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Raspberry Pi kuvar za Python programere

Raspberry Pi kuvar za Python programere

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Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb

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Raspberry PI Issue 204 - Energy

Raspberry PI weekly 204 - Energy

Hi everyone!

This week, we're delighted for Femi Owolade-Coombes, the eleven-year-old organiser of the inclusive South London Raspberry Jam, who has won a Diana Award for his work sharing his passion for computing with other young people. Femi is fundraising for his next project, to run robotics and physical computing workshops for 100 young people in Bangladesh.

Reuben Paul, also eleven, demonstrated the dangers of insecure IoT devices by using Bluetooth phones belonging to experts at a cybersecurity conference to hack a teddy bear.

Adults did good stuff with Raspberry Pi too, but it didn't make the news in quite the same way. Nonetheless, our guest blog post from OpenEnergyMonitor prompted lots of quietly satisfied comments on our social channels from contented users of their open source energy monitoring tools. It's well worth a look. Their hardware, like many excellent things (cough), is made in Wales.

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Award winner's 'adventure into unknown'


Eleven-year-old Raspberry Jam organiser Femi Owolade-Coombes has won a Diana award for teaching coding and robotics to other children

We're hiring! Apply to join our team


We are looking for an experienced web developer to work in Cambridge or remotely in the UK

Weaponising a teddy bear


An eleven-year-old schooled security experts at a conference when he hacked Bob, his IoT bear



For My First Raspberry Pi Project, I Decorated My Graduation Cap with a Touchscreen Monitor


Because why wouldn't you?

3D Printed, Raspberry Pi Powered, Doctor Who Tardis


By popular demand, Chris Garrett's guide to making a TARDIS

Live stream to YouTube with your Raspberry Pi and Docker


Weekend project from Alex Ellis

Build a Kit-Cat clock with a Raspberry Pi and Google Voice


Fun build using the Google AIY Projects kit that came free with The MagPi 57

Turn a Monitor Into a Family-Shared Live Slideshow Album


Make a live-streamed photo album shared instantly with your family

Game Changer: Xbox 360 Into 3D Printer!


Up for a challenge?

Control your Raspberry Pi by using a wireless Xbox 360 controller


BOM, instructions, code and video for a useful application

Heartbeat monitor: fitness device built with Raspberry Pi


Open source software to record and plot your heartbeat

Easily build a Magic Mirror with a Raspberry Pi and standard 50x50 cm IKEA frame


Straightforward version of this build using a cheap IKEA RIBBA frame



Open source energy monitoring using Raspberry Pi

Tools for understanding the way you use energy, made in Wales

BackMap helps people who are visually impaired navigate cities and indoor areas

This backpack vibrates to let you know when to turn

List of mods for Google AIY Projects kit for Raspberry Pi

A list of documented mods to help people get the most out of the kit; submit yours!

Crash Course Computer Science with Carrie Anne Philbin

Raspberry Pi's Director of Education hosts this excellent ongoing video series

Robert, a synth for the outdoors

30kg of steel, with capacitive sensing to detect touch on its nine metal plates

Pioneers challenge: make it outdoors

We want to celebrate UK teenagers' own outdoors-related tech projects

American Canyon students assess Napa Valley's contribution to global warming

Using Raspberry Pi and sensors to measure air quality

#CharityTuesday: Code Club for libraries

We visited Tile Hill Library to find out how Code Clubs work outside of schools

Antenna @ Vorspiel

An art installation that captures, analyses, and reproduces speech

PiMiniMint: A fully functioning computer and display crammed into a mints tin

Pi Zero, display, and battery, all in an Altoids tin

Product or project?

Be a maker as well as a consumer, and make the thing you wish to see in the world


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