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Danas na Hacksteru novi projekti za sigurnost, Arduino, terarijum




Purdue Verti-Fix by Team Purdue MIND Our device is for primary care physicians as well as at home patients to treat Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo with ease. Increase the Electrical Current Capacity of the Arduino Pins by PCBWay and Silícios Lab Learn how to create a circuit to increase the electrical current of the Arduino pins to activate loads that need more electrical current. Wake Up Timer by Fatih Çil I sleep a lot. For this, I wanted to make a timer. I want to sleep just four hours. Life is very short! Smart Terrarium by Ryan Gill Automated environment for reptiles to promote good husbandry and enable maximum lifespan for animals in captivity. The Socks Hand by Dan Decided to make a surprisingly tough hand with bits and pieces from around the shop and a handful of Servo Socks! 8 Pieces of Daisychained WS2812B 8x8 RGB LED Matrix by HeathenHacks 8x8 RGB LED matrix x 8 = 16x32 RGB LED matrix. Conditionly by Shany Guetta, Marawan Abouelhassen, and Daniele Davoli Control your air conditioner from everywhere with an app and ST Nucleo board. Simple Irrigation to Plants by Waner Silva The project consists of turn on/off a mini pump on scheduled days, allowing the resident to leave without worrying who will wet the plants. IoT AWS & Azure Smart Meeting Room by Fabio Rodrigues Bringing efficiency to space utilization at most end-user location convenience. How to Use a Digital to Analog Converter by Chathura Yapa Bandara and Vimanse Dissanayake Sometimes you need to generate a analog signal from a digital source a DAC or a digital to analog converter helps you do this.

Danas na Hacksteru, mnogo novih projekata za Arduino, Google, Android




Program Your Arduino From Your Raspberry Pi by Zachary Haslam What? Program an Arduino from your Raspberry Pi? It's possible, and super easy! . Arduino - Remotely Open Door via Web with Pattern Password by phpoc_man Remotely control door via web with pattern password protected. Your door is securely controlled from anywhere through Internet. Bluetooth Controlled Bot (Using Adafruit L293D Motor Driver) by Chandran N A robot which is controlled by an HC-05 module and receives commands using a Bluetooth terminal app. Existential Crisis - Arduino Role-Playing Game Simulator by Cory Potter Maze simulation for role-playing adventure using basic elements from Dungeons & Dragons. Ultrasonic Glasses for the Blind by Team GardnerTech Sunglasses that serve an even more useful purpose than protecting the eyes of the blind. They can help them detect objects in front of them. 2-Axis Stepper Motor Controller by dj-lukas A joystick with ramps and speed limit for controlling two stepper motors for tests. Universal Remote Using Wemos D1 and IR Sensor by Dhrumil Makadia Here we are using Tsop 1738, IR transmitter and Wemos D1. You can use another microcontroller but make sure that it has a built-in ESP8266. Greenhouse Monitoring with Discovery Kit IoT and Android by Matteo Rizza, alfin joji, Shend Osmanaj, and Shilpajoy 93 How to build a greenhouse monitoring system that measures environment parameters like temperature and humidity. Motorized Video Slider by Bugstickeranimation Arduino UNO-based, two-axis linear slider with centering function and Bluetooth remote control from an Android app. Turning Lock Puzzle by Krishna Lalith Unlock a 4-digit dial with known password 0000.  

Danas na Hackteru mnogo novih projekata za Arduino, Raspberry Pi, robotiku...




How to Make an IR Sensor by Manikantsavadatti In this project, we will learn to build an IR sensor module with transistor and an Arduino as well. Raspberry Pi as Robot Arm Controller with 3D Gesture Shield by Seeed Using a 3D Gesture Tracking Shield for Raspberry Pi MGC3130 to control uArm robot to transfer part from one location to other location. Motor Control with the MiniZed by Adam Taylor How to control motors using PWM, the MiniZed and a touchscreen controller. Saturn - Adafruit Flora, DFRobot, Arduino by Kitty Yeung How to make a dress representing Saturn? The planets and satellites light up when the ring appears. Mazemaster3000 by mazemaster3000 A finite state machine-powered maze solver that stores a log of steps without any external storage device. Ball and Beam by Karem Ben Chikha The ball and beam system is laboratory equipment with high nonlinearity in its dynamics and PID control.

Hackster nedeljni informator




Getting OmnIoT SoftHub Data to/From Thingsboard Dashboards by TalAtOmnIoT A series of realtime video tutorials showing how to get OmnIoT SoftHub sensor data to/from a Thingsboard dashboard in just minutes. Brainy LED by Rahul Narang Proximity triggered LED that automatically switches on when something comes into proximity and provides an alert to your phone. Use Raspberry Pi as a Weather Forecaster by SB Components This blog explains to you how to use your Raspberry Pi as a weather forecaster using weatherbit API. Readout full details here. Full Stack RESTful MERN LED Strips by MrSoir Full stack RESTful MERN environment to control an Arduino -> backend: Node/Express + frontend: React + 2 Arduino-powered LED strips. Emergency Activation in Automobiles Using IoT by Chubbin Gowda Saving lives of vulnerable who are prone to accidents by sending emergency message to the best by hospital by sharing the location. Smart Stick for Visually Impaired People by Mohd Shahid A helping hand to those who can't see. Smart Home Alarm System by Chirag Gupta This system rings the alarm , turns on the light and it also sends a Good Morning message to the user as soon as sunlight falls on sensor. How to Use Grove Starter Kit Plus - Base Shield by murshidhq, REZWIN RAFEEK, and Aseela Abdul Azeez Grove - Base Shield is the new version of Electronic Brick Shield.

Internet stvari, broj 6 od 19.8.2015




  IoT on the USA’s West Coast Massive growth forecast for M2M in retail Andy Murray just invested in these 3 startups Fossil and Intel Team Up For Android Wear Smartwatch Concirrus announces £3m Series ‘A’ funding Security management platforms Nokia Networks expands LTE NIB solution Is Apple Pay the killer app for Apple Watch? IDF: Intel says Curie wearable chip could revolutionise sports thanks to data analysis possibilities How will China’s fast-growing smartphone brands ever make real money? Bionic arm brings Intel's vision of personalized computing to life How one woman turned her passion for tinkering into a $33 million business — without a dime of funding The car is becoming the next major battleground for digital media companies Fossil unveils its first Android Wear watch with Intel inside and a flat-tire display The Microcosm of IoT and connected cars in Formula 1 (Part 1) The Microcosm of IoT and connected cars in Formula 1 (Part 2) Intel's Skylake breaks seven clockspeed records The search for the Fourth Protocol – the missing link of the IoT Intel brings RealSense 3D cameras to Project Tango smartphones Rasprebby PI kuvar za Python programere Kupite knjigu.  

Lepo kućište za Raspberry PI i kako da pretvorite svoju malinu u osciloskop




Skućio se Raspberry PiPratite: @misseduttonBitScopePretvorite svoj Raspberry Pi u osciloskop. Raspberry PiCrooslePlatforma za edukaciju: sve u jednom. CROOSLE

MagPI magazin broj 28 za novembar 2014




MagPi 28

MagPi magazin, broj 28 za novembar 2014 besplatno pregledajte




Besplatni MagPi magazin, novembar 2014. MagPi, broj 28 Open publication - Free publishing

MagPi magazin, broj 29 za decembar 2014 besplatno pregledajte




MagPi 29 za decembar 2014. Prelistajte magazin Open publication - Free publishing

Predstavljamo vam najnoviji proizvod - kompjuter Raspberry Pi model B+




Raspberry Pi Model B+Model B+Video po videoModel B+ koristi isti procesor BCM2835kao model B. Isti softver i ima 512K RAMa. Džejmsov tim je napravio sledeće poboljšanja:Više GPIO: Sada je na raspolaganju 40 pinova, umesto ranijih 26. Više USB: Sada ima 4 USB porta u odnosu na 2 kod modela B. Više o novostima na: RASPBERRY PI BLOGU. Dva modela, B i B+PretplataOd danas je počela pretplata na knjigu Raspberry PI kuvar za Python programereDo izlaska knjige iz štampe cena će biti samo 990 dinara. Rezervišite preko KORPE svoj primerak.

Raspberry PI - MagPi magazin broj 24 za jun 2014.




MagPI broj 24 za jun 2014. Vreme je da zavirite u MagPI: Open publication - Free publishing

Raspberry PI - MagPi magazin broj 25 za jul 2014.




MagPi 25 jul 2014Prelistajte Open publication - Free publishing

Raspberry PI - MagPi magazin broj 26 za avgust 2014. besplatno




Raspberry PI Mag 26Mag PI broj 26 Open publication - Free publishing

Raspberry PI i da li možemo da živimo u prošlosti pre 3 sekunde




Zanimljiv videoŠvedski širokopojasni provajder upotrebio je web kameru, Raspberry Pi i Oculus Rift VR. Događaji iz stvarnog sveta se puštaju sa 3 sekunde zaostatka. Rezultati su zabavni. A, nakon toga. . . . Hiljade pitanja. Spori internet. Usporeni život. VEZA.

Raspberry PI Issue 188 - Hello




Raspberry PI Issue 188 - Hello Hello there!We've had the most wonderful week. While spreading the Raspberry Pi love at Bett 2017, our CEO Philip Colligan launched Hello World, a new, free magazine about computing and digital making for educators. Free forever online as a PDF, Hello World will be delivered free of charge to the homes of all educators in the UK who subscribe, thanks to our friends at BT. We love it, and we hope you all do too. We also saw the release of The MagPi Magazine issue 54, including a brilliant tutorial for building your own Magic Mirror. If you've ever wanted your own, now is the time to get building. Have a great week and I'll catch up with you next Friday. Peace,Alex News     Hello World (raspberrypi. org) Introducing the new, free magazine for educators         MagPi 54 (raspberrypi. org) Build a Magic Mirror, and more. . .         Help Google (raspberrypi. org) Help them develop the right tools for you   Projects     Live-steaming YouTube Drone (raspberrypi. org) Make your own video drone         Useful Raspberry Pi Commands (circuitbasics. com) 42 of the most useful commands         Google Home + Raspberry Pi Power Strip (instructables. com) Control one with the other   Articles       Raspberry Pi at Wintercamp  (raspberrypi. org)Ben Nuttall's roundup of the Scouts event       Live from Bett 2017  (youtube. com)Carrie Anne takes us on a tour       Harry Potter-inspired map-clock  (recantha. co. uk)Spencer Organ's new magical build       Inside the Raspberry SUPER PI  (designsome. ltd. uk)A gorgeous RetroPie/Kodi build

Raspberry PI issue 192 - Stent




Raspberry PI - Stent Hi everyone!This week, we trained our 1000th Raspberry Pi Certified Educator. We're proud of our growing community of educators, their commitment, and the work they do to bring digital making to their learners and their communities: it's an honour to work with them. We launched a video screensaver and set of desktop wallpapers for your PIXEL desktop, featuring the beautiful city of Cambridge, where many of us are lucky enough to work. And we learned how a Raspberry Pi has improved testing of a vital medical device. Next weekend, we celebrate: Raspberry Pi and Code Club are both turning five, and we're throwing a party. Saturday tickets are sold out, but tickets for Sunday are still available.  Join us in Cambridge for drop-in activities, goody bags, cupcakes, and more!Until we meet again,Helen News     Stent-testing smart robot makes the medical grade (raspberrypi. org) Medics at Harvard use a Pi for intelligent testing of vital medical kit         1000 Raspberry Pi Certified Educators (raspberrypi. org) Apply to be part of the next 1000, with newly announced US and UK Picademy dates         Raspberry Pi Foundation online training (futurelearn. com) Our free courses started this week, and it's not too late to join         Cambridge theme for PIXEL (raspberrypi. org) Celebrating our connection with the city   Projects     Cassette deck in an old Ferrari, Pi-fied (raspberrypi. org) Dragging an aged cassette deck into 2017         Saturday Morning Cartoons Aren't Gone, You Just Have to Know Where to Look (insentricity. com) Old-time TV, with knobs and '60s commercials         RPi interchangeable-lens camera from old SLR camera lens (instructables. com) Use old SLR lenses with your Pi Camera Module         Visual Email Notification (hackster. io) Get Gmail notifications with a Pi + Sense HAT         Raspberry Pi Augmented Reality Display (geeky-gadgets. com) Wearable AR         Raspberry Pi Strava Monitor (instructables. com) Show off/fess up with this accessible make         The Ultimate Handheld Arcade System (youtube. com) Tons of detail about a high-quality build         Pi Pyramid Home Bot (youtube. com) Open source bot incorporating a magic mirror         24 Hour Engineer Presents the Tough Pi-ano (youtube. com) Gorgeous, rugged keyboard with arcade buttons   Articles       Raspberry Pi Big Birthday Weekend 2017  (raspberrypi. org)Only Sunday tickets still available. Get yours now!       Community profile: Matt Reed  (raspberrypi. org)From The MagPi: Matt Reed's quirky, funny builds       Big Rob – A Raspberry Pi powered robot driving in snow (youtube. com)Impressive outdoor robot       Slung Load Controller  (altax. net)Compensating for underslung drone loads with a Pi + naze32 board

Raspberry PI issue 195 - Pie




Raspberry Pi issue 195 - Pie Hey there,We had a great time celebrating Pi Day this week. Make sure to check out our Pi Day blog for an amazing video from Creative Mind Frame, plus a new Pi vs. Pie graphic for all your comparison needs. We've also updated our YouTube channel with three new videos. Why not spend the week working on some of the great projects below, including temperature stair lights, calculating Pi, and talking skulls?Until next Friday. PeaceAlex News     Pie vs. π vs. Pi Day 2017 (raspberrypi. org) 3. 141592653589793238. . . and 200g of flour         Big Birthday Weekend 2017 (new video) (youtu. be) Celebrating five years of Raspberry Pi and Code Club         What do kids say about Code Club (new video) (youtu. be) "It makes me all excited inside. . . "         Talking code (new video) (youtu. be) Building a website with kids. . . literally   Projects     Calculate pi with a Raspberry Pi and a cherry pie (hackster. io) Make a cherry pi and photograph it using a Raspberry Pi with computer vision, then calculate pi from that image         NeoPixel temperature stair lights (raspberrypi. org) Lorraine Underwood uses NeoPixels to light her stairs according to the temperature outside         How to build a Raspberry Pi home dashboard (opensource. com) Temperature, news, and bus and tube times         How to set up a personal web server with a Raspberry Pi (opensource. com) A personal web server is like the cloud, except you own and control it         Build a Raspberry Pi HTPC media centre (raspberrypi. org) Turn your Raspberry Pi into a working video player by setting up home theatre PC software         PiGlass (hackster. io) A device that measures environmental conditions and relay to the user, in the form of glasses         The Yorick project (hackster. io) A three-axis talking skull turned into an Alexa voice services device via AlexaPi software, Raspberry Pi, and some other tools   Articles       pisound  (indiegogo. com)Audio and MIDI interface for Raspberry Pi       Raspberry Pi just turned five  (medium. freecodecamp. com)Here’s a brief history of the world’s tiniest hobbyist computer       What I’ve learned. . .   (lifehacker. com). . . from tinkering with the Raspberry Pi for five years       P. A. R. T. Y.  (raspberrypi. org)Find out what happened at Raspberry Pi's fifth birthday party       Pi for the connected home  (raspberrypi. org)The arrival of the Raspberry Pi Zero W is perfectly timed for IoT       Community profile: Alex Eames  (raspberrypi. org)The MagPi Magazine Community Profile explores RasPi. tv's own Alex Eames       Subscribe to The MagPi Magazine Newsletter (raspberrypi. us8. list-manage. com)Get the official Raspberry Pi magazine delivered FREE to your inbox every month       New Raspberry Jam events  (raspberrypi. org)Check out the calendar for nearest Raspberry Jam

Raspberry PI Issue 199 - Steampunk




Raspberry PI Issue 199 - Streampunk Hello!This week, everyone (well, except Jonic) wanted phrazelle's amazing Pi-powered steampunk laptop. With a step-by-step guide on instructables, we can all have one, too. . . if we want it enough. There's a chance to join our US team, with a vacancy for a Bay Area-based Educator Training Manager. We're looking for someone who is passionate about technology, education, and digital making: please help spread the word!Trinket's fantastic web-based Sense HAT emulator has had an upgrade, and it can now emulate the Sense HAT's movement sensors. It also has a new Astro Pi flight case skin, so you can see just what the results would be if your code ran on one of the two Astro Pi units that are on the International Space Station. You can play with the new features and mess around with our example code right from our blog post. If you're celebrating Passover, Easter, or Vaisakhi this weekend, or if you're not, we hope you have a peaceful and joyous time. Till next week,Helen News     Join our Bay Area team! (raspberrypi. workable. com) Go places, train educators, learn lots, make a difference in the world         Sense HAT emulator upgrade (raspberrypi. org) Trinket's web-based tool now emulates the Sense HAT's movement sensors, and more   Projects     Steampunk laptop powered by Pi (raspberrypi. org) As Alex put it: OMG so fancy!         Run Skype on Raspberry Pi (hackster. io) Skype on your Pi 2 or 3 using ExaGear Desktop         Make Perfect Light Paintings with an LED Robot (youtube. com) Flawless images from a Raspberry Pi robot         Raspberry Pi Email Server using Citadel (pimylifeup. com) Clear how-to from PiMyLifeUp         Raspberry Pi Powered Robot with Differential GPS (hackster. io) It's Big Bob again. He's still terrifying         Track Overhead Flights with a Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless, a Software Defined Radio, and FlightAware (allaboutcircuits. com) Two ways to track flights near you with a Pi         Raspberry Pi GPIO Header Soldering Jig (thingiverse. com) Not exactly a project, but useful for your projects   Articles       MagPi video tutorials: installing an operating system with Etcher (raspberrypi. org)Comment to tell us what you want to see in The MagPi's next video       An affordable ocular fundus camera  (raspberrypi. org)Pi + NoIR Camera Module makes cheap diagnostic imaging kit. Lab/clinic hacks FTW!       How to Backup Photos While Traveling With an iPad and a Raspberry Pi - Part III  (movingelectrons. net)Third part of Moving Electrons' series aiming at a streamlined and easy-to-use process       PiSeq Demonstration  (youtube. com)All-in-one sequencer, USB MIDI hub, and advanced MIDI manipulation device       Terminal tools: how to get help from the Linux command line (raspberrypi. org)The MagPi shows you how to get help and advice right from the command line       5 projects for Raspberry Pi at home  (opensource. com)Media centres, pet cams, home automation, and more       Processing: making art with code  (raspberrypi. org)A programming language for visual arts: create graphics, animations, and more       Raspberry Pi network speed test  (notenoughtech. com)Compare wired and wireless LAN on Pi 2, Pi 3, Zero and Zero W, with plenty of charts       ZeroPhone  (raspberrypi. org)An open-source project to create a mobile phone kit for the Pi Zero

Raspberry PI Issue 201 - Support




Raspberry Pi 201 - Support Welcome to Raspberry Pi Weekly #201! After I left Ben to curate last week's newsletter and he broke it, I'm back to take over the reins. This week saw two awesome announcements. On Monday we released the new Pioneers challenge with the help of our friends at ZSL London Zoo. We want UK-based 11- to 16-year-olds to Make it outdoors with tech. Check out the Pioneers website for more. We also released a newly refurbished Raspberry Jam website, complete with our new Jam Guidebook, branding pack and starter kit. Whatever your involvement in a Jam, and even if you've never been to one, it's worth taking the time to browse our new Jam resources for advice, help, and inspiration. There's a lot to see, so grab a drink, get comfy and delve into this week's Raspberry Pi Weekly. Peace,Alex News     Pioneers: the second challenge is. . . (raspberrypi. org) Do you like making things? Are you aged 11 to 16? The Pioneers challenge is ready for you!         Supporting and growing the Raspberry Jam community (raspberrypi. org) Get your Jam on with our fantastic new resources         PA Consulting’s annual Raspberry Pi competition (recantha. co. uk) Raspberry Pi CEO Philip Colligan helps to judge the PA Pi Awards 2017   Projects     RPI3 2600 3D-printable case (thingiverse. com) So gorgeous!         Chromatic Climate: Lab of Things Project (hackster. io) Does the weather affect clothing colour choices? High school students investigate         YouTube Drone Project (raspberrypi. org) Connect a Raspberry Pi Camera Module and SixFab LTE Shield to a drone to broadcast footage live to YouTube         Dog treat dispenser (recantha. co. uk) Treat your furry friend using a Raspberry Pi         Using the Sense HAT on a Raspberry Pi with Mathematica 11 (blog. wolfram. com) Brett Haines shows you how         DAKBoard (raspberrypi. org) Turn an old monitor or picture frame into a connected wall display with DAKboard         Blue Dot (stuffaboutcode. com) A Bluetooth remote for Raspberry Pi         Raspberry Pi Zero Handheld Barcode Scanner (briandorey. com) Ongoing project to build a wireless barcode scanner         Raspberry Pi amphibious all-terrain robot vehicle (custom-build-robots. com) Amphibious car made with waste packaging, and some other stuff   Articles       Pioneers events: what's your Jam?  (raspberrypi. org) Why not run a Pioneers Event?       Raspberry Jam round-up: April  (raspberrypi. org) Ben Nuttall shares a round-up of recent Jam activity       A tale of three Raspberry Jams  (raspberrypi. org) New and established Jams in different countries: how and why they got started       Subscribe to The MagPi  (raspberrypi. us8. list-manage. com) Get the official Raspberry Pi magazine delivered FREE to your inbox every month       New Raspberry Jam events  (raspberrypi. org) Find your nearest Raspberry Jam       PiCapture HD1 review  (raspberrypi. org) Capture video with this card that connects straight to your Pi’s graphics processor       Raspberry Pi on Instagram  (instagram. com) Follow us on Instagram for random photographic goodness       Raspberry Pi on YouTube  (youtube. com) Subscribe to our YouTube channel for great content

Raspberry PI Issue 203 - Julia




Rapberry PI Issue #203 - Julia Hi everyone,Since the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Code Club merged back in 2015, we've more than doubled the number of clubs to over 10,000, giving children around the world the opportunity to learn how to make things with computers. Yesterday, we announced that we're responding to huge demand from young people by extending Code Club to 9- to 13-year-olds, starting from September. And we're accelerating the work to translate club materials into even more languages. Julia, the open-source language for scientific computing, is now available for Raspberry Pi, thanks to the efforts of Viral Shah and his team. We look forward to welcoming Julia programmers to the Raspberry Pi community. We were delighted that Raspberry Pi beat the Tesla Model S in the final round of CB Insights' bracket to find the most innovative consumer product since the iPhone. Congratulations to Tesla on doing as well as they did. There are plenty of projects this week, from things people have built with the Google AIY Projects kit that came with The MagPi 57, to low-cost astrophotography, to some striking psychedelia. Tweet us if you try one of them out. See you next week!Helen News     Growing Code Club (raspberrypi. org) From September, we are extending Code Club to 9- to 13-year-olds         Julia language for Raspberry Pi (raspberrypi. org) The open-source language for scientific computing is now available for your Pi         The most innovative consumer product since the iPhone (cbinsights. com) Raspberry Pi beat the Tesla Model S in the final round of CB Insights' bracket         Making sweet, sweet music with pisound (raspberrypi. org) This new sound card HAT will be on sale later in 2017 Projects     Astrophotography with the Raspberry Pi Camera (shortcircuitsandinfiniteloops. blogspot. co. uk) A cheapskate's guide to solar system photography         Play tracks from YouTube with Pi + Google AIY Projects kit (raspberrypi. org) From our forums: command your AIY Projects kit to play your favourite tracks         Using the Raspberry Pi Touchscreen in portrait (stuffaboutcode. com) Instructions to make touch work with the official Raspberry Pi Touch Display in portrait         Play BBC radio on your Pi + AIY Projects kit (ktinkerer. co. uk) ktinkerer explains how to play BBC radio stations; check out her other posts for even more ideas for the Google AIY Projects kit         Getting started with the Raspberry Pi Zero without a monitor (losant. com) Good short tutorial on preparing a Zero W (or any Pi with wireless) for use, headlessly         Backlit poster (raspberrypi. org) From our forums: BMS Doug made a psychedelic decoration for a relative's 60s-themed party         BerryNet: Deep Learning Gateway on Raspberry Pi (github. com) Local deep learning on Pi 3 - no internet connection needed Articles       Ch 8. 0: free C/C++ learning tool for Raspberry Pi  (raspberrypi. org)The cross-platform C/C++ interpreter is available free for Pi       Pioneers gives you squad goals  (raspberrypi. org)We want lots of family and friends teams to take part in our digital making competition for UK teenagers       #CharityTuesday: Code Club in Scotland  (raspberrypi. org)Digital making in schools and libraries across Scotland       PiOrder: Indian restaurant automated order system (raspberrypi. org)The Khyber Tandoori in Surrey is using Raspberry Pi to automate orders and more
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