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Learning Internet of Things

Learning Internet of Things

Popravka i nadgradnja PC računara

Popravka i nadgradnja PC računara

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The Most Active VCs In The Internet Of Things

This is a cool infographic. It was forwarded to me by a friend who has been working in this part of the industry for quite some time. Good to know who you might want to approach when looking for funding of your next IoT product.

MIT's Amazing New App Lets You Program Any Object

Interesting concept. This of course is all predicated on the fact that the devices need to be speaking the same protocol, platform and authentication. I believe we will get there some day. This article shows us what is possible.

A Privacy Standard for Internet of Things Suppliers

If you don't recall, I wrote an in depth post on what is holding back the Internet of Things a few weeks back. This article discussed some of the same things around the privacy and data concerns for the IoT.

Some Real-World Sectors that uses iBeacons Applications!

This article goes through a number of interesting verticals where we are seeing iBeacons being put to use. Some are known, but others might not be so obvious. I feel iBeacons are still trying to find their niche.

IoT: Forget Hardware, Think Product and Service Possibilities

Amen. The title says it all on this one. Focus on products and services in your business offerings as the cost of hardware is being driven to zero. This is something I have been speaking to often in my public presentations.

IoT Analytics Brings Unprecedented Triage to Supply Chain

The article discusses the 3 things that companies providing physical products can use the IoT to improve operational and quite frankly, customer experiences as well.

Companies Stand to Make a Lot of Money Selling Data from Smart Devices

This article with insights from Microsoft Partner Director, Sam George hit the nail on the head and what I've been preaching for quite some time. It's all about the data.

Big Data and the Internet of Things: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Some things to think about when it comes to what is the true value of the IoT and how that dovetails with the the movement behind the Internet of Things.

CIOs Discuss Big Data and the IoT

Good article covering a number of questions some of the top CIO's are asking themselves and what their IoT solutions should be providing them around the data coming from all these devices.

DuoTrac - World's First Swing Analyzer and Footwork Sensor

Next Gen. Quad Sensors, Swing and Footwork Analyzer using 4D Technology to measure complete swing analysis with 4x accuracy.


Lots of Vulnerabilities in IoT Device Web Interfaces: Study

This article contains a link to a research paper presented by European security researchers at last week’s DefCamp conference in Romania that found serious problems in Web interfaces of IoT devices.

Where To Find A Job Doing Internet of Things (IoT) Work Today Fastest growing Internet of Things (IoT) job positions include systems software developers (215% growth in the past year), information security analysts (113% growth), and computer... ... ... Read More


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