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GO od početnika do profesionalca

GO od početnika do profesionalca

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Angular kuvar

Angular kuvar

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Mobile pages that are 1 second faster experience up to 27% increase in conversion

If you're last pass at a clients website was making it responsive then these figures/statistics will give you a good reason to make another pass and focus on the performance.


Mobile-friendly web pages using app banners

As of November if you're mobile or responsive site is hiding content with a "download the app" message Google will remove the "Mobile friendly" tag from off you. Good work!


Is adaptive better than responsive design?

Nothing much really new covered in this article, however I was lucky to see a presentation this week about going adaptive over responsive. "Why was that?" you might ask... well it was because there was a large legacy system that powered it that would not be practical to go with an RWD site.... Good reason.


You’re welcome: cutting the mustard then and now

The origins of the mustard cut.


Pros & Cons of Responsive Landing Pages For SEM

A pretty fair comparison for RWD vs Mobile specific site looking specifically at driving traffic to landing pages.


Responsive Image Workflow

By leveraging the tools made available by the ‘picture’ specification, we now have a standardized responsive image solution that we can put into practice today.


Preload Hints For Web Fonts

Bram explains why preload is so important for web fonts. By being able to include the preload link in the head it will mean browsers can start downloading fonts immediately instead of waiting for the CSS.


The feature phone era of TVs ends next week


Tutorials & Framework

Prefetching, preloading, prebrowsing

Pre-fetching is a way of hinting to the browser about resources that are definitely going to or might be used in the future, some hints apply to the current page, others to possible future pages.


DIY Priority+ Navigation

I love this little priority navigation approach.


Modern CSS Layout, power and responsibility

With the Grid spec out for comment now it's best to get an expert, like Rachel Andrew, to talk you through the idea behind Grid.


How We Designed And Built Our First Apple Watch App

A really great and super detailed article about designing across many screens. It is more app focussed, but the approach and lessons can be extended across to building for the web (as I'm sure the watch will get a browser soon enough).



Fabric is a responsive, mobile-first, front-end framework, designed to make it quick and simple for you to create web experiences using the Office Design Language.


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