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Articles Mobile pages that are 1 second faster experience up to 27% increase in conversion If you're last pass at a clients website was making it responsive then these figures/statistics will give you a good reason to make another pass and focus on the performance.   Mobile-friendly web pages using app banners As of November if you're mobile or responsive site is hiding content with a "download the app" message Google will remove the "Mobile friendly" tag from off you. Good work!   Is adaptive better than responsive design? Nothing much really new covered in this article, however I was lucky to see a presentation this week about Yell. com going adaptive over responsive. "Why was that?" you might ask. . . well it was because there was a large legacy system that powered it that would not be practical to go with an RWD site. . . . Good reason.   You’re welcome: cutting the mustard then and now The origins of the mustard cut.   Pros & Cons of Responsive Landing Pages For SEM A pretty fair comparison for RWD vs Mobile specific site looking specifically at driving traffic to landing pages.   Responsive Image Workflow By leveraging the tools made available by the ‘picture’ specification, we now have a standardized responsive image solution that we can put into practice today.   Preload Hints For Web Fonts Bram explains why preload is so important for web fonts. By being able to include the preload link in the head it will mean browsers can start downloading fonts immediately instead of waiting for the CSS.   The feature phone era of TVs ends next week   Tutorials & Framework Prefetching, preloading, prebrowsing Pre-fetching is a way of hinting to the browser about resources that are definitely going to or might be used in the future, some hints apply to the current page, others to possible future pages.   DIY Priority+ Navigation I love this little priority navigation approach.   Modern CSS Layout, power and responsibility With the Grid spec out for comment now it's best to get an expert, like Rachel Andrew, to talk you through the idea behind Grid.   How We Designed And Built Our First Apple Watch App A really great and super detailed article about designing across many screens. It is more app focussed, but the approach and lessons can be extended across to building for the web (as I'm sure the watch will get a browser soon enough).   OfficeDev/Office-UI-Fabric Fabric is a responsive, mobile-first, front-end framework, designed to make it quick and simple for you to create web experiences using the Office Design Language.

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Modernizr 3 released There's a WHOLE bunch of updates in the latest release of modernizr. For those that are unaware Modernizr tells you what HTML, CSS and JavaScript features the user’s browser has to offer which then allows you to improve the experience.   FontShop This is a review of Fontshop by the team that built it. The website is essentially a commerce site and requires users to see the benefits of paying for wonderful fonts. The anatomy of responsive images If you need something technical explained in a way that is super easy to understand then Jake Archibald is often the person to go to. The impressive thing for me is that he has used SVG to paint what you would usually assume to be an image with arrows. Nicely done Jake, nicely done.   The future of the web on mobile An excellent presentation from Paul Kinlan. I'm going to try reproduce the Entropic Web talk in a similar way  iOS 9, Safari and the Web: 3D Touch, new Responsive Web Design, Native integration and HTML5 APIs This is in there for any of you that are keen to keep your breakpoints up with the latest device releases. (Psssst, you don't need device specific breakpoints)  Scroll Snapping with CSS Snap Points Scroll snapping allows content areas to 'snap' into place when scrolling via mouse or swiping. Only available in webkit nightlies at the moment.   Forget about the mobile internet I think what Benedict means when he says desktop is a cut down version (citation needed) is that mobile is the new and more advanced way to access the web. . . and is done more often than on desktop. Therefore if you are going to offer a cut down a version it may as well be the lesser used device. Arguably it has fewer features as well. It lacks a decent GPS, no accelerometer and the input methods are fewer than those of the latest and greatest mobile devices.   Dealing with long words in CSS One of the hardest things to accomplish with RWD is a consistent design that works across various breakpoints AND languages. These tricks will help you build a more robust layout that works regardless of how long the word might be.   SVG Animation with GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) If you're looking at responsive animations then you're going to want to be using SVG right! Well this kick-butt tutorial takes you through how to implement just that.   Style Guide Driven Development: A How To Guide To Improve your Development Workflow I love the idea of style guides for front end. Tabby Displaying content through a tabbed interface can be a good way of providing informative information in limited screen real estate. I recommend checking out the code to see how this works.   Rucksack This is built on PostCSS and provides a few tools that can be quite helpful.   UpUp More and more these days you're hearing "not mobile first, offline first". This script will help you provide an offline page to your users using Service Workers.   Offline. js While we're showing how to use service workers to provide offline content for your users I thought it would be good to notify them when they do drop off too.   DoCSSa I featured this back in 2014 but they have just refactored the architecture using Sass Mixins rather than extends.   HTML Color Codes Modernizr: the feature detection library for HTML5/CSS3 Is modernizr a default requirement? Absolutely NOT. You only need modernizr if you're going to be testing for the presence or absence of browser features to enhance the users experience. This runs in the before your content, so it's a blocker, and if you consider that the modernizr site itself doesn't use it you should take that as a baseline when including it yourself.   Moriston – The Lost Type Co-op  This is a great website highlighting the amazingness of a font. . . . which you can use for free (although I do encourage you to pay what you can). It uses editable areas to allow you to try the font in anyway you decide. UX Designer (HTML/CSS) Working at Booking. com If you want to work for one of the coolest companies getting around and be relocated to the amazing Amsterdam then consider applying for this job.  

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Headline Redesigned! - CodePen Blog I use code pen for the samples on the RWD site so I'm happy to see they've made a few updates.   A new Device Adaptation spec PPK takes some time out to explain where viewports are currently at and how all browsers handle them. It's some pretty heavy reading but it's worth it to properly understand how it all works (the quirks and all)  Experiment: Using Flexbox Today A great look at how to use flex today with float fallbacks for older browsers (or older versions of IE) complete with code examples and update-able settings Articles How To Run A Side Project: Screenings Case Study I love a good side project and in this article Sacha Grief takes us through some key rules and considerations when you embark on your next project.   Microsoft Edge Dev Picture and srcset sizes land in the latest build for Edge.   Automating resource selection with Client Hints Will detailed responsive image markup be a thing of the past once client hints are widely used/accepted? In this article Ilya provides a really detailed overview on how client hints work and where the advantages lay. . . highly recommended read.   Responsive Images: Merge Proposal The RICG Wordpress team is proposing to add native srcset and sizes support to WordPress. YES PLEASE!  This Idea Must Die This idea from Brad is that the web is a platform. . . or any one thing to everyone. The web, instead, is what ever you make it. It's a continuum. "The web is X, and therefore my thing".   Adapting without assumptions The Network Info API has been getting a lot of traction lately. The idea is that we can be responsive to our users network connections with the experience we provide them on the site. Yoav has an issue with current state and has outlined the problems in this article.   The Cost of Mobile Ads on 50 News Websites More that half the data on these top 50 news sites comes from Ads. What the actual. . . .   A Beginner’s Guide to Website Speed Optimization A really detailed overview of speed optimisation when building sites and particularly focussed on wordpress implementations. Frameworks print. css The only CSS print styles you will ever need. (but not really)  Responsive Grid System mobile first, 12, 16 & 24 column, optional gutters, 1kb compressed, box-sizing polyfill, respond. js polyfill — what more could you need?  Corpus. A collection of CSS things. Corpus is yet another CSS toolkit. It’s basically a collection of the things Jamie Wilson finds himself returning to for each new project.   U. S. Web Design Standards Open source UI components and visual style guide to create consistency and beautiful user experiences across U. S. federal government websites Plugin RICG Responsive Images WP Plugin The RICG responsive plugin for Wordpress has been upgraded with a few improvements. Better still, there's talk about shipping this to core (as mentioned above)  Picturefill Picturefill 3. 0. 0 is the current stable release, go update your implementations.   jquery. devicemock. js This is kind of similar to the Am I Responsive tool but you're able to configure it a little bit further (so not quite as easy to use but more flexible).   Responsive Calendar Pattern A responsive calendar layout pattern that starts with a list of days for the month and responds to a traditional calendar format.

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Articles Why you shouldn’t ignore the bigger breakpoints in responsive web design Some interesting ways you can arrange your design on HUGE screens and take advantage of all the screen space available.   An Open Letter to Ethan Marcotte, from the Midwest Web Community Some important lessons in RWD in this open letter to its father.   Firefox is now on iOS Now that Firefox has been allowed on the iOS platform the desktop users can now have a consistent experience across all their devices. As with Chrome though, Firefox will have to use the Apple WebKit rendering engine. Come on Apple.   The Difference Between Responsive and Adaptive Design This is really good visual (check out the gif) explanation about the difference between responsive and adaptive. While the author doesn't commit to which is better you can probably guess which way I'm leaning (hint: it's not adaptive).   Flexbox For Interfaces All The Way: Tracks Case Study  At a wedding a few months ago I caught up with an old friend who told me they built their SaaS CRM web app using Flexbox, and then after all the celebrations I promptly forgot to feature it. Luckily Smashing Magazine has covered the excellent work.   How Our CSS Framework Helps Enforce accessibility Brilliant article on how to weed out bad accessibility that you would normally be blind to (pun intended)  Tool & Tutorials Big Rig Big Rig exists to try and give you extended information on what your page was doing during critical RAIL actions, in particular Loading, Responding and Animating.   Using Web Fonts The Best Way (in 2015) Anselm looks at some outside issues he's come across when working with Web Fonts and how he's tackling the issues.   Animated Menu Icon This week we've talked about SVG and how to include, now check out how you can animate it to bring a bit of POP to your responsive designs (don't you love it when clients as for more "POP").   My first Service Worker A really good overview on how Jeremy added service worker support to his blog. . . progressively enhanced of course. If you're keen to try it out remember that you have to be running https first (although look into Cloudflare and their free SSL support if you can't set it up yourself).   Making a Simple Site Work Offline with ServiceWorker Same destination as Jeremy's tutorial, but this is a different journey. You might just learn something new through this approach.   Add vector images to a webpage This tutorial looks at a variety of ways in which you can add SVG into your site, from simply using the tag, inline, within an Object or an Iframe and looks at the pros and cons of all the options.   An Introduction to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) For those of you that missed earlier reviews of the AMP rollout this goes into some reasonable detail with a pro opinion of the approach.

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Headline Foundation 6 Is Here! It's happened! After our early preview screencast a lot of folks were asking just when Foundation 6 was due for official launch and now it's here with a 50% code reduction on Foundation 5. There's so much more, and you can see a tour of it on this screencast.   A Book Apart, Going Responsive Karen McGrane shows you why going responsive is just good business sense—and how to set up your project (from concept to launch) for total success. Plus if you buy this with Ethan's new release RWD Patterns & Principles you get 15% off. Articles Progressive Web App: A New Way to Experience Mobile This is responsive web app that is saying it can compete with the high-performance usually reserved for native apps (including push notifications). Do you know of another web app doing something similar?  Basic Patterns for Mobile Navigation The pro's and con's for hamburger vs tabbed navigation  Save “Save For Web” Mr Zeldman's thoughts on the change in UI for Adobe Photoshop for the save for web. This isn't new, but I certainly share the frustration.   Responsive Design: Patterns and Principles Ethan introduces his new book to the world on responsive patterns and principles.   Patronizing Passwords Not at all on responsive design, but I share this frustration so much that I wanted to bring it to your attention in the hope that you are responsible for designing and password solution in the future and I don't want it to suck.   Tips for Creating and Exporting Better SVGs for the Web Just like the days of knowing how to correctly export a Gif, JPG or PNG we need to be aware of the options that are available when exporting SVG.   The Cost of Frameworks Not the cost of frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap, but on Javascript Frameworks like Polymer, Angular and React.   Get AMP’d: Here’s what publishers need to know about Google’s new plan to speed up your website This is quite a long article that looks at social reactions to each of the AMP different features.   WPO Stats Do you need help selling performance internally or to your clients? 95% of people know that stats help you sell 99% of the time. Although those stats were made up, these ones on this site are not and are curated by Tammey Everts and Tim Kadlec.   Google+ Google has re-launched Google Plus and made HUGE savings on page performance dropping the page weight from 22,600kb to just 327kb (including images). Tool & Tutorials   Cache-limiting in Service Workers Jeremy adds to his post last week about Service Workers by allowing his site to catch the last 30 pages visited and the past 20 images. Code and downloads available.   Mobile-Friendly Multi-Level Menu This week we had a discussion at work about where the secondary navigation should be on smaller screens when you hide the menu behind a hamburger. Should it be stacked after the content, should it be sub-menu options of the main nav? Both? What ever your approach this is certainly a fancy way to show it.   Flexbox’s Best-Kept Secret Auto margins aren’t new at all to CSS of course, but when paired with Flexbox something magical happens  Optimizing wp_options for Speed Time to First Byte is something that front end can't (really) affect when it comes to performance, but if you're working with wordpress then this article might help you (or your backend dev) shorten that time down a little. Every little bit helps (see WPO post above).   Modern Progressive Enhancement Jake Archibald is one of my favourite presenters and in this talk he covers off what it means to build a site progressively. . . and also tackles what is a web app and what is a web site.   Owning your performance: RAIL Paul Irish talks through Chromes new features for identifying what is stopping your first meaningful paint by looking at the screenshots tied in with the assets loading in the network tab.   DevTools in 2015: Authoring to the max (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)  Dev Tools in Chrome have just gone all mobile first responsive in this very cool video. You should also check out the Paul Irish one below as well Tools Ponyframe This tool does a lot of things, but for me the most important thing I've been missing is to tell me all the media queries inside of a CSS sheet. Actually, this just tells the breakpoint width, not the query. . . doesn't anyone know of something that tells you the full query but doesn't repeat them (as a Sass based CSS file would most likely be littered with lots of media queries)  instantsearch. js A new library of UI widgets to help you build the best instant-search experience with Algolia’s hosted search API.

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Headline Flexbox Froggy Learn flexbox by placing coloured frogs on their coloured lilypads. Yes it might sounds pretty stupid, but it's the best way I've found on explaining flex-box through doing.   Mobile goes beyond Desktop This year shopping for black Friday exceeded 50% on mobile. If you're not building mobile first now then you're missing the point. Knjiga dana LINK KA KNJIZI. Articles CSS Font Rendering Controls Module Level 1 Font loading now has a fancy name and a spot on Tab Atkins spec.   CSS font-display property is now available in Chrome Canary As soon as the spec update from Tab Atkins on the font-display addition is announced Ilya Grigorik has a demo for you to try in Chrome Canary.   Making sense of atomic design: molecules and organisms When does a molecule become complex enough to be called an organism. After working with pattern libraries for a year at FutureLearn, Alla has the answer.   Flash, HTML5 and Open Web Standards Flash is going by the wayside and is now officially being replaced with Animate CC.   Cache-limiting in Service Workers …again In this ongoing lesson on Service Workers as problems arise Jeremy Keith has another iteration you too can look to use on your site.   Flexbox Grid Finesse A few techniques to exploit Flexbox’s internal algorithms and design seamless grids intended for changing quantities and varied dimensions of content from Heydon Pickering.   Advent Calendar - Content Content is the number one thing you need for a successful website, and it is also tremendously helpful for ensuring your design is fit for purpose. Check out this advent calendar to lear more about gathering content.   Responsive Design: Patterns & Principles review If you haven't decided whether to buy Ethans latest book, do it! If that still doesn't convince you then have a read of this review and decide for yourself.   Chrome for Android can now save more data by blocking website images Chrome now allows you to block website images to save data. Ahhh, yes please I'll take two.   Metadata markup This very neat trick allows you to shorten the long meta markup in the head thanks to Open Graph (OG) and Twitter Cards implementing a different approach to meta tags. Tutorials   A Guide To Simple And Painless Mobile User Testing How to get some user testing on mobile apps on a (relatively small) budget.   Arrows Like arrows? I like arrows. These go all around the box depending on the media query.   Using Flexbox to Create a Responsive Comment Section We're beginning to see more and more practical examples of how to roll out Flexbox into elements of your website designs  Creating a Web Type Lockup Creating beautiful print style headlines without having to resort to raster images.   Interactive Geographical Map with SVG and JavaScript Bringing your map to life with SVG and javascript.   SVG load with Service Worker Using Service Workers to sprite up SVG icons to improve performance on subsequent loads and avoiding extra http requests. Resources & Presentations Flexbugs A community-curated list of flexbox issues and cross-browser workarounds for them  Building an Offline Page for theguardian. com If you haven't seen the offline crossword puzzle that uses Service Workers then you definitely should! Going through a tunnel, never mind they've got you covered. This presentation is the overview on how it was done.   What Web Can Do Today "The Web can't do . . . . . . " said the native app fan. Well now the web can do quite a lot of things. . . check out what is ready with code examples for web and native.   U. S. Digital Service (podcast) With the gov. uk site leading the way in design we see the U. S following along and developing a US Web Design Standard. Check out the other RWD Podcast to learn more about how they approached it.

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Naslov Izveštaj o „zdravlju“ interneta 2019. godine Mozilla je sastavila kompilaciju istraživanja iz 2019. godine i objašnjava šta je ključ za zdraviji internet u pet pitanja: Da li je bezbedan? Koliko je otvoren? Ko je dobrodošao? Ko može da uspe? Ko ga kontroliše? Takođe u žiži interesovanja su AI, moć gradova i način na koji možemo osmisliti digitalne oglase. Članci Stanje fluidne veb tipografije Matej je napisao bolju divnu tipografiju za bolji veb i u ovom članku detaljno razmatra kako možemo da budemo fluidni i da menjamo veličinu onoga što unosimo 2019. godine. Razumevanje komprimovanja slike: Alatke i kontekst Svi volimo brzi veb sajt, a jedna od stvari koja usporava stranice je učitavanje ogromnih slika koje nisu optimizovane. Postoje dva načina za komprimovanje slika, ručni i automatski, a u ovom članku Jens će pogledati šta se dešava. Kako da rešimo previše složenosti u dizajnu proizvoda Verovatno se svima desilo da se nešto što radimo otelo kontroli tokom vremena i nije jednostavni koncizni proizvod koji ste prvobitno planirali. Alternativno, možda ćete naslediti nečije remek delo ili katastrofu. U ovom članku se razmatra proces vraćanja na jednostavnost i ponovno otkrivanje najboljih delova. Besplatna Wolfram mašina za programere Povremeno koristim Wolfram Alpha mašinu, ali nikada nisam razmišljao o tome da je koristim kao uslugu, odnosno barem ne da je plaćam za sporedne projekte ili programiranje. Sada imamo besplatan pristup mašini, a u ovom članku je objašnjeno zašto i kako možete da je koristite. HTML5, CSS3 I JavaScript za razvoj veb strana LINK KA KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE   Uputstva Fleksibilne tabele podataka sa CSS Gridom Detaljno uputstvo za kreiranje fleksibilnih tabela koje smo ranije tražili da bismo postigli JavaScript koristeći CSS Grid. „Unutrašnji“ problem Volim boju pozadine od ivice do ivice sa tekstualnim sadržajem koji je dobro pozicioniran unutra. Ali, onda želim da slika bude pune širine ili da imam dve slike jednu pored druge koje su izvan širine tekstualnog kontejnera. Chris će predstaviti različite scenarije i kako ih možete rešiti. Pristupačna dugmad ikona Kada Sara počne da piše članak, ona zaista napiše članak. Nedavno je pomenula da je započela ovaj članak kao kratku poruku, ali drago mi je što je članak postao osnovni sadržaj na vebu koji će se koristiti kao vodič za kreiranje pristupačnih dugmadi ikona. Skraćivanje višerednog teksta pomoću CSS-a -web-kit-line-clamp omogućava da odredite broj linija prikazanih pomoću CSS-a. Da li to znači da se dizajneri mogu izvući sa savršeno uniformnim elementima sadržaja u dizajnu stranice? Ne, ali je i dalje prilično kul. Uskoro pristiže podrška u Firefoxu. Resursi Da li mogu koristiti… lenjo učitavanje? Prošle nedelje (ili nedelju dana ranije) razgovarali smo o novom lenjom atributu učitavanja koji stiže. Sada je sve CRVENO, ali CanIUse ima podršku za nadgledanje monitora da biste znali kada je spreman (ali, zapamtite da ga još uvek možete progresivno implementirati). SCAR Postavite statične veb sajtove u sekundi - pomoću HTTPS-a, globalnog CDN-a i prilagođenih domena. Alatke Hucssley - UI atomična biblioteka korisnih klasa za brzu izgradnju korisničkog interfejsa Još od početka informatora sam u kontaktu sa Mattom koji je divan saradnik u zajednici. Iako nisam zadovoljan atomičnim CSS-om, kao što je Tailwind, Matt je odličan u onome što radi i kreirao je veoma dobro dokumentovanu alternativu. Ako je to ono što preferirate, obavezno pogledajte Hucssley. Tornis Tornis je mala JavaScript biblioteka koja prati stanje prozora za prikaz vašeg pregledača, pri čemu vam omogućava da reagujete kad god se nešto promeni. Aplikacija Concepts Još uvek volim aplikaciju „Paper by 53“, ali ovo je nešto na šta sam nedavno naišao i smatram da je mnogo naprednija verzija za skiciranje. Ova aplikacija je dostupna u iOS-u, Microsoftu i Google Play-u i možete je preuzeti besplatno da biste je isprobali. // sponzorisano Isporučite front-end funkcije brže pomoću platforme Mason Pomoću platforme Mason kreirajte softver za korisnički interfejs zasnovan na pregledaču za nekoliko minuta. Mason obezbeđuje front-end softverske funkcije kao servis koristeći komponente React i HTML5 prilagođene elemente. Isporučite front-end brže nego ikada i više se posvetite zanimljivijim izazovima pisanja koda. Isprobajte Mason besplatno.

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Adaptivni veb dizajnMashable je 2013. godinu nazvao godinom adaptivnog veb dizajna. IsplativJednom platite i vaš sajt će se prilagoditi platformi na kojoj ga posetilac pregleda. Najbolje iskustvo korisnikaVaš sajt se prilagođava iskustvu korisnika koji mu pristupa sa jednog tipa uređaja, ali se i menja ukoliko korisnik promeni uređaj. Spreman za sve buduće poduhvateMobilnost u komunikaciji se neprekidno menja. Vaš sajt je bezbedan jer mu je proneljivost ugrađena. ANDYSOWARDS.

Primeri dizajniranja podnožja ili futera veb sajtova - danas Jarad Johnson




Podnožje sajta dizajnera Jarada JohnsonaJarad Johnson. Primer mejlaUkoliko želite da pošaljete mejl dizajneru, otvoriće se forma:Mada Š nije prikazano kako treba, sve ostalo je dličan spoj starog i novog.

Promena boje na sajtu CSS3 Files




CSS3 Files LINK. Za promenu boje kliknite belo dugme u Change Color, i dobićete: Metod objašnjavanja LINK.    

Promocija na koju ste pozvani - Knjiga eKupovina u Galeriji Ozon




eKupovinaPromocija knjige će se održati 20. marta 2012. godine u galeriji OZON, Andrićev Venac 12, u 19 časova. PersonalMag.

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Pokušajte da pronađete detalje po kojima se razlikuju ove dve fotografije. Kada ih pronađete napište nam šta ste pronašli tako što ćete pritisnuti na dugme „Ostavite komentar” ispod ovoga teksta. Izvor:http://amazingillusions. blogspot. com/2008/06/spot-difference-street. html Pripremio: Milenko Kusurović

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SMASHING BOOK #2 Prvo poglavlje: Drugo poglavlje: Treće poglavlje: Četvrto poglavlje: Peto poglavlje: Šesto poglavlje: Sedmo poglavlje: Osmo poglavlje: Deveto poglavlje: Deseto poglavlje: Rezervišite svoj primerak na vreme. Knjiga koju svako treba da ima u svojoj biblioteci ili na svom stolu.    

Revitalizovan projekat Mreža kreativnih ljudi




Mreža kreativnih ljudi MREZA.

Rezervišite knjigu AMAZON VEB SERVISI U PRAKSI po pretplatnoj ceni do 10. januara




Rezervišite knjigu do 10. januara   Većina naših kupcama kupuje knjige u pretplati. Knjiga u pretplati je 40% jeftinija od knjižarske cene knjige. Knjiga je prevedena i pripremljena za štampu. Izlazi iz štampe 10. januara. Kako rezervisati knjigu? Knjigu rezervišete ubacivanjem u korpu, popunjavanjem ličnih podataka i slanjem naružbine. Knjigu ćete platiti prilikom preuzimanja. LINK ZA REZERVISANJE KNJIGE.

Ruby Weekly 407, Generating Music with Sonic Pi and Ruby — Sonic Pi




Generating Music with Sonic Pi and Ruby — Sonic Pi is an amazing Ruby-based musical live coding environment (which could do with your support) and if you haven’t yet given it a go, hopefully this will inspire you. Yadriggy: A Framework for Building 'Hemiparasitic' DSLs — A ‘hemiparastic’ DSL is a type of embedded DSL that uses the host’s language syntax (Ruby’s, in this case) but is ultimately run externally. There’s an example of Yadriggy C, a DSL that can offload computation from Ruby to C. Long Term Support for Rails 2. 3 and 3. 2  Rails LTS provides security patches for old versions of Ruby on Rails. Currently Rails 2. 3 and Rails 3. 2 are supported. A Proposal for MRI/CRuby to Get a Second Garbage Collected Heap — MRI uses one garbage collected managed heap and a manually allocated heap, but adding a second GC heap for very short lived ‘transient’ objects could provide significant performance gains. 'Why I Recommend Against Using Cucumber' — Controversy alert! Cucumber is one of those tools that is used wrong more that it’s used right. But even when it’s used right, is it worth using at all? Mike McDermott counters (slightly) in The Real Value of Cucumber. Under the Hood of “Slurping” and Streaming Files in Ruby — This article focuses mostly on how Ruby’s I/O package abstracts system calls to make streaming files simple. Why You Too Should Learn Elixir — Though unfortunately we don’t have a newsletter for it yet ;-) Tutorials Improving Your Ruby Development Process with Pry — Pry is a neat alternative to the standard IRB Ruby shell. This article walks through some of its features. A Look at Some Useful ActiveRecord Methods — Including map, pluck, uniq, sum, and update_all with examples and benchmarks. Write Bash/Zsh Tab Completion Scripts in Ruby Ruby 2. 6 Raises an Exception if 'else' Is Used Inside 'begin. . end' Block Without 'rescue' Top 10 Ruby Errors and How to Fix Them Queries on Rails: A Tour of Active Record and Arel Code & Tools SimpleSerializer: Simple Ruby JSON Serialization DSL WILLIAM MAKLEY Staytus: An Open Source Service Status App ADAM COOKE PgHero: A Performance Dashboard for Postgres — Built in Ruby. ANDREW KANE Down: For Flexible Streaming and Downloading of Remote Files over HTTP JANKO MAROHNIĆ StaleOptions: A Gem for Caching HTTP Responses NIKOLAY DIGAEV Track Ruby Performance in Real-Time — Get full-stack monitoring and alerting for Ruby apps and 200+ technology integrations.  Try Datadog free. DATADOG SPONSOR Spreadsheet Architect: Create Excel, OpenDocument or CSV Spreadsheets from Ruby Objects — We linked this a few issues ago but version 3 has just dropped with new features. WESTON GANGER

Sajt koji možda niste osetili, čuli ili posetili - nešto sasvim drugačije heeeeeeeey i hooooooooo




HeeeejLINKNako čega ćete videti i:LINK. Mike BodgeMike Bodge is an internet minded human and entrepreneur located in New York. These are some of his websites. LINK. Imate li vi ideje koje biste realizovali?

Sajt koji možda niste otkrili - Bubanj




Posetite Ivanin virtuelni butik Link da biste ušli u veb butik. Najnovija nagrada Link. Ivana na Twitteru Link. Rešenje: Čestitamo na najnovijoj nagradi. Sada znate kako Bubanj "svira". Iako je napisala za sebe: Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Ivana is now older than she was before. U svojim radovima nije ostarila.

Sajt koji možda niste otkrili - Designboom




Designboom danas piše o: JAXA origami avionima: Plodna godina za Jun Aoki i asocietes, i 3 prijekta koja realizovana: Skulpture Stiva Rodena: Njujorkški metro u obliku srca:   Sa uvek dobrim i iscrpnim prikazima. Stavite ga u Favorite. Arhiva postoji od decembra 2004.

Sajt koji možda niste otkrili - Habari




Habari na Svahiliju znači "novosti", odnosno "šta ima novo?" Blogovi, oni lični ili poslovni, svi se okreću oko novosti, šta je novo, najnovije, najtazije, naj. . . tako da je ovo odlično ime za softver namenjen blogovanju. Preuzmite ga ili probajte demo i pomozite grupi da dizajnira blog budućnosti. Habari je tako sveđ pristup ideji blogovanja. Sistem je brz, lak za korišćenje, i veoma lak za modifikovanje. NOVI KORISNICI uopšte nemaju problema oko korišćenja Habarija. ISKUSNI KORISNICI nemaju problema da nateraju Habari da uradi baš ono što oni žele. Platforma je PHP 5. Baza je MySQL, PostgreSQL ili SQLite. Link.
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