Raspberry PI Weekly Issue 232 - Enigma



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Issue 232


Hey there,

What a week for resources! We've launched two new free OctaPi projects, plus asackful of free Christmas-themed tutorials for Scratch, Python, and Raspberry Pi, so you have no excuse not to spend your weekend having some fun with digital making.

Before you start, update your operating system with our newest releases of Debian or Raspbian Stretch. The Debian release comes with a rather nifty piece of software that allows you to access a Pi Zero's GPIO pins from a PC or Mac. (Never fear, you can also install this tool on a Pi.)

Have a great week, and we'll catch you next weekend.





Stretch for PCs and Macs, and a Raspbian update


Update now to use cool new tools

Decrypt messages and calculate Pi: new OctaPi projects


New super resources for your cluster computer

Our brand-new Christmas resources


All I want for Christmas is brand-new resources

The MagPi magazine issue 64


Out now!



Wooden handheld game console


Using a Pi 3 and a SNES controller

Live Picture Frame With Raspberry Pi


A window into another world

Make a Rain Alert System with Raspberry Pi


It's raining, it's pouring...



Music-controlled LED light show



It was bound to happen...

BricKuber Project


Rubik's Cube–solving robot

M&M sorter


Because the blue ones are the best

Control your SONOS speaker


Using a Raspberry Pi and Snips



Raspberry Pi clusters come of age

Bruce Tulloch of BitScope Designs on the uses of Pi cluster computing

How the Raspberry Pi Changed Computing

Insights from Electronics360

How to find your Raspbian version

Average Man vs Raspbian


Music-reading Raspberry Pi


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