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GraphQL i React Full-Stack veb razvoj

GraphQL i React Full-Stack veb razvoj

Popust cena: 1570 rsd

Prilagodljiv web dizajn pomoću HTML-a 5 i CSS-a 3

Prilagodljiv web dizajn pomoću HTML-a 5 i CSS-a 3

Popust cena: 1160 rsd

npm weekly 155: Beta test 2FA for individual packages today, npm is at ScotlandJS, and join the conversation at!

npm weekly #155: Beta test 2FA for individual packages today, npm is at ScotlandJS, and join the conversation at!

2FA protection for packages

Two-factor authentication protection for individual packages is here. You can beta test this feature immediately.

In fact, if you are the maintainer of a popular package, we encourage you to do it as soon as possible. For details on how the beta works, see the full announcement on our blog.

We’re in Edinburgh for ScotlandJS

Are you? If so, don’t miss Katie FennC J Silverio, and Jeff Lembeck’s presentations. Katie is closing out today with her talk, Securing your site like it’s 1999, and Jeff and C J are both scheduled to speak on Friday afternoon. If you can find them, you might just score yourself a cool Scotland-themed sticker, so say hello!

We want to share your story

How do you use npm? If you or your team is building something cool with npm, we want to help promote it far and wide. Let’s partner up to show off what you’ve built. Let’s chat! Corner

Have you been to yet? We’ve officially moved our issue trackers and formal community discussions there, so you’ll want to make an account. Currently, there’s a discussion happening on what it looks like to be a collaborator on npm. Have some thoughts? Let us know!

What we’re reading: CSS: A New Kind Of JavaScript

We enjoyed this thoughtful approach to giving more consideration to the robustness and resilience of CSS from Heydon Pickering. It’s a quick read, but one worth your while. Check out CSS: A New Kind Of JavaScript.

The latest: v6.2.0

Late last week, v6.2.0 landed as latest. This version includes a couple of new features, a fix to SET, a handful of dependency bumps, and a few updates to documentation.

For all of the specifics on v6.2.0 see the release notes on our blog.

To stay up to date on v6.2.0 head over to and join in the discussion.

Apply to be our Sales Engineer

Do you have a knack for teaching customers the ins and outs of a technical product and helping to customize solutions for them? If so, we’d definitely like to hear from you. Applications for our Sales Engineer role close on July 29, so don’t wait to apply.

For more details, visit


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