Raspberry PI Issue 243 - qrocodile



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Issue 243


Hello there,

It's been a week for cool builds, as highlighted on the Raspberry Pi blog. And they're a great distraction from the heartbreak at Pi Towers, as we watch Dave Honess, leader of the Astro Pi programme here at Pi Towers, pack up his desk and head off to his new job at the European Space Agency. We're not jealous at all. Honestly. So enjoy some semi-factual #SpaceDaveFacts alongside the rest of this week's Raspberry Pi Weekly.

And keep in mind that we're currently looking for people to join us, including a Chief Learning Officer, an Evaluation Analyst, a Production Manager, and a Node Web Developer. Could you be the newest Pi Towers team member?

Catch you next week!





The MagPi 67


Ready player one...

Mission Space Lab flight status announced!


Ready to be deployed

Join our team


Come work with us

Register your project for Coolest Projects UK


On 28 April at Here East, London





Turn text to speech in the blink of an eye

qrocodile: the kid-friendly Sonos system


Hey Mister DJ, put a record on...

Make your own remote control


For Google Home and Chromecasts

Run a K40 laser cutter from your Pi


With help from RasPi.TV

Raspberry Pi Minecraft server


With LED player indicator

Personal health dashboard


A giant display to motivate yourself

Door bell


A simple doorbell for your home

Intelligent tea maker


The most British of builds



Community profile: Estefannie Explains It All


DBA Design Effectiveness Awards

The official Raspberry Pi case takes home gold

Picademy North America

Sign up for our free two-day training

Picademy UK

In locations across the UK

Win a Google AIY Projects Vision kit

Ten to be won from The MagPi



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