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Naučite Angular 2

Naučite Angular 2

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GO od početnika do profesionalca

GO od početnika do profesionalca

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Two Months With CSS Modules

CSS Module are still a relatively new concept in the front-end space but people are slowly taking the leap and pushing it to production. In this post Chris Pearce explains how his team at Lystable are reaping the rewards from diving in head first. (

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Building an Enterprise CSS Framework

A behind the scenes look at the ins and outs of building a large enterprise CSS framework by Stephanie Rewis. If you happen to be working at a large company or your CSS is out of control, this post has some great takeaways. (

HTTPS Everywhere With Nginx, Varnish and Apache

If you are ready to move to HTTPS but are still unsure on what and how to do it, this post by Rachel Andrews should help you on the right path. (

Test-Driven Product Design

Developers following a Test-Driven Development process is a common practice but not so much in the design space. In this post Kyle Fiedler explains how his design team go about utilising the same principles to create rock solid products. (

A short note on coding alt text

Steve Faulkner explains why it isn’t a good idea to have line breaks in your ‘alt’ text. (

Using template to delay loading of images (

Tools / Resources

Want to learn JavaScript in 2015?

Vincent Orr shares his journey into becoming a JavaScript developer. This post walks through 12 steps he personally took this year to land a dedicated JavaScript job. A resourceful and inspiring post. (

The Tools Designers Are Using Today

The team at Subtraction surveyed over 4000 people and managed to capture a snapshot of todays tool’s landscape. With so many tools out there today, these results could potential make your decisions easier if you are undecided. (

Native CSS search engine – Jets.js

A clever idea by Denis Lukov that uses some nice filtering techniques. (

Collaborative design platform moves out of beta (

How to write an article to help people learn about the Web (

A collection of useful CSS protips (

Modernizr v3 released (


The Hardest Program I’ve Ever Written (

The Polymer Summit 2015 videos (


Web Engineer at Huge

If you love puzzles and problem solving, have a proven in-depth knowledge of popular JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Backbone, Angular, Closure, NodeJS, and can articulate JavaScript design patterns we want to hear from you today. ( VIP Developer

As a developer (aka VIP Wrangler) on the VIP team you are responsible for providing code-level support to all of our customers, building and shaping our products as a software engineer and just generally making stuff work. (

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Last but not least…

How I lost the love for my side project

A 5 part series by Remy Sharp about his love/hate relationship with JS Bin. Hats off to Remy for opening up and writing about the dark side of side projects. (

Keep Out – WebGL Game

Just a word of warning… This is an extremely well developed and addictive game. (


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