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Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb

Popust cena: 1760 rsd

Raspberry Pi kuvar za Python programere

Raspberry Pi kuvar za Python programere

Popust cena: 1490 rsd

Raspberry PI Issue 213 - Outdoor

Issue #213 - Outdoors

Hello there,

This week's Raspberry Pi Weekly is jam-packed! I almost couldn't fit it all in! From the announcement of the Pioneers winners to jars of hearts and - wait, did someone say there's a new doctor?

In case you happen to visit the Raspberry Pi forums on Tuesday 25th of July, be warned that the site will be in read-only mode for 24 hours while we polish its buttons, upgrade its threads, and give the whole place a fresh lick of paint.

Have a great week, and I'll check in with you next Friday.





Pioneers winners


The results are in for Make it outdoors

The doctor is in!


Co-founder Pete Lomas has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree

Work with Raspberry Pi and Code Club


Positions are open throughout the Foundation



The Heart of Maker Faire


"Collecting your jar of hearts"

3D-printed TARDIS case


A good enough reason to buy a 3D printer

A Compact Home-Made Raspberry Pi Tablet


Super slim, super swish, super 'we want one'

Raspberry Pi FM Touch Synth


Toby Hendricks is back with another gorgeous audio build

Pool Temperature Monitoring and Pump Control


Grab your Zero W - it's time for a pool party!

Raspberry Pi Wiimote Paint


'Wii' really like this project

High School Musical Stage Camera


They're soaring, flying...

Thingking’s Doorbell


Designer-maker consultancy Thingking save themselves the trouble of getting up to open their gate

Google Pi Intercom


Google's AIY Projects kit, now with added wall


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