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Raspberry Pi kuvar za Python programere

Raspberry Pi kuvar za Python programere

Popust cena: 1490 rsd

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb

Popust cena: 1760 rsd

Raspberry PI Issue 207 - Looper

Raspberry PI - Looper

Hey there!

It's been a wonderful week for interesting Raspberry Pi builds! From the brightly coloured, multi-functional Looper-Synth-Drum Thing (his name, not mine...though entirely fitting) made by Toby Hendricks to The Modern Inventor's Storm Glass, we've enjoyed watching our community explore new ways to utilise the Pi.

With our latest Code Club International video now live on YouTube, and CAS TV releasing their wonderful interview with our Director of Education Carrie Anne Philbin, there's a lot for you to watch and by which to be inspired. And since we're on the topic of education: we're calling all Raspberry Pi Certified Educators to fill in the 2017 RCE Survey. Not an RCE? No worries! Head over to our free online training courses at FutureLearn to get a sense of what our awesome educators offer at the Picademy events across the UK and USA.

Have a great week, make wonderful things, and we'll see you next Friday.





Carrie Anne Philbin on CAS TV


Miles Berry talks with Carrie Anne Philbin

Code Club International Meetup


Our latest video discusses the magic of Code Club



Raspberry Pi Looper-Synth-Drum...thing


Pi's got rhythm, Pi's got music!

Encased in amber

( Pi in epoxy resin

Storm Glass


Simulate the weather at your desk

All-in-one Jukebox Speaker


A beautiful build from YetAnotherTechChannel

Apache web server


Build a local HTML server

Attach USB storage to your Raspberry Pi


Alex Ellis's quick guide to more Pi storage


A Pi Camera Module mounted on a telescope


Hello Raspberry Pi shoots for the moon





Volunteer for CoderDojo Coolest Projects

Can you help on 17th June?

Raspberry Pi Certified Educators - 2017 Survey

Help us to help others

"Only a year? It's felt like forever"

Alex's 100th blog post and one-year retrospective of working for Raspberry Pi

Tweetponic lavender

Nourishing nature with the Twitter API


Hold Picademy at home with our free online training

Raspberry Pi Fidget Spinner

Fidget fun with a broken Pi Zero

Drone Glove

TeCoEd's unique drone controller


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