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Designing Safer Web Animation For Motion Sensitivity

I really enjoy posts that think outside the box and this one by Val Head nails it. Val looks into how the overuse of scrolljacking and parallax effects can not only provide an annoying experience but how it can make people physically ill. Throughout the post she looks at why this happens and how we can go about designing safer animations for everyone. (

Put the “designers should code” debate to rest

I know what you are thinking.... Oh no another "should designers learn to code". Ah sorry about that, but to be honest I'm extremely picky on what makes it into each issue of WDW and this piece by Stephen Hay is top notch. It's extremely well written and a great read for people that still need some direction. (

Less CSS mess

A very entertaining, energetic and to the point post by Thomas Byttebier. If you seem to spend time fighting with CSS this piece is a great read.(

Managing Custom Tables in WordPress (

An Overview of SVG Patterns

This post by Lucas Bebber dives into the wonderful world of SVG patterns and what can be achieved with them when combined with some nice typography.(

Web Animations API

Daniel Wilson's part 4 of exploring the Web Animations API focusing on GroupEffects & SequenceEffects. If you have time, be sure to check out all of his previous posts, lots of interesting topics covered and a super easy way to skill up in this area. (

Exploring Angular 2

A curated collection of high quality articles and guides about exploring the Angular 2 framework. (

HTML Color Codes

Get HTML color codes, Hex color codes, RGB and HSL values with a simple color picker. (

Promise Cookbook

A brief introduction to using Promises in JavaScript (

Salesforce's Lightning Design System is now open source (

Essential SublimeText Plugins for JavaScript Developers (

Node v4 released (

AMA: Jessica Hische, Lettering Artist & Type Designer (

Fixing a poor WordPress Google Page Speed Score (


What the IBM Acquisition of StrongLoop Means for the Node.js Community

Today we announced that StrongLoop has been acquired by IBM. For information on the “why and what” this means for StrongLoop and IBM product plans, and what this means for StrongLoop customers and partners,...


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