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Evernote for Dummies

Evernote for Dummies

FACEBOOK - 100 saveta i trikova

FACEBOOK - 100 saveta i trikova

Twitter pesma - Facebook u stvarnom životu - Twitter skraćenice

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Twitter pesma

Nije pesma već Facebook u stvarnom životu



Twitter skraćenice

b/c = Because

BG = Background (when someone refers to their Twitter background page)

BFN = Bye for now

BR = Best regards

BTW = By the way

DM = Direct message

EM = Email

FB = Facebook

FTF = Face to face

FWIW = For what it’s worth

Gr8 = Great

IMO = In my opinion

IMHO = In my honest opinion or in my humble opinion

IRL = In real life

J/K = Just kidding

LI = LinkedIn

LMK = Let me know

LMBO = Laughing my butt off

LMAO = Laughing my ass off

LOL = Laughing out loud

NP = No problem

OMG = Oh my God

OMFG = Oh my f—- God

PLZ = Please

ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing

RT = Retweet

RTHX = Thanks for the retweet

TMB = Tweet me back

TMI = Too much information

TTYS = Talk to you soon

TTYL = Talk to you later

TY = Thank you

WTH = What the heck

WTF = What the f—

YW = You’re welcome

<3 = This is the text version of a heart


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