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Get data from Weather sensor using Python on microcontroller by silvia11931 and Tommaso Martorella

In this tutorial we'll see how to read temperaure and humidity data from a weather sensor using Zerynth.

HUD Alarm Clock by Chukwuemeka Ike

This is an alarm clock that sources weather and time data from the internet and shows them on a semi-reflective display.

SPARKZumo Part 1: Ada and SPARK on Any Platform by Emma Adby

So you want to use SPARK? All you need is an Ada 2012 ready compiler and the SPARK tools. But what about when the compiler isn't available?

Pi Zero Portable Terminal by Joseph Wezensky

A simple, inexpensive design for a portable Raspberry Pi computer that utilizes a bluetooth slide-out keyboard as it's base.

Reef-Pi - A Reef Tank Controller Based on Raspberry Pi by reef- pi

Reef-Pi is a modular, affordable and extendable DIY opensource reef tank controller based on Raspberry Pi.

The Adaroombot Project by Emma Adby

Learning Ada from an embedded Linux C/C++ background to I needed a good project so I chose to use Raspberry Pi and a robot it could control.

Expand PocketBeagle® Easily with Mikro click boards™ :OLED Cby Team Beaglefriends@OctavoSystems

MikroElecktronika Click Boards & Device Tree Software make extending your® PocketBeagle® easy! Start with the OLED C display.

My First Activity of Fab Lab by gledel and 주예성

I used the Arduino UNO to control the LED.

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