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MySQL radionica: Praktičan vodič za rad sa podacima i bazama podataka

MySQL radionica: Praktičan vodič za rad sa podacima i bazama podataka

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GraphQL i React Full-Stack veb razvoj

GraphQL i React Full-Stack veb razvoj

Popust cena: 1570 rsd

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The technology behind preview photos

The talented team at Facebook explain how they went the extra mile and sped up page load times by 30%. Awesome posts and hats off to the Facebook developers for sharing. (

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Understanding Critical CSS

Keen to make your site faster? Dean Hume has you covered. Dean explains what critical CSS is and how you can go about implementing it into your site. (

What the Flux?! Let’s Redux

I haven’t had time to play with Redux but this post and all the good things I have been hearing pushes the priority up the to-do list. If you are a JavaScript developer make time for this post. (

The Hamburger Menu Doesn’t Work

Oh… another post about the hamburger menu… Sorry. But it’s a great summary of why the hamburger menu might not be the best option with examples of Facebook and other big companies dropping it. (

Why empty states deserve more design time

Dina Chaiffetz feels that empty states are being under-utilised and if used correctly are full of potential to drive engagement, delight users and retain users at critical moments. (

Deconfusing Pre- and Post-processing

There has been a little confusion of late around pre- and post-processing and in this post by Stefan Baumgartner digs in to help clear things up. (

Getting Garbage Collection for Free (

Tools / Resources

Easee, a web animation tool for designers

Steven Fabre has been obsessing over animation for the last few years and has decided to build a tool to make things easier. He also wrote a nice post about the things he learnt whilst building it which is worth a read. (

Facebook’s Relay Released

Relay is a JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications that has been talked about for quite some time and is now open-sourced for all of us to enjoy. (

Understanding CSS: Selector Specificity

Daniel Eden goes back to basics and explains how CSS specificity works. If you are just getting into web development or you need to scrub up your CSS, make time for this. (

Angular 2 Template Syntax Demystified

The new Angular 2 templating might seem a little strange to understand at first but hopefully after reading this post buy Pascal Precht you shouldn’t have any problems. (


It turns into a plugin that you can use on your website with ease. (

FontCDN: A search tool for Google web fonts (

PHP 7 – Things You Need to Know (

GitHub As A Workflow (

Ember.js 2.0 Released (


Creative Code Sketches (


Junior Rails Developer – Insured by Us

Insured by Us are a small team doing big things in the world of travel insurance. We’re looking for a junior to mid-level developer who’s been working with Ruby, and Ruby on Rails for 1-3 years. We’re a small geographically diverse team who value remote work and a healthy work/life balance. (

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Last but not least…

The ethics of modern web ad-blocking (

How DNS works (


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