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GraphQL i React Full-Stack veb razvoj

GraphQL i React Full-Stack veb razvoj

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Naučite Bootstrap 4, drugo izdanje

Naučite Bootstrap 4, drugo izdanje

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Modernizr 3 released

There's a WHOLE bunch of updates in the latest release of modernizr. For those that are unaware Modernizr tells you what HTML, CSS and JavaScript features the user’s browser has to offer which then allows you to improve the experience.


This is a review of Fontshop by the team that built it. The website is essentially a commerce site and requires users to see the benefits of paying for wonderful fonts.

The anatomy of responsive images

If you need something technical explained in a way that is super easy to understand then Jake Archibald is often the person to go to. The impressive thing for me is that he has used SVG to paint what you would usually assume to be an image with arrows. Nicely done Jake, nicely done.

The future of the web on mobile

An excellent presentation from Paul Kinlan. I'm going to try reproduce the Entropic Web talk in a similar way

iOS 9, Safari and the Web: 3D Touch, new Responsive Web Design, Native integration and HTML5 APIs

This is in there for any of you that are keen to keep your breakpoints up with the latest device releases. (Psssst, you don't need device specific breakpoints)

Scroll Snapping with CSS Snap Points

Scroll snapping allows content areas to 'snap' into place when scrolling via mouse or swiping. Only available in webkit nightlies at the moment.

Forget about the mobile internet

I think what Benedict means when he says desktop is a cut down version (citation needed) is that mobile is the new and more advanced way to access the web... and is done more often than on desktop. Therefore if you are going to offer a cut down a version it may as well be the lesser used device. Arguably it has fewer features as well. It lacks a decent GPS, no accelerometer and the input methods are fewer than those of the latest and greatest mobile devices. 

Dealing with long words in CSS

One of the hardest things to accomplish with RWD is a consistent design that works across various breakpoints AND languages. These tricks will help you build a more robust layout that works regardless of how long the word might be.

SVG Animation with GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP)

If you're looking at responsive animations then you're going to want to be using SVG right! Well this kick-butt tutorial takes you through how to implement just that.

Style Guide Driven Development: A How To Guide To Improve your Development Workflow

I love the idea of style guides for front end.


Displaying content through a tabbed interface can be a good way of providing informative information in limited screen real estate. I recommend checking out the code to see how this works.


This is built on PostCSS and provides a few tools that can be quite helpful.


More and more these days you're hearing "not mobile first, offline first". This script will help you provide an offline page to your users using Service Workers.


While we're showing how to use service workers to provide offline content for your users I thought it would be good to notify them when they do drop off too.


I featured this back in 2014 but they have just refactored the architecture using Sass Mixins rather than extends.

HTML Color Codes

Modernizr: the feature detection library for HTML5/CSS3

Is modernizr a default requirement? Absolutely NOT. You only need modernizr if you're going to be testing for the presence or absence of browser features to enhance the users experience. This runs in the before your content, so it's a blocker, and if you consider that the modernizr site itself doesn't use it you should take that as a baseline when including it yourself.

Moriston – The Lost Type Co-op 

This is a great website highlighting the amazingness of a font.... which you can use for free (although I do encourage you to pay what you can). It uses editable areas to allow you to try the font in anyway you decide.

UX Designer (HTML/CSS) Working at

If you want to work for one of the coolest companies getting around and be relocated to the amazing Amsterdam then consider applying for this job.



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