Raspberry PI Issue 248 - Eggs



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Issue #248 - Eggs


Hi there!

We're already stuffed with Easter eggs here at Pi Towers! How about you? And with many of us spending a well-deserved, chocolate-filled four-day weekend, why not take time to check out the amazing new Raspberry Pi projects from the community that we've collected for you?

See you next Friday!





MagPi 68


Specs, benchmarks, interviews, and more in our definitive coverage




Alex's quick and easy digital making Easter egg hunt


Find the eggs this easter

An elephant being eaten by a snake: Easter eggs on your Pi


We're going on an easter egg hunt

Take home Mugsy, the Raspberry Pi coffee robot


Brew the perfect coffee at home

SoFi, the underwater robotic fish


Just keep swimming...

Nixie tube shield/HAT for Raspberry Pi


So pretty

Use an Android screen with your Pi


A great alternative monitor solution

Amiga 500 case


Fitting a Raspberry Pi into an Amiga 500 without modifying the original case

Pi-powered MTA subway alerts


When should I leave for my train?

Hidden RFID playlist commands


Curl commands to Home Assistant to control Google Play



(Yet another) handheld Raspberry Pi device

How to easily detect objects with deep learning on Raspberry Pi


Why object detection? Why Raspberry Pi?




Win a MeArm Pi kit

Thanks, MagPi and Mime Industries!

Raspberry Pi for Industrial Automation?

Why not!

Wight Computers brings Vectis Radio an innovative FM tech solution

Improving FM transmission with a Pi

Hearing aid research with a Raspberry Pi

Pi and openMHA software for testing hearing aid algorithms
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