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Raspberry Pi kuvar za Python programere

Raspberry Pi kuvar za Python programere

Popust cena: 1490 rsd

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb

Popust cena: 1760 rsd

Today on Hackster: 12 new projects for Arduino, Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, and more.

Check a Stepper Motor From the DVD-ROM by Ingo Lohs

The older members among you can still remember DVD-ROM drives well: let's take another look at the inner values of a past technology.

The ONE TUBE™ Easiest Arduino Nano Nixie Clock project ever. by WannaDuino

Cheapest and easiest Nixie clock in the world, the ONE TUBE™ .OPEN SOURCE. is the way.

Build a Simple to an Advanced Voltmeter by abufaisal2

A step by step in building a simple voltmeter. For simplicity, the project will be broken down into three parts.

Playing NFS By Hand Gesture Control by najad

Hand gesture control using Arduino Leonardo and IR sensors.

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb



Arduino Controlled LED Multi-Player Game on Arduino "Shield" by 22warehamD

A custom made PCB fits onto an Arduino Uno. This is a game that can be played by two players.

Homeless Robot by White Label AR

This product uses a Pi with camera mic and speaker to simulate clever conversation with Google AIY intelligence. Educate pedestrians safely.


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