Today on Hackster: 22 new projects for Arduino, Robotics, Security, and more



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Using DHT11 by Arca_Ege

This tutorial will show you how to use DHT11 with Arduino.

Delta-Kinematics-Library by tinkersprojects

Forward and Inverse Kinematics Library for Delta robot.

Mini Acoustic Levitation by millerman4487

This project uses an ultrasonic distance sensor to create a pocket of wave interference where a small object can be levitated.

Automated Lake Environment Data Collection Probe by SHUAI ZHANG

An automated probe that collect CO2 flux data on lake Mendota, WI.

Arduino i JavaScript za povezivanje na veb


Arduino UNO and Vibration Sensor with Relay by MichDragstar

When the vibration module detects vibration, the lamp will go on for 2 seconds and this for 3 times.

ElBanquos Christmas Light by ElBanquo


An Ardiuno project using NeoPixels to create slowly changing christmas light pictures in my window.

ArduTester V1.13: The Arduino UNO Transistor Tester by plouc68000

Sketch of transistor tester project from Karl-Heinz Kübbeler, so it's much simpler to study, modify, verify and upload to an Arduino.


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