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Pregleda (30 dana / ukupno): 6 / 514

IA Monitoring Earthquake Structures by Gabriel Alejandro Giraldo Santiago

Design and build a system for monitoring structural movements in smart buildings with Infineon 3D Magnetic 2Go.

RGB Infinity Mirror with 3D Magnetic Sensor by Abdullah Sadiq

An infinity mirror with an RGB LED strip that can change its color using Infineon's 3D magnetic sensor knob connected to an Arduino MKR1000.

Password-Protected, Arduino-Controlled Servo Gate by Aayush Sharma

This project is about servo motors which are controlled by a push button. The servo motors only work when a certain algorithm is followed.

4D Ping Pong by 4D Makers


Ping Pong game that are controlled by waving the hand in front of the console.

The Beginner’s Guide To Control Motors by Arduino and L293D by ElectroPeak

In this article, you will learn how to control DC, Stepper, and servo motors by Arduino and L293D.

FM Radio with Frequency Display by Tauno Erik

A simple FM radio with a display that shows the frequency and audio amplifier.

Arduino CLI by Jithin Sanal

Use Arduino CLI tools to code, compile and upload programms to your Arduino Board. Follow this tutorial for getting started with arduino-cli.

Smart Personal Money Vault Monitoring System Based on IoT by Salah Uddin

A personal money vault monitoring system based on the Internet of Things is presented throughout this project by using a 3D magnetic sensor.

Radio Hello World by hixel

Easy 'Hello World' with an RF 433MHz transmitter/receiver module and Arduino.

Tasks: IdleTasks - FreeRTOS Tutorial 7 by Niket

Running a generic IdleTask function when all your priority tasks are in the blocked state.


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