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AutoCAD tajne koje svaki korisnik treba da zna

AutoCAD tajne koje svaki korisnik treba da zna

Pro/Engineer Wildfire - Primer

Pro/Engineer Wildfire - Primer

Najnovija knjiga Autodesk Inventor 2013 osnove

Pregleda (30 dana / ukupno): 7 / 4741

Autodesk Inventor 2013 osnove

Get up to speed with Autodesk Inventor, the leading manufacturing design program

This Autodesk Official Training Guide thoroughly covers the fundamentals of Autodesk Inventor 2013 and Inventor LT 2013. Focusing on basics such as using the interface, creating parts and assemblies, applying standards and styles, creating 2D drawings from 3D data, and more, it teaches you everything you need to become quickly productive with the software. Whether you're a new student learning CAD, preparing for certification, or updating your Inventor skills, this is the fast, thorough grounding you need.

  • Features approachable, real-world, hands-on exercises and additional task-based tutorials
  • Teaches you how to create 2D drawings from 3D data, model parts and assemblies, apply standards and styles, and work with sheet metal parts and create plastic parts
  • Explains how to blend parts and assemblies into weldments, create images and animations from your design data, and work with non-Inventor data
  • Helps you streamline tasks with design automation tools

The book's concise discussions and real-world tutorials make it the perfect resource for manufacturing design professionals and students needing to quickly learn the software.


Introduction xxi

CHAPTER 1 Connecting to Inventor's Interface 1

CHAPTER 2 Creating 2D Drawings from 3D Data 33

CHAPTER 3 Learning the Essentials of Part Modeling 63

CHAPTER 4 Putting Things in Place with Assemblies 97

CHAPTER 5 Customizing Styles and Templates 113

CHAPTER 6 Creating Advanced Drawings and Detailing 129

CHAPTER 7 Advanced Part Modeling Features 153

CHAPTER 8 Advanced Assembly and Engineering Tools 179

CHAPTER 9 Creating Plastic Parts 203

CHAPTER 10 Working with Sheet Metal Parts 221

CHAPTER 11 Building with the Frame Generator 245

CHAPTER 12 Working in a Weldment Environment 259

CHAPTER 13 Creating Images and Animation from Your Design Data 273

CHAPTER 14 Working with Non–Autodesk Inventor Data 295

CHAPTER 15 Automating the Design Process and Table-Driven Design 317

APPENDIX Autodesk Inventor Certification 349

Index 359


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