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CSS 3 - Profesionalne tehnike za dizajn savremenih web stranica - II izdanje

CSS 3 - Profesionalne tehnike za dizajn savremenih web stranica - II izdanje

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Vue.js 3 kuvar

Vue.js 3 kuvar

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Why you shouldn’t ignore the bigger breakpoints in responsive web design

Some interesting ways you can arrange your design on HUGE screens and take advantage of all the screen space available.

An Open Letter to Ethan Marcotte, from the Midwest Web Community

Some important lessons in RWD in this open letter to its father.

Firefox is now on iOS

Now that Firefox has been allowed on the iOS platform the desktop users can now have a consistent experience across all their devices. As with Chrome though, Firefox will have to use the Apple WebKit rendering engine. Come on Apple.

The Difference Between Responsive and Adaptive Design

This is really good visual (check out the gif) explanation about the difference between responsive and adaptive. While the author doesn't commit to which is better you can probably guess which way I'm leaning (hint: it's not adaptive).

Flexbox For Interfaces All The Way: Tracks Case Study 

At a wedding a few months ago I caught up with an old friend who told me they built their SaaS CRM web app using Flexbox, and then after all the celebrations I promptly forgot to feature it. Luckily Smashing Magazine has covered the excellent work.

How Our CSS Framework Helps Enforce accessibility

Brilliant article on how to weed out bad accessibility that you would normally be blind to (pun intended)

Tool & Tutorials

Big Rig

Big Rig exists to try and give you extended information on what your page was doing during critical RAIL actions, in particular Loading, Responding and Animating.

Using Web Fonts The Best Way (in 2015)

Anselm looks at some outside issues he's come across when working with Web Fonts and how he's tackling the issues.

Animated Menu Icon

This week we've talked about SVG and how to include, now check out how you can animate it to bring a bit of POP to your responsive designs (don't you love it when clients as for more "POP").

My first Service Worker

really good overview on how Jeremy added service worker support to his blog... progressively enhanced of course. If you're keen to try it out remember that you have to be running https first (although look into Cloudflare and their free SSL support if you can't set it up yourself).

Making a Simple Site Work Offline with ServiceWorker

Same destination as Jeremy's tutorial, but this is a different journey. You might just learn something new through this approach.

Add vector images to a webpage

This tutorial looks at a variety of ways in which you can add SVG into your site, from simply using the tag, inline, within an Object or an Iframe and looks at the pros and cons of all the options.

An Introduction to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

For those of you that missed earlier reviews of the AMP rollout this goes into some reasonable detail with a pro opinion of the approach.


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