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MySQL radionica: Praktičan vodič za rad sa podacima i bazama podataka

MySQL radionica: Praktičan vodič za rad sa podacima i bazama podataka

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Android 9, Kotlin i Android Studio 3.2 u jednoj knjizi

Android 9, Kotlin i Android Studio 3.2 u jednoj knjizi

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Foundation 6 Is Here!

It's happened! After our early preview screencast a lot of folks were asking just when Foundation 6 was due for official launch and now it's here with a 50% code reduction on Foundation 5. There's so much more, and you can see a tour of it on this screencast.

A Book Apart, Going Responsive

Karen McGrane shows you why going responsive is just good business sense—and how to set up your project (from concept to launch) for total success. Plus if you buy this with Ethan's new release RWD Patterns & Principles you get 15% off.


Progressive Web App: A New Way to Experience Mobile

This is responsive web app that is saying it can compete with the high-performance usually reserved for native apps (including push notifications). Do you know of another web app doing something similar?

Basic Patterns for Mobile Navigation

The pro's and con's for hamburger vs tabbed navigation

Save “Save For Web”

Mr Zeldman's thoughts on the change in UI for Adobe Photoshop for the save for web. This isn't new, but I certainly share the frustration.

Responsive Design: Patterns and Principles

Ethan introduces his new book to the world on responsive patterns and principles.

Patronizing Passwords

Not at all on responsive design, but I share this frustration so much that I wanted to bring it to your attention in the hope that you are responsible for designing and password solution in the future and I don't want it to suck.

Tips for Creating and Exporting Better SVGs for the Web

Just like the days of knowing how to correctly export a Gif, JPG or PNG we need to be aware of the options that are available when exporting SVG.

The Cost of Frameworks

Not the cost of frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap, but on Javascript Frameworks like Polymer, Angular and React.

Get AMP’d: Here’s what publishers need to know about Google’s new plan to speed up your website

This is quite a long article that looks at social reactions to each of the AMP different features.

WPO Stats

Do you need help selling performance internally or to your clients? 95% of people know that stats help you sell 99% of the time. Although those stats were made up, these ones on this site are not and are curated by Tammey Everts and Tim Kadlec.


Google has re-launched Google Plus and made HUGE savings on page performance dropping the page weight from 22,600kb to just 327kb (including images).

Tool & Tutorials


Cache-limiting in Service Workers

Jeremy adds to his post last week about Service Workers by allowing his site to catch the last 30 pages visited and the past 20 images. Code and downloads available.

Mobile-Friendly Multi-Level Menu

This week we had a discussion at work about where the secondary navigation should be on smaller screens when you hide the menu behind a hamburger. Should it be stacked after the content, should it be sub-menu options of the main nav? Both? What ever your approach this is certainly a fancy way to show it.

Flexbox’s Best-Kept Secret

Auto margins aren’t new at all to CSS of course, but when paired with Flexbox something magical happens

Optimizing wp_options for Speed

Time to First Byte is something that front end can't (really) affect when it comes to performance, but if you're working with wordpress then this article might help you (or your backend dev) shorten that time down a little. Every little bit helps (see WPO post above).

Modern Progressive Enhancement

Jake Archibald is one of my favourite presenters and in this talk he covers off what it means to build a site progressively... and also tackles what is a web app and what is a web site.

Owning your performance: RAIL

Paul Irish talks through Chromes new features for identifying what is stopping your first meaningful paint by looking at the screenshots tied in with the assets loading in the network tab.

DevTools in 2015: Authoring to the max (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)

 Dev Tools in Chrome have just gone all mobile first responsive in this very cool video. You should also check out the Paul Irish one below as well



This tool does a lot of things, but for me the most important thing I've been missing is to tell me all the media queries inside of a CSS sheet. Actually, this just tells the breakpoint width, not the query... doesn't anyone know of something that tells you the full query but doesn't repeat them (as a Sass based CSS file would most likely be littered with lots of media queries)


A new library of UI widgets to help you build the best instant-search experience with Algolia’s hosted search API.


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