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Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb

Popust cena: 1760 rsd

Raspberry Pi kuvar za Python programere

Raspberry Pi kuvar za Python programere

Popust cena: 1490 rsd

Today on Hackster: 11 new projects for Security, Raspberry Pi, Internet of Things, and more

Wi-Fi Jammer from an ESP8266 | WiFi Jammer/ Deauther by Akarsh Agarwal

Scan for WiFi devices, block selected connections, create dozens of networks and confuse WiFi scanners!

SUBZero - A Simple Network-Attached Storage Device by Nick Engmann and Josiah

An easy to use Raspberry Pi Zero USB file-level computer data storage server (frequently called Network-Attached Storage or NAS).

ESP32 CoinCell by Mike Rankin

A tiny ESP32 board powered by a coin cell.

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb



Measuring Power Consumption with the Digilent OpenLogger by Sam Kristoff and Arthur Brown

How much power does an everyday appliance use? How can we look at and interpret this data?

The Magic Hat by remnis

What's more IoT than a blinking hat!? Wait - what?

Reflexes Game by obniz developer team

This game tests your reflexes. Which player can push the button faster? When it displays "PUSH!!!", push the button! Don't push before.

Mirror Ball with Clapping by obniz developer team

This mirror ball rotates when someone claps. It was created with obniz in one hour.


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