Today on Hackster: 11 new projects for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Internet of Things



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Joystick Game by xXarduino_11Xx

A small tutorial project that tells you what direction your joystick is pointing in when you push it.

Headless Raspberry Pi Health Monitor for Paraplegics by john brohan

A headless project needs to get its IP, send results to the cloud for analysis on a phone. It also needs a way to update the software.

WormGear Mechanism Test by Brijesh Singh

Design and testing of WormGear Mechanism Fitted over servo motor.

Arduino Lightsaber by Michael Darby

A colour changing lightsaber based on Arduino technology.

Sundials Are Boring, Use Lasers Instead by Mr_Xu

Sundial type clock with stepper motors and lasers to show hour and minute.

Proyecto: Arduino + Processing + Bluetooth HC-05 by victruino

Bluetooth communication between Arduino and the PC using a small interface programmed in Processing.

Automatic Pet Water Chiller by Mitomon

Say goodbye to ice cubes and automatically cool your pet's water dish.

Crossroad Traffic Lights (FSM) by Carlos Silva and Daniel Turner

Includes pedestrian detection/crossing and uses an Arduino Nano, LEDs and pingers and a FSM code.

Modular synth clock module DIY ARDUINO, "SM Tik-Tak" by Synthemafia

Make your own clock module for your modular synthesizer!

Smartphone Controlled eBike Throttle By Wire Design by Stephen Sizensky

Throttle by wire design utilizing a pedal assist circuit remotely controlled by a smartphone.


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