market slump continues Connected Cars Europe 2016 The 7th Annual Internet of Things Europe Summit Ultra-compact 3G/2G cellular module now available from Alpha Micro SAS bets on cloud and machine learning with new Viya analytics architecture This convenient little battery pack charges your Apple Watch and your iPhone ‘Shock Clock’ is the wearable that’s sure to get your lazy ass out of bed Conceptor Soul time tracker shows how much time you’re spending with friends Intel is cutting 11% of its workforce—and finally getting real about the PC business Florian Michahelles: Call for Papers: IoT2016 – 6th International Conference on the Internet of Things Full Paper Deadline: June 1, 2016 Forbes: How Companies Are Making The Internet Of Things Easier To Adopt Gary Picariello: Unexpected ways the Internet of Things is changing the world Intel axes 12,000 jobs as it looks to break away from PCs Smart IoT Tags Coming to 10 Billion Clothing Items in Next 3 Years Intel axes 12,000 jobs as it seeks to break away from PCs Intel cuts 12,000 jobs as it bets on IoT, data center over PCs Why Smart Homes Will Be A Million Times Better Than ‘The Jetsons’ Prediction: More than 97 million health wearables will ship in 2021 Why HealthTech Will Be the Most Profitable Industry in 2016 Good article on how technology and heath care are becoming so intertwined that IoT and so called, "MedTech" solutions are where people will be spending a lot of time and money. The article notes a technology accelerator by Cedars-Sinai as one example.

Internet stvari broj 59




BPI Network:Global Study To Explore Business Value Of The Industrial Internet Of Things Andrew Meola: These are the most talked about issues with the Internet of Things Rasmus Blom: Where to start with the Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud-scale DevOps powered by new Red Hat Cloud Suite and OpenStack Platform 8 Berg forecasts 2. 8m pets to be equipped with trackers in Europe and North America by 2021 How to get companies the data they need Hands on: TomTom Golfer 2 Skull Echoes Are The New Passwords Catwalks Of The Future, Part 1 – Adopt, Adapt, Improve Master Mobile Moments In The IoT World The Coolest Shit Acer Announced Today Includes a Liquid-Cooled Laptop Qualia Networks gift helps students create smart devices Acer’s Leap Fit always watches your heart rate, but not at the expense of battery life ARM’s plumbers GSA Forum: IoT an aspiration more than a business Dell teams with Microsoft and others to launch IoT Partner Solutions Program GSA Forum: IoT an aspiration more than a business. Why 3D printing is to manufacturing as computers were to the workplace: A conversation with Bob McCutcheon Asia IoT Business Platform brings together consumers, platform providers, policy makers and those actually putting all the pieces together in the market place. It is defining the future landscape of IoT.

Internet stvari broj 60




Why the Internet of Things isn’t about things at all Just what is the Internet of Things? The generally accepted definition is a digital ecosystem wherein everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. The ‘things’ in this case are just about anything that can be fitted with a chip and connected to the internet – cars, wearables, appliances, machines and many more. The culmination of all this is a world where your devices all talk to each other. Your fridge sends a reminder to your watch to buy milk when it detects you’re about to run out. Meanwhile, your car is busy telling your thermostat [. . . ]   For the remotest IoT gear, cellular and satellite are coming together Nokia to splash out $191 million on health and wearables firm Withings Socionext jv stabilises moving video platforms Nokia’s About to Go Crazy With Digital Health Hardware Global IoT security spending to top $348m in 2016 Digitalisation a top CEO priority Nokia buys France’s Withings for €170M to ramp up in health tech and IoT Top 5 Fitness Apparel Companies Investing In Wearable Tech Nokia will buy Withings for $191 million Driving virtual interactions with new science park hub admin: As the Internet of things (IoT) proliferates, the key to success is in the data Socionext jv stabilises moving video platforms The value of a standardised eUICC for M2M deployments Mobile payments and fraud survey finds merchants expanding mobile payments fast but still naïve about fraud Eurotech wins US$1. 4m secure communication contract in the United States with King County Metro Sales of the Apple Watch have doubled sales of the original iPhone IoT Security Will Reach $840 Million By 2020, Garter Finds Sign Language To Speech With Wearable Tech Gloves Is The Digital Revolution Changing The Fashion Industry? Microsoft Readies Azure IoT Device Management, Gateway SDK Betas

Internet stvari broj 8 od 28.08.2015




IoT 8 Building up from a successful 2014 Event, Meet IoT is a major event where to see IoT innovations, interact with IoT leaders and learn specific technologies. Worried about executing an IoT strategy? Top 10 things manufacturers must consider The HTC Vive’s launch date has shifted to 2016, putting it up against Oculus and Sony Here's what Motorola's next smartwatches will look like Intel bets on drone development with $60m investment in Yuneec Apple debuts in wearables at number 2 Cellular M2M modules to reach $2. 2bn in 2019: Wireless terminals growing even faster, says new Beecham report Tencent's kids smartwatch is both cute and connected Research Says Basic Activity Trackers Are Dead Microscopic 3D-Printed Robots Remove Blood Toxins Here's why Intel can't stop investing in drone companies (INTC) Apple becomes the second-biggest wearables maker, behind Fitbit Like it or not, Apple Watch is selling like hotcakes Demand for wearable devices slowed substantially in first half of 2015 This could be Apple's biggest iPhone event yet Apple sold 3. 6M smartwatches in Q2 HP announces mt42 -- an AMD-powered Windows 10 IoT Enterprise mobile thin client NFC: Where’s it come from and where’s it going? IoT And The Rise Of Subscription Marketing Internet connectivity is driving the biggest in-car business opportunity in years

Internet stvari broj 9 od 01.09.2015




IoT 9   Sony’s Wena Wrist is a dumb watch with a high-tech band Who will win the battle for supremacy in the connected car market? M2M cloud-based platform will expand the cellular M2M connections and services market in the US through 2019 Samsung Gear S2 is a beautifully circular Tizen-powered smartwatch Solar cell innovation may revolutionize mobile and IoT device charging Samsung Announces The Gear S2 Smartwatch The New Gear S2 Doesn't Sound Like an Apple Watch Killer There are three Samsung Gear S2 watches, and one has 3G OrbMi is reinventing the answering machine Augmented reality is the future of design Android Wear For iPhone Is Official Report: Apple Watch global shipments hit 3. 6M, behind Fitbit’s 4. 4M Android Wear smartwatches now work on iOS Wearable Tech News: Google Android Wear Now Works With iPhone LG brings luxury to Android Wear with the Watch Urbane Luxe Redpine Signals Launches WyzBee® ─ World’s First Comprehensive IoT Platform for Device Makers Pioneering Wireless ?SmartHub? aims to become the must-have router for smart homes of the future Australian Utility Week Are consumers starting to lose interest in wearables? Apple Watch: Create your own default replies for Messages

Internet stvari Why the IoT Should Be All about the ROI




Christmas gifts and IoT: the best IoT products for an early adopter Cybersecurity in a Hyper-Connected Smart City business2community. com — In our days we read more stories than ever about the current size of the IoT field. The fact that we can connect any possible device on the Internet and become capable of understanding the context in real time and making decisions based on the most accurate description of the situation opens new eras where we can… Open in a new tab   Why the IoT Should Be All about the ROI This service is the best kept secret of leading marketers on Twitter Promotion — It's the best kept secret of leading Twitter marketers - GetGrowth, a platform that curates content and drives traffic to your Twitter account hands-free, powered by artifical intelligence. And it's f . . .  Open in a new tab Panel - Healthcare IoT, A Physicians View Point Health Slam™ — Exploring the current and emerging intersection points between Healthcare IoT patient wellness. Chris Sullivan – Global Healthcare Practice Lead at Zebra Technologies and Health Slam Advisory Board ChairmanModerator: Dr Robert Kelly – Director of Clinical Innovation and former Head of Cardiology at Beacon Hospital,… Open in a new tab The Internet of Health Things - New Opportunities for Patient and Healthcare Providers Health Slam™ — The Internet of Things is providing new opportunities to deliver healthcare services. These technologies can be used for remotely measuring medical conditions, monitoring patient status, and provide alerts to patients and providers. While individual pilot programs have shown promising opportunities, to optimally use… Open in a new tab Western Europe is racing towards IoT analytics - study http://www. channelnomics. eu — Western Europe will see a speedy adoption of IoT analytics capabilities according to research house Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC). Out of the 200 senior IoT and data analytics executives from large organisations… Open in a new tab Internet of Things | Booz Allen Hamilton m. boozallen. com — Connecting the physical and virtual enterprise brings exponential potential—from harnessing machine data to increase operational efficiencies to using remote sensors and augmented reality to prevent injuries and save lives. The . . .  Open in a new tab Building an Easy Button: SQL Server and Windows 10 IoT - Port 1433

Internet stvari, broj 1 od 12.8.2015




Zoin Mihailo: "Želja nam je bila da se preko stravi povežemo sa drugim ljudima. Dešava se da su se povezale stvari koje koristimo. " Watson will ‘see’ images   Fitness Wearables are taking off across the globe, but for how long?  Yash Mehta: Automotive IoT | Connected Vehicle’s Vision Towards Reality Smart home chip company GreenPeak opens office in Mumbai to serve growing demand Charlie Osborne: Internet of Things device security degrades over time Peter Jones, Tim Lyons, Sharon Rowe | DLA Piper: The Top Six Things You Need to Know About the Internet of Things: A Legal Perspective IMC reaches 10,000 members with Intel jumping onboard Review: UPDATED: Moto 360 Salesforce Launches 20 Apple Watch Apps For Doing Business On Your Wrist Mycroft is opening up artificial intelligence to everyone Salesforce showcases 5 new Apple Watch apps for business Microsoft Squeezes Windows 10 Into Internet of Things Devices BedJet V2 is a climate control system for your sheets Windows 10 IoT Core Targets Raspberry Pi Crowd Review: UPDATED: Moto 360 Airboxlab is an open source indoor air quality monitor Windows 10 IoT Core For Raspberry Pi 2 Is Now Available For Free RecycleHealth finds unused activity trackers new homes with underserved populations Updated: Google Glass 2: Everything you need to know Windows 10 IoT Core is now available on the Raspberry Pi 2

Internet stvari, broj 2 od 13.8.2015




Tvit o Internet stvarima: Zoin Mihailo: "Moj frižider mi saopštava da je prazan. Kažem mu da je moj novčanik, takođe prazan. " Field service and M2M analytics will work together to provide new revenue streams for businesses Sensor for pulse rate and blood oxygen level Yash Mehta: Will IoT technology make life any easier? oneM2M announces new leaders from IBM, Fujitsu, Samsung and LAAS-CNRS, and advances industrial, home, security specs Chinese Internet giant Tencent invests in Scottish indoor mapping technology company Sensewhere Christina Mulligan: The Online Trust Alliance aims to secure the Internet of Things Lisa Vaas: The NSA is funding a 'safer' Internet of Things Laser Tag is so last year, so play MagneTag instead Wearables smother Swiss watch business, Fossil CEO says 10 awesome gadgets for teachers 10 Internet of Things Devices Vying for Consumers' Attention  The Hyperconnectivity Enabled By The Internet of Things Android Wear's latest update confirms that interactive faces are coming Samsung Gear A may come in three models like the Apple Watch Windows 10 Is Now Available For The Raspberry Pi  M2M Summit 2015 – The International User Forum Salesforce shows off glut of new Apple Watch apps IDG Contributor Network: What to expect from 5G wireless Huawei SA embraces IoT infrastructure Internet of Things is about to hit shore? Not so fast.

Internet stvari, broj 3 od 14.8.2015




Pustinja odlično mesto za testiranje. 5G standards process begins in the desert International Tech Companies join new Georgia Tech Internet of Things research centre Best IoT devices for the connected home The submission deadline to IIKI2015 has been extended to August 31, 2015. What CEOs need to make a smart IoT business model Best Wearable Technology For Students Fitbit launches universal app for Windows 10 Four reasons to attend the Innovation Marketplace at IoT Solutions World Congress ‘T’ should be for Twitter Asus VivoWatch Review Fitbit's Windows 10 fitness app looks better than Microsoft's iPhone 6s Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know Facebook’s Parse releases SDKs for iOS, Android and Mac as open source projects Updated: Samsung just teased its round Gear S2 smartwatch Go on -- bend, punch and step on this transistor Samsung Gear S2 To Get IFA Unveiling Updated: 50 best Android apps 2015 Updated: Samsung just teased its new Gear S2 smartwatch

Internet stvari, broj 4 od 15.8.2015




PS4 ili Xbox pitanje je sad Updated: PS4 vs Xbox One: which is better? Will Google Brillo shake the smart home to its very foundations? This is what sex looks like to your fitness tracker… and yes, Reddit is being weird about it Maria Farrell: The internet of things – who wins, who loses? Ryan E. Day: Adjusting to the Internet of Things Is Industry 4. 0 safe – or will it prove to be a hacker's delight? This startup demo video is so godawful we actually can’t tell if they’re trolling us LG Nemo could be the highest-res Android Wear smartwatch yet Secure or not, IoT is everywhere. Get used to it. Hello, walking billboards -- wearable displays are coming Explained: Garmin Vivosmart vs Fitbit Charge HR Smartwatch security still not up to scratch Week in Tech: Week in Tech: Google learns the Alphabet, Samsung gets the Edge New edition of ITS in Public Transport report launched by Berg Insight Is it time to bring 3G/4G into the MPLS network? 10 next-gen tech trends you should know about The Week Staff: A brief guide to 'The Internet of Things' Mary Catherine O'Connor: IoT News Roundup Jamie Carter: Will Google Brillo shake the smart home to its very foundations? The Apple Watch is far outselling its competitors, according to millions of online shoppers Google (Alphabet?) and DexCom are working on bandage-sized glucose monitor Apple Watch has new extra-large bands for your fat wrists Did Motorola accidentally show us the new Moto 360? Running Man of Tech: These are the best Bluetooth running headphones I've ever used Motorola teases then unteases the new Moto 360

Internet stvari, broj 4 od 17.8.2015




IoT - internet stvari Updated: Moto 360 2. 0: what we want to see Vast data – new tools needed to create new realities Oil and gas industry set for M2M boom Maxim Integrated joins the Renesas R-Car Consortium Empowering businesses to realise the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) IoT expands human possibilities of tech 10 things in tech you need to know today (AMZN, AAPL) Jason Andrew: The new CIO challenge: Implementing the digital enterprise CBR roundup: The biggest tech stories of the week Australian banks don't want to share their profits with Apple Pay The Burgeoning Invisible App Market Have a beefy wrist? Apple Watch is now made for you too Apple Watch welcomes fat wrists. . . for a price

Internet stvari, broj 5 od 18.8.2015




Cloud, cloud, IoT Americans and Europeans agree security is key in a new smart home survey by Essence Minecraft wearable review: Love the game? You want the Gameband Redstone SCDigest Editorial Staff: RFID and AIDC News: Is the Internet of Things More Hype than Reality? The future of the cloud is the future of business How one CEO went from a teenage runaway living in an Indian slum to founding a billion-dollar company How to disable Apple Pay on Apple Watch if it's lost or stolen In Depth: 9 best TV apps for iOS and Android 4 technologies that could kill the password Prevent “Body Hacking” With Wearable Tech Protection Microsoft Wants To Put Windows 10 On Every Connected Gadget How IoT Will Change Your Relationship With Insurance DZone Research Guide to the Internet of Things IoT cellular networks need to scale or risk wireless takeover Polyera Wove Band Boasts Flexible Display Building on success of mHealth Summit, HIMSS introduces Connected Health Event Membrane passes sound and blocks water for portables The Apple Car rumors seem very, very credible The Internet of ‘Thingalytics’ Three Questions To Ask Every Cloud Storage Provider

IoT issue 67




Justin Grammens Welcome! This week was another particularly interesting one in the world of the Internet of Things. I read stories on product development and business, a new infographic on the IoT landscape, struggles from Nest and help in defining the ROI from the IoT. I also found an interesting article from a few weeks back on architecture decisions for Fog Computing. There's even an Open Fog Consortium that has been started that I was not aware of until recently. I hope you enjoy this issue and please follow us and tweet this issue to your followers! LinkedIn | @Twitter News   Can the Internet of Things Give You a Green Thumb? Well, it's has finally happened. A multi-billion dollar lawn care company ( Scotts ) is dipping its toes into the areas of the IoT by allowing their customers better insights into what is going on with their yard. As the video tagline says, "Welcome to the Connected Yard". readwrite. com IoT Challenges to Ponder Before Writing Checks Good article with some practical questions we all should be asking ourselves as we start looking at ROI on the Internet of Things. Without a doubt, I believe that the value is there, the challenge as the article points out, is for us to be creative on how we use this new disruptive technology. rtinsights. com   Internet of Things: Are We There Yet? A great long form article on the Internet of Things landscape in 2016. There's some great nuggets of information in here along with a great landscape info graphic. Well worth the time it takes to read it. mattturck. com Monetizing IoT: Show me the Money I was on a panel this past week at Twin-SPIN to discuss the Internet of Things. The final question from the audience was on how we might monetize the Internet of Things. This article touches on some of my responses to this question, specifically on the data side. sandhill. com   Why Airports Are Slow to Install Beacons A good story on some of the advancements and limitations of BLE and other wireless technologies as it relates to connected devices and the Internet of Things. tnooz. com Sponsor   Your Product, Connected Punch Through is a product development firm that specializes in the evolving world of connected product development. Building a smart-phone or IoT product requires knowledge of multiple systems, specifications, protocols, and operating systems. By understanding the whole system, we are able to create products that are reliable and dependable. punchthroughdesign. com Sponsor IoT Weekly News to reach a broad IoT audience! Business   Google's Nest Struggles Could Set Back the IoT Movement Well. . . I don't agree with the title of this article posted by CIO. com. However, I think it's an interesting read on how a company as big as Nest/Google can still have customers lose confidence in their products. cio. com IoT in Retail Marketing: Three Ways to Engage Customers This is a really good article highlighting various aspects of how the IoT is currently (or will be) used in Retail. rtinsights. com   The Woman Who Co-Founded Zipcar Is Now Building "An Internet of Moving Things" At the end of the day, many of the aspects of the IoT is about asset tracking. This article touches on how this relates the lessons the founder of Zipcar learned and is applying to the Internet of Things. fortune. com   Three Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Retail Nice quick read on how the Internet of Things will have an impact on the way not only retails organizations will run their business, but how we as consumers might interface with the retailer once this new technology is added into the mix. sdcexec. com Healthcare   Henry Ford Health Makes Bold IT Restructuring to Secure IoT and Medical Devices I really likes this article as it sets up the interplay that I've been seeing in past years and we will continue to see regarding the balance between IT and the Internet of Things. IT in many ways is scared by the IoT as it's often seen as something that is threatening and what they are not used to. This article talks about restructuring to mitigate some of that. healthcareitnews. com Design Fog Computing: A New IoT Architecture? It's been interesting to see this Fog Computing term being floated by Cisco for the past few years. It seems to be sticking as there is now an OpenFog Consortium. Whatever you call it, there are some interesting architecture decisions that need to be made near the edge. rtinsights. com

Istorijat razvoja računarskih sistema




  Pre otkrića mikroprocesora tokom ranih 70-tih, računari su bili veliki, skupi sistemi koje su posedovale velike korporacije, univerziteti, vladine agencije i institucije sličnih veličina i značaja. Krajnji korisnici nisu direktno stupali u interakciju sa mašinama, već su umesto toga pripremali zadatke za računare ne oflajn opremi, kao što su bušene kartice. Određeni broj zadataka je sakupljan za računar, a zatim je procesiran i izvršavan u grupnom režimu rada. Nakon što bi posao bio završen, korisnici su mogli da sakupe rezultat. U nekim slučajevima prošli bi sati ili čak dani od trenutka slanja posla na obradu pa do izbacivanja rezultata. Interaktivnija forma računara se komercijalno razvila sredinom 1960-tih. U vremenski deljenom sistemu, više računarskih terminala su omogućavali većem broju ljudi da dele upotrebu jednog mejnfrejm računarskog procesora. Ovo je bila standardna upotreba u poslovnim aplikacijama, nauci i inžinjeringu. Neki od prvih računara koji bi se mogli nazvati "personalnim" bili su rani miniračunari kao što je LINC i PDP-8, a kasnije VAX i veći miniračunari od Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Data General, Prime Computer i drugih. Po današnjim standardima, oni su bili veliki (otprilike veličine frižidera) i koštali su na desetine hiljada američkih dolara, tako da su ih retko kupovali pojedinci. Međutim, miniračunari su bili prilično interaktivni i uskoro su imali sopstvene operativne sisteme. Miniračunar Xerox Alto (1973) je bio kamen temeljac u razvoju personalnih računara zbog svog grafičkog korisničkog interfejsa, bitmapiranog visokorezolucijskog ekrana, velikog internog i eksternog skladišta, miša i specijalnog softvera. Era miniračunara je bila prelazni korak od mejnfrejm računara do upotrebe personalnog računara. Miniračunari, preci modernih personalnih računara su koristili ranu tehnologiju integrisanih strujnih kola (mikročip), što je omogućilo redukovanje veličine i cene, ali nisu posedovali mikroprocesore. To je značilo da su oni i dalje bili veliki i teški za proizvodnju, baš kao i njihovi mejnfrejm preci. Razvoj mikroprocesora sa jednim čipom je bio ogroman katalizator za popularizaciju jeftinih, lakih za upotrebu, pravih personalnih računara. Altair 8800, predstavljen u Popular Electronics časopisu januara 1975. godine je za to vreme postavio nove standarde za nisku cenu računara, omogućujući probranim kupcima tokom 70-tih godina da postanu njegovi vlasnici. To je bilo praćeno sa IMSAI 8800 računarom, koji je imao slične mogućnosti i ograničenja. Altair i IMSAI su u suštini bili smanjeni miniračunari i bili su nekompletni: povezivanje tastature ili ekrana na njih zahtevalo je teške i skupe "periferije". 1976 godine Kooro Manufacturing & Electronics Cooperative u Skoplju, Makedonija proizveo je u ograničenoj količini mašinu koja je imala sve u jednom (integrisana tastatura, monohromatski monitor, 8-inčni flopi disk drajv i 16 kilobajta RAM-a) za potrebe vladinih službenika. Bio je sličan po izgledu modelu računara TRS-80 Model III koji je koristio sopstveni operativni sistem. MOS 6500 serija mikroprocesora je dovela do redukcije u troškovima kreiranja računarskih sistema. Commodore PET, TRS 80 i Apple II, takođe poznat kao 1977 Trinity od strane časopisa Byte, obično se navode kao prvi personalni računari. Pogotovo Commodore PET, koji Byte naziva prvim. Dizajn Commodore PET-a, mašine integrisane u jednu celinu koja je imala monitor, tastasturu i uređaj za podatke, najviše je inspirisala razvoj Macintosh računara od strane Applea. 12. avgusta 1981. godine pojavio se IBM PC, koji je revolucionalizovao tržište računara. Lotus 1-2-3, kombinovani program za rad sa tabelama (inspirao ga je VisiCalc), prezentacione grafike i jednostavni program za rad sa bazama podataka su postali PC-jeve pobedničke aplikacije. Dobri procesori reči su se takođe ubrzo pojavili, posebno predstavljanjem Microsoft Worda za Apple Macintosh 1985. godine (dok su ranije verzije Worda bile kreirane za PC, on je inicijalno postao popularan preko Macintosha). 3. januara 1983. godine personalni računar je proglašen za "Ličnost 1982. godine" od strane časopisa Time. Tokom 1990-tih, moć personalnih računara je radikalno porasla, zamućujući do tada jasne granice između personalnioh računara i višekorisničkih računara, kao što su mejnfrejm računari. Današnji vrhunskli računari se razlikuju od personalnih računara po većoj pouzdanosti i većoj sposobnosti za multitasking, a ne po sirovoj procesorskoj snazi. U današnjoj svakodnevnoj upotrebi, personalni računari i PC obično označavaju mašinu koja je IBM PC kompatibilna. Zbog ove asocijacije, neki proizvođači personalnih računara koji nisu IBM PC izbegavaju upotrebu ovog termina za opisivanje svojih proizvoda. Zahvaljujući mrežama, Internetu i sličnim faktorima kao što je upravljanje digitalnim pravima, moderni personalni računari nisu više ekskluzivni alati svojih korisnika. Podrška za desktop računare u poslovnom svetu sada zahteva isto toliko birokratije i profesionalnog treninga kao što je zahtevalo i upravljanje vremenski deljenom mašinom, sa dodatnom manom mnogo slabije bezbednosti i velikog broja korisnika koji znaju dovoljno da lako upadnu u probleme, ali ne znaju dovoljno da se iz njih izvuku.

Istraživači su ubacili sistem za praćenje moždane aktivnosti u kapu za bejzbol




Tim istraživača koji istražuju način da neprestano nadgledaju dinamiku mozga i kretanje impulsa u njemu bez da moraju da primenjuju specijalne gelove i elektrode na obrijanoj glavi pacijenta, razvio je specijalnu bejzbol kapu za tu namenu. Kapa sadrži pet ugrađenih suvih elektroda koje dodiruju glavu nosioca, dok jedna jedina elektroda iza levog uha, prima EEG signale. Odatle, signali se bežično šalju i mogu da se obrađuju u realnom vremenu kako bi se, na primer, utvrdila pospanost vozača. Gurui koji stoje iza ovog projekta polažu velike nade u budućnost ovog proizvoda, i već planiraju da ga koriste u raznim medicinskim scenarijima, kao i za kontrolisanje kućnih elektronskih aparata.

iTunes 5




Usred svih fanfara koje su objavile pojavu iTunes telefona i iPod Nano, Apple je takođe predstavio izmenu softvera koji povezuje uređaje sa PC i Mac. Postoji nekoliko razloga zašto je potrebno obratiti pažnju na iTunes 5. Nekoliko izmena utiču i na Mac i na PC korisnike. Evo nekih od njih: - Dodak karakteristike koju Apple naziva “Smart Shuffle”. Popularana osobina iTunes je mogućnost pravljenja tzv. izmešane (shuffle) playliste. To znači da korisnik pravi svoj skup melodija. Zatim, iTunes vrši slučajno raspoređivanje, tako da se pesme reprodukuju bez obzira na album sa koga su snimljene ili na njihov redosled na albumima. - Izgled iTunesa je izmenjen i sada je mnogo bolji. - Ima bolje mogućnosti pretraživanja. U jednom neobičnom zaokretu kompanije Apple, koja je sve svoje proizvode, sasvim razumljivo, prilagođavala Macintosh korisnicima, izmene iTunesa mnogo više odgovaraju PC korisnicima. Na primer, izuzetna osobina iTunesa je bila mogućnost učitavanja kalendara i adresara na iPod. Na žalost, Macintosh korisnicima je to nedostupno, ali Windows korisnici mogu da sinhronizuju adresare iz Outlook Express sa iPod.

Izašao je Adobe Digital Editions eBook




Čitanje elektronskih knjiga na vašem računaru može da bude prava mala vežba u strpljenju i toleranciji. Računarski ekrani nisu dizajnirani za prikaz teksta na isti način na koji to radi knjiga, i teško je naći ijedan program koji je sposoban da izađe na kraj sa svim eBook formatima koji se koriste (PDF, HTML, TXT, PRC, LIT, RB i lista se nastavlja). Iako Adobe-ov novi Digital Editions eBook čitač ne rešava pomenuti problem, on predstavlja elegantno novo rešenje za čitanje PDF, Flash i XML fajlova. Mnogo manje opterećuje od Adobe Reader-a i dizajniran je specifično za čitanje knjiga. Možete da pravite bookmarkove i tekstualne beleške, kao i da menjate veličinu fonta sa lakoćom. Takođe postoji veliki broj načina za okretanje stranica (pomoću tastera strelica na tastaturi, točkića za skrolovanje na mišu, ili linije za skrolovanje sa strane stranice). Digital Editions je trenutno dostupan za Mac i PC, sa Linux beta beta verzijom koja će se pojaviti kasnije ove godine. Bilo bi lepo kada bi Adobe izbacio i mobilnu verziju za Windows Mobile i Palm uređaje. Iako postoji Adobe Reader za Windows Mobile on je veoma spor i nezgrapan. Adresa: http://www. adobe. com/products/digitaleditions/

Izašli su Tessera-ini OptiML Zoom objektivi




Naravno, oni bez trunke srama mogu da kupe LV 2008 sa zum objektivom koji može da se namontira, ali oni među nama kojima je ostalo barem malo ponosa će sačekati nešto bolje. Predstavljamo vam Tessera Technologies, koja je danas objavila lansiranje svojeg OptiML Zoom rešenja koje je dostupno za licenciranje. Data inovacija nam donosi jedinstveni dizajn objektiva i specijalizovane algoritme koji će zameniti "tradicionalne mogućnosti mehaničkog zumiranja u kompaktni modu fotoaparata u kojem nema nijednog dela koji se pomera. Reklamirana kao prvo industrijsko rešenje za nemehaničko zumiranje, ova tehnologija obećava da neće degradirati kvalitet fotografija na način na koji to radi digitalni zum. Međutim, iako sam siguran da oni jedva čekaju da vide svoju tehnologiju ugrađenu u mobilne telefone, tek treba da vidimo da li će se za ovu tehnologiju zainteresovati neko od velikih igrača.

Jedan kinez je napravio najveći mobilni telefon na svetu




Zaboravite trku za najmanji mobilni telefon na svetu - hajde da napravimo najveći mobilni telefon na svetu! Jedan kinez je razmišljao upravo na ovaj način pa je konstruisao potpuno funkcionalan mobilni telefon koji je 620 puta veći od mobilnog telefona koji mu je poslužio kao inspiracija. Konačni rezultat je težak čak 48 funti, visok je 3 feet-a i ne poseduje nikakve napredne funkcije osim onih najelementarnijih. Na žalost, ovaj mobilni telefon iz kućne radinosti zahteva AC izlaz da bi radio, a posebno se pazite vibriranja ovog mališe kada prima poziv, da vam krov ne bi pao na glavu. Sa druge strane, sigurni smo da zvučnici mogu bez problema da ozvuče jedan omanji kafić.

Jeftin 65-nanometarski procesor AMD 64 X2 3600+




Uprkos nekim glasinama koje se tiču proizvodne sposobnosti AMD-a u oblasti procesora, izgleda da je ova kompanija, čije se sedište nalazi u Sunnyvale-u, država California, na dobrom putu da uskoro počne sa masovnom proizvodnjom 65-nanometarskih CPU, među kojima će prvi biti model sa oznakom Athlon 64 X2 3600+, zasnovan na Brisbane jezgru, oko kojeg se u javnosti nije podigla naročita prašina. Ovaj procesor nije čak uvršten ni u AMD-ov zvaničan cenovnik proizvoda. Pa ipak, online prodavnica Newegg svojim kupcima već nudi OEM verziju ovog procesora, čiji osnovni takt iznosi 1. 9GHz (sa množačem na 9. 5x) i ima 2x512KB sekundarne (L2) keš memorije. Preko Newegg-a se ovaj procesor može nabaviti za svega 115 dolara, pa moram da priznam da se radi o zaista izuzetnoj ponudi. Možda ćete pomisliti da ovako niska cena garantovano u sebi sadrži neku zamku. Vaša skeptičnost će se pokazati opravdanom već kada malo pažljivije pročitate ponudu ovog poznatog online prodavca. Naime, u opširnijem tekstu ponude je navedeno da se ovaj procesor može kupiti isključivo u kompletu sa matičnom pločom, pri čemu cena čitavog kompleta iznosi 168. 99 dolara. To ne bi bilo naročito strašno, da se ne radi o Biostar-ovoj matičnoj ploči TForce 550 (zasnovanoj na nForce 550 čipsetu firme Nvidia), koja spada u kategoriju jeftinih matičnih ploča namenjenih početnicima, sa svega par dobrih karakteristika i prilično skromnim performansama. Prvobitno su u AMD-u planirali da model Athlon 64 X2 3600+ izbace na tržište u drugoj polovini 2006. godine. Proizveden po AMD-ovom 90-nanometarskom SOI procesu, on je trebalo da radi na osnovnom taktu od 2. 0GHz. Umesto smanjenja brzine takta, u AMD-u su se opredelili za povećanje kapaciteta L2 keša – prema početnim planovima, X2 3600+ je trebalo da ima svega 256KB L2 keša po jezgru. Niska cena garantuje da X2 3600+ neće imati neku ozbiljniju konkurenciju na tržištu, s obzirom da se cena najjeftinijih Intel-ovih Core 2 procesora u ovom trenutku kreće znatno iznad granice od 150 dolara. Jedinu pretnju bi, eventualno, mogao predstavljati Intel-ov Pentium D 915, koji se u Newegg-u danas prodaje po potpuno identičnoj ceni kao i ovaj AMD-ov niskobudžetni dual-core procesor. Imajući u vidu da je X2 3600+ matični (native) 65-nanometarski model, biće veoma interesantno posmatrati kako će on uspeti da se izbori sa ostatkom AMD-ovih procesora iz 90-nanometarske proizvodne linije.
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